At Air Purifier First, our primary goal is to help consumers make right decisions when purchasing air purifiers. We strive to offer expert guidance on effectively using air purifiers in various situations, ultimately enhancing your quality of life.

We evaluate air purifiers of all types and promote awareness about the importance of the air we breathe. Our reviews are user-oriented, unbiased, and thoroughly researched, conducted under typical home conditions.

Some of the air purifiers we have tested so far
Some of the air purifiers we tested. The image was taken in our studio, where we created all the content for the website and YouTube channel.

Moreover, the Air Purifier First website offers educational resources, tips, and guides on air quality, effective methods to improve it, and the benefits of doing so.

In summary, we review air purifiers, air quality sensors, and related products. All reviews on our site undergo comprehensive research and testing, and we recommend products only after extensive evaluation. Most importantly, we buy air purifiers with our own money, ensuring our reviews remain unbiased and our opinions are entirely our own.

Since 2016, our content on the Air Purifier First website and YouTube channel has reached millions of people, and that number continues to grow.

Who’s Behind the Project

I’m Milan, a former front-end developer, air purifier enthusiast, and Air Purifier First owner. I had been using an air purifier for many years before I started the project. My experience with them, combined with my love for technology and desire to help people understand clean air’s importance, led me to start the Air Purifier First project.

I began this project in 2016 to emphasize the importance of air quality and the benefits and methods air purifiers can provide. The project has grown since then, enabling me to buy and review air purifiers in all categories.

Motivated by personal experience with air purifiers (we have used an old Zepter air purifier in our family home for a decade, I believe), I started this project due to the polluted environment I live in. I also strive to raise awareness in my local community about good air quality, the harmful effects of exhaust fumes, and air pollution prevention methods.

I proudly live and breathe this project!

Other People Involved in the Project

Nemanja – Researcher, Tester, & Pet Lover

A healthy living enthusiast, Nemanja found his passion in testing and evaluating air purifiers. As someone who struggles with pollen allergies, his experience makes him a reliable person for testing air purifiers in specific situations.

He contributed to many articles, but I would highlight the best air purifiers for allergies, and best air purifiers for pets (in this article you can see the image of his cat, Bobi).

Gordana – Researcher & Tester

Living in an environment with various pollutants, Gordana can test air purifiers in ways others might not. Her home includes a room where people smoke, making it ideal for testing air purifiers against smoke. She researches, analyzes, and tests air purifiers in specific situations; her kitchen is also one of them.

She contributed to several articles and gave her opinions on the best suggestions, such as the best air purifiers for smoke, best air purifiers for mold, best air purifiers for the kitchen, and more.

Reviews on Air Purifier First Are Unbiased

We buy every air purifier we review, ensuring impartial evaluations. Each device is examined individually and meticulously. Our recommendations and advice are based solely on test results, without preference for any brand or model.

We’ve bought and tested 60+ air purifiers, performing 500+ different tests, spending over 150 hours in our standard tests, and more than 400 days overall testing and evaluating air purifiers.

The Testing and Rating of Air Purifiers

Every air purifier on the Air Purifier First website undergoes specific procedures and tests before being published. We conduct all tests in a home environment, using specialized devices to measure air quality, noise levels, power usage, and more.

It’s important to note that our tests are not laboratory-based but rather carried out in home conditions, reflecting an air purifier’s real-life performance more closely.

We evaluate each tested air purifier using a predefined scale and algorithm, considering five fundamental parameters: Performance, Noise, Operating cost, Value for money, and Ease of use. We rate each parameter on a scale of 1 to 10 and calculate the average score, which serves as the primary rating for a device.

9.5 and moreThose are our best-rated air purifiers and our absolute recommendation.
9.0 – 9.5Those are still great devices, and also our buying recommendations.
8.0 – 9.0Don’t rush the decision; instead, take your time and read more reviews on the website.
less than 8.0We usually don’t recommend these devices.

Performance Tests

The performance tests for each air purifier consist of several stages, ultimately contributing to the final performance rating.

The Temtop air quality monitor I use when testing air purifiers
Measuring air quality with a Temtop laser particle meter during testing.

We use various rooms and locations to test air purifiers in real-life conditions. Common testing locations include bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, effectively showcasing an air purifier’s performance.

Additionally, we test air purifiers’ response to VOCs by lighting matches and measuring the time it takes for a device to neutralize the odor. 

