Is air purifier really worth it?

Almost everybody has an allergy from dust or pet dander. People who suffer from allergies severely, buying an air purifier is the best decision you can take. The moment you buy an air purifier and place it in your home you will feel a vast difference in the air that surrounds you. The air purifier reduces dust, household odors and removes mold from every visible surface, preventing you from a lot of dust allergies that you might have to cure if you don’t take this preventive step of installing an air purifier.

Is Air Purifier Really Worth ItMost air purifiers have had a 99.07 success rate and have been able to capture dust particles to up to 0.1 microns. After the installation of the air purifier in your bedroom, your experience and comfort level increases majorly.

Some of the reviews and comments on ApartmentTherapy showed that people were highly satisfied with their life after the installation of the device. According to NYMSR “It was expensive, but it sure does work! We all have allergies to dust and pet dander, and it keeps it all at bay. A friend with terrible dog allergies came over once, and so I put the unit right next to her. Her coughing and wheezing were gone in a matter of minutes.”

Another user of the air purifying device commented on the same site stating, “My wife suffers from allergies and got the Honeywell air purifier (looks just like the above image) for our bedroom. She says it’s made a huge difference for her. I don’t like how loud it is and how bright the light on it is, but I’m a light sleeper. A little tape over the light and I can bear it.”
Some of the major uses of air purifiers are mentioned below which will force you to buy an air purifier if you still haven’t got one.

1. Removes household odors:

At times when guests arrive without prior notice, it becomes very embarrassing to handle everything along with the household odors that linger around. That garlic smell or the pungent food odor becomes downright embarrassing for the entire family. Air purifier helps to remove any smell that may linger in the air for too long. Alongside it helps remove any pungent smell that makes you uncomfortable around guests.

2. Allergies are controlled:

When tiny particles or airborne allergens are inhaled, it causes discomfort for normal as well as patients who have asthma. These particles often become the cause of vigorous coughing or continuous sneezing, which can be avoided if you install an air purifier in your house.

3. Reduce dust:

One of the ways that you will surely know your air purifier is working is when there is going to be a much lesser buildup of dust in your house even when you have not dusted for several days.

People feel relieved after the purchase of the air purifier and feel that their life has improved significantly. However, there are some myths associated with the air purifier that you must know before you purchase it for your home.

1. After you install an air purifier, you never have to dust your house again:

Air purifier only helps to decrease the airborne dust particles. It cannot lift off dust particles off of your furniture and provide you the ease off ever dusting again; it is your job to dust every few days because if the air purifier starts fanning off the dust, a dust storm will start in your home.

2. Air purifier is the cure for all your allergies and kills all germs and allergens:

Air purifier device can only control your allergy.  However few of the allergens such as pollen are heavy, and before the air purifier can catch them, they fall to the floor or on the furniture. Some remedial actions may include regularly cleaning so that the environment at you home becomes more allergies friendly. You may also use allergy relief products. Some air purifiers can mislead their customers through their advertisements.

3. Tobacco smoke will be taken care of by the air purifier:

What air purifiers may do is removing the smoke particles left behind in the air after someone has smoked a cigarette. Most air purifiers are designed to remove the smell but are unable to remove the toxic gasses left in the air post the smoking event. Thus it is not a function of all the air purifiers to remove all the tobacco smoke or the toxic gasses associated with it.

It may seem a choice for the elite when they say you should buy an air purifier but it is a vital and urgent decision that one must take. Air purifier is completely worth buying for anybody and everybody who has a problem with dust particles and allergens. So stop thinking about whether its worth it or not and buy it today from your nearest store.

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