Air Purifier Reviews

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Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier

Okaysou AirMax8L 5-in-1 Air Purifier – Review

Okaysou AirMax8L is one of the most popular as well as the best selling models from Okaysou company. The most significant advantage of AirMax8L is the large suction entrance, which allows excellent air circulation. It …
Oransi OV200 Air Purifier

Oransi OV200 Air Purifier – Review

OV200 model from Oransi is one of the top air purifiers on the market. Modern technology is used to make this air purifier one of the best. Because of that technology OV200 has potentials of …
GermGuardian GG1000 Small Air Purifier

GermGuardian GG1000 Air Purifier – Review

GermGuardian produces various air purifiers, and they are covering all types of customers. If you need a large powerful air purifier GermGuardian covers that too. But if you are looking for the cheapest possible solution …
Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Cool Me Review

Dyson Pure Cool Me is a time traveler from the future. If you have seen any of the Dyson air purifiers before you know what I am talking about. Pure Cool Me is one step …