We also use a Temtop laser particle meter to test air purifiers in predefined rooms, measuring their performance over 60 minutes with the air purifier running at maximum speed. The rooms used for these measurements vary in size, accommodating small to extremely powerful air purifiers.

Room SizeHow Frequently Is It Used?
120 sq. ft. (11 m2)Used when testing small air purifiers.
180 sq. ft. (17 m2)Rarely used room for testing.
194 sq. ft. (18 m2)Frequently used room for testing.
230 sq. ft. (21.5 m2)Also rarely used room for testing.
320 sq. ft. (30 m2)The most used room for testing.
560 sq. ft. (52 m2)Used when testing large room air purifiers.
730 sq. ft. (68 m2)Used when testing extremely powerful air purifiers.

Furthermore, Nemanja, who suffers from allergies, tests all air purifiers during pollen season to measure their effectiveness in eliminating pollen. We also test air purifiers in specific locations, such as a room with mold on my parent’s house walls, to assess their effectiveness in neutralizing odors.

These precise tests allow us to compare different air purifiers easily, write highly accurate and detailed comparisons, and address nearly all concerns potential users may have about air purifiers.

Smoke Box Tests

The smoke test is a unique test, rarely conducted by other reviewers on the internet. Being different makes us incredibly proud!

We place an air purifier inside a glass box, then fill the box with smoke and turn the air purifier on at maximum speed to measure the time it takes to remove all the smoke from the box.

Best Air Purifiers - Smoke Box Tests Comparison
Visual demonstration of some air purifiers removing smoke in our unique smoke box test.

This test facilitates the comparison of different air purifiers and visually demonstrates the superiority and power of some models over others.

Power Usage Tests

We thoroughly test the power consumption of every air purifier at each speed setting individually to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

How Long Should You Run Air Purifier - With Tips
Measuring power consumption with our power testing tool.

We measure the device’s kW/h usage and calculate the expected power consumption for potential buyers based on measured data.

Noise Level Tests

Assessing the noise level produced by an air purifier is crucial. We use a specialized tool to measure sound intensity on the dBA scale and test each air purifier at each speed setting individually.

TaoTronics TT-AP001 - Noise Test
Measuring noise levels with our specialized noise testing tool.

We use these test results as references when comparing devices and deciding whether an air purifier is suitable for a bedroom or other room which requires silence.

ValueEqual To
20 dBAWhisper, quiet room.
30 dBASoft music.
40 dBAHome computer fan.
50 dBAHome air conditioning, light outside traffic.
60 dBANormal conversation.
70 dBAFlushing toilet, home dishwasher, noisy room.
80 dBAServer room, alarm clock, inside an airplane.


Evaluating an air purifier’s features, such as smart options, design principles, outdated options, and everyday usability, is another essential aspect of testing. 

Warranty information also contributes to the overall rating and reliability of an air purifier.

Why You Should Trust Air Purifier First

Here’s why you should trust Air Purifier First when choosing an air purifier:

  • We purchase and test every air purifier ourselves.
  • Our user-oriented approach ensures unbiased recommendations.
  • Our transparent testing procedure is well-explained and free of hidden tricks.
  • We’ve responded to over 5,000 comments and questions about air purifiers on various platforms (see our YouTube channel).
  • Our reviews have reached millions of people and received overwhelmingly positive feedback (see our YouTube channel). 

Video Reviews and Our YouTube Channel

To address the need for more video content and education on air purifiers, I started the Air Purifier First YouTube channel in 2020. The channel’s goal is to produce the highest quality, most comprehensive, and unique air purifier content available on YouTube.

Each video I publish serves as a supplement to the written content on the website. This means that users can read an article on the site and watch the corresponding video on YouTube without needing to search further for information on the specific topic.

On the YouTube channel, I create various content, including reviews, buying guides, educational materials, comparisons, and short videos showcasing air purifiers in use under different circumstances.

What motivates and brings me joy every day are the thousands of comments on the YouTube videos, numerous messages of gratitude, and enthusiasm for the video content I publish on the channel. Air Purifier First videos on YouTube have been viewed more than 2 million times.

Affiliate and Advertising Disclosure

Our website earns from affiliate links, which do not affect the price customers pay. This revenue helps finance our project and enables us to continue providing valuable content.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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