Air purifiers location guide. Where should I place my air purifier?

Which is the best location for an air purifier is a hard question to answer, but for optimal performance, an air purifier needs to be placed in a strategic location. There are many things that you should consider, like putting it near pollution source or making sure that the air purifier is not in interference with other electronic devices.

Don't Place an Air Purifier in a Corner or Tight Spot!
Don’t Place an Air Purifier in a Corner or Tight Spot!

We will cover all the location purposes in more details in this air purifier location guide.

Which Room is Best For My Air Purifier?

If you have a mobile air purifier that is easily transferred between rooms, then you should keep it with you. For example, in the morning you can use it in the kitchen when preparing food. Once you move to the living room to have some relaxing time watching tv, bring the air purifier with you and later at night you can use it in the bathroom and then in the bedroom. The advantage of mobile air purifiers is described above. It can follow you wherever you go and keep the fresh air with you.

If the air purifier is too heavy and too large to move from room to room, then you should place it in a room with most pollution. If the highest pollution in your home is coming from the kitchen, then put it in the kitchen. We all know that food can leave nasty smells, especially when it is burnt. 

If the problem is dust, pet dander, then the best air purifier location will be a living room. And if you have deep concerns about the air when you sleep, then it is also an excellent choice to put air purifier in the bedroom, after all, we all spend eight or more hours in the bedroom.

What You Should Consider Before Deciding The Best Room For Air Purifier

Several things need to be considered before deciding where to put your air purifier, the main thing is to keep it close to the pollution source, but other things should be considered.

Place Air Purifier Near Odor Source

This advice is extremely useful because if you follow it, then the odor will not spread through the entire house. It will be contained at the source. Some air purifiers have powerful filters to eliminate odors and placing them near the odor source you would not even smell the odor.

Keep the Room Size in Mind

You can make two mistakes when considering the room size. You can place a too powerful air purifier in a too-small room and that way burning money by running air purifier for nothing. Or a bigger mistake is to place a small air purifier in a large room which it can’t cover. If you make this mistake, you will have a polluted air that is not filtered enough, and basically, you will get nothing from an air purifier.

Weak air purifiers in large rooms will not filter the air often, and pollution will stay in the room. Large air purifier in a small room can filter already filtered air and in that way burn your money.

Always read the recommended room size for the air purifier. You can keep it in a slightly larger or smaller rooms but avoid placing it in the room that is double the size of the recommended.

Tight Spaces and Corners are No Good

Most air purifiers work best when placed in an open area that has free airflow from all sides. In such a position, an air purifier can pull the air from all directions and work at the best performance.

If you place them in a corner or tight spot, they may be too weak to pull the air from the other corner of the room and in that way leave the air polluted in that corner. However, some air purifiers can be mounted on the wall, and if you don’t have a free spot for a standard air purifier, maybe you should look for the one that can be mounted on the wall.

Do Not Place Air Purifier Behind or Below Furniture

Air purifiers require good airflow, and they best work when there are no obstacles around them. It is essential not to place an air purifier behind furniture because then the air purifier will not be able to intake all the air in the room. Also, it is not smart to put it below the table because that limits airflow as well. 

You can get tempted to place smaller air purifiers inside a closet or on the shelf. This positioning may look good and attractive, but air purifier performance will drop heavily. 

Don’t Pair Air Purifier with other Similar Devices

If you have more than one device that filters, humidifies or dehumidifies air or even air condition, then you should consider which one to use. Reason for that is because the air needs to flow and if the air is pulled or pushed from different directions, an air purifier just can’t remove all the airborne particles from the room.

It is also smart not to open windows while air purifier is working. Dust, pollen, and other outdoor pollution will rush through the window into the room, and an air purifier will be working hard to clean all the polluted air coming from the outside. For the sake of your air purifier keep the windows closed.

Put it Near The Doorway

If you place an air purifier near the doorway, then it will act as a security guard. It will catch all unwanted airborne particles at the entrance and will not allow any pollution to enter your home. You should consider putting an air purifier at the doorway if you have cats, dogs, or lots of people coming in and out.

Place an Air Purifier Near the Doorway!
Place an Air Purifier Near the Doorway!

Keep Away from Electronics

Some low-cost air purifiers are sensitive to other electronics and will not work correctly if you put them near other electronics like TV, microwaves or any other electronic device. It is also possible that the air purifier will send interference to other electronic equipment as well. Just keep in mind that this may happen and if you see some interferences between equipment, just move one of them in another part of the room. However, a high-quality air purifier will not interfere with other devices in your home, so maybe you should consider that too before you decide to buy one.

Air Purifier Positioning in the Bedroom

Positioning depends on the room. For example, in the bedroom, you need to place an air purifier six to ten feet away from the head of the bead. Air should not blow directly in your face because that may irritate your sleep. Some people are sensitive to wind and may have a headache in the morning if air purifier directly blows into their head. It would be best if the air intake is faced towards the bed, so the air around the bed is filtered first. 

However, you should keep air purifiers at a proper distance because stronger air purifiers may create strong airflow, which can disturb your sleep if an air purifier is too close. On the other hand, weak air purifiers will not be strong enough to suck all the air if they are too far from the bed.

Should I put the air purifier on the ground or in a raised position?

Most manufacturers will tell you what’s the best position for their air purifier. If the manufacturer says that their air purifier can be mounted on the wall, then you should do that, not only will you get beautiful decor in the room but also performance will be intact. However, big air purifiers can be placed on the ground; they are powerful enough to clean the air from the ground. 

In case you have a small air purifier, then the best place would be near you on the desk or table. On a higher position, small air purifiers will work better because they don’t need to suck air from below. But small air purifiers are mobile, and my advice is that you try and see different positions in the room. Once you find the best one, you can use it for maximum performance.


Location is a strategic game when we need to decide where to put air purifier. But now that you know what to consider before making a final decision I am sure you are going to do fine. After all, if you later get the idea that some other location is a much better choice, you can always place the air purifier in that location without any problems.


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