Air Purifier Reviews

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Alen BreatheSmart Flex Air Purifier - Review

Alen BreatheSmart FLEX Air Purifier – Review

Alen is one of the leading manufacturers of air purifiers, located in Austin, America. Their machines are characterized by pure elegance, brilliant craftsmanship, and excellent performance. The Alen BreatheSmart FLEX is the smallest model in …
Clean-tech air purifier review

Clean-tech – Medical Grade UVC Air Purifier

CleanTech is one of the newly formed companies dedicated to the production of air purifiers. Their earliest invention is the Clean-Tech Medical Grade UVC Air Purifier that uses two-stage filtration, an H11 HEPA filter, and …
Coway AIRMEGA 400S Air PurifierCoway AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier

Coway Airmega 400S Air Purifier – Review

The Coway Airmega 400S is an outstanding air purifier intended for rooms up to 1560 sq. ft. It is, without a doubt, a powerful beast, with huge power and brilliant air cleaning performances. The real treat …
VAVA Air Purifier with 4-in-1 True HEPA Filter

VAVA Air Purifier with 4-In-1 Filters

VAVA is a popular brand that makes home devices, car accessories and now they build the first VAVA air purifier with 4 in 1 filtration. Besides, they are also stepping into the audio and computer …