Afloia Q10 Air Purifier & Dehumidifier – Real Review! (2023)

In this review, I will introduce a slightly different air purifier than usual. I tested the Afloia Q10 2-in-1 air purifier and dehumidifier. I will point out right from the start that I focused more on the air purifier’s performance and less on the dehumidifier.

If you are not sure how effective this combination can be and whether the Q10 can work well as both an air purifier and a dehumidifier, please read this Afloia Q10 review, in which I go into all the details.

The Afloia Q10 is a small and innovative air purifier designed for rooms up to 161 sq. ft. However, if you plan to use it as a dehumidifier, it is designed for slightly larger rooms, like 215 sq. ft.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier - Review
The Afloia Q10 on a small table.

My impression after my first encounter with the Afloia Q10 is that it is a small, stylish air purifier that offers an innovative option (dehumidifier). Which I can’t wait to try.

In addition, what bothered me most was that the Q10 does not have a pre-filter and a carbon filter, which is a big minus, in my opinion, and can affect performance. So far, I have had the opportunity to test one air purifier from this brand, the Afloia Mage. I like to test devices from the same brands and compare their quality and performance.

In this review, I present all the tests I have carried out on the Afloia Q10 air purifier. In addition, I describe all the features that this model has, and finally, in the end, I come to a conclusion about this device.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary of the Afloia Q10!

  • Air Purifier & Dehumidifier: The Afloia Q10 combines an air purifier and dehumidifier, making it an ideal option for those who want to purify the air and reduce humidity levels at the same time.
  • Coverage: The Q10 will purify the air in rooms up to 161 sq. ft.
  • Filtration: It uses a HEPA filter only, without any pre-filters or carbon filters.
  • Dehumidifier: The dehumidifier function is most effective in rooms up to 215 sq. ft. with humidity levels around 80%.
  • Replacement Filters: The HEPA filter for the Q10 should be replaced between 3 and 6 months on average.


The Afloia Q10 air purifier is defined by specifications, which you can see in the table below:

Manufacturer Afloia
Model Q10
Dimensions 7.6 x 7.6 x 13 inches (19,3 x 19,3 x 33,2 cm)
Filters H13 HEPA Filter
Filter Longevity 3-6 months
Coverage 161 sq. ft.
Number of Fan Speeds 3 – Speed 1, Speed 2, and Speed 3
Power Consumption 45W
Warranty 2-year
User manual PDF


The Afloia Q10 is a minimal, simple device that looks very pleasing at first sight. It is painted in white, except for the bars on the top, which are grey.

The build quality is of a satisfactory level. However, when you hold the device with both hands, you don’t feel that this is a low-budget air purifier.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier - Design
I placed the Afloia Q10 on the office desk.

The air intake is located at the front, which means that there is also a HEPA filter. At the back, at the bottom, there is a tank that collects the collected water. This is the water that the machine collects when the dehumidifier is switched on.

I would also add that I am missing handles for carrying the device. But, regardless of that, it is a very small and light air purifier, so I think this shortcoming will not be a problem.

Control Buttons

The control buttons are located on the front, horizontally arranged. The buttons are sensitive to touch, sufficiently pressure-sensitive, and work without any problems. Above each button, there is an indicator or several LED dot-shaped indicators.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier - Control Buttons
It has controls and indicators on the front.

You can find a ‘Power‘ button in this button bar, a ‘Dehumidifier‘ button to switch the dehumidifier option on or off, a ‘Fan Speed‘ button, and a ‘Timer‘ button to set the timer option.


Afloia Q10 draws air through the vents on the front of the unit. The air is then filtered and, if the dehumidifier is switched on, it is dried and exits through the vents on the top of the unit.

Size and dimensions

The air purifier weighs 5.9 lb (2,7 kg). The dimensions of the device are: 7.6 x 7.6 x 13 inches (19,3 x 19,3 x 33,2 cm).

What is in the box?

When you buy the device, you get an Afloia Q10 air purifier, dehumidifier, H13 HEPA filter, and user manual.

I would like to remind you that the Afloia Q10 comes with the cover removed, which is also in the box. The reason for this is to alert users to the fact that they need to unpack the HEPA filter from the foil it is in and prepare it for work.

Features Overview

The Afloia Q10 does not have many advanced features or other features that set it apart from other similar air purifiers.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier - Fan Grille
An image of the Afloia Q10 taken from the top.

Most importantly, it has a dehumidifier option, which is not common in similar devices. Below I will describe some of the basic features that the Q10 has, which are worth mentioning.


This is the most innovative option offered by the Afloia Q10, and I will do my best to explain it as well as possible.

As I said at the beginning of this review, the Afloia Q10 is both a purifier and a dehumidifier. The thing is that you can turn on the dehumidification option if you want. The condition for the dehumidifier is that the air purifier is switched on.

Since it has a dehumidifier, it is logical that the appliance should have a container where all the collected water is stored. This container is located at the back of the device at the bottom.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier - Dehumidifier Tank Disassembled
The Afloia Q10 filter water container.

This container holds approximately 1000 ml of water, but the Afloia Q10 can only collect a maximum of 26 ml from the air during the day. Of course, there is one catch: the dehumidifier only works if the humidity in the room is around 80%.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in an environment with that much humidity. For me, the average humidity at the time I tested the device was around 50%, so I could not try the dehumidifier in the way I liked to test it.

I would advise you not to place the dehumidifier in places that are too humid as the HEPA filter can become wet and moldy, and eventually, you will need to replace it ahead of time. The Afloia Q10 dehumidifier is effective in rooms not exceeding 215 sq. ft. 

When the water box is completely filled, the unit will automatically switch off. The indicator above the dehumidifier button will light up red.


This option is standard on many air purifiers. Still, it is handy, especially if the device does not have an advanced “Smart” control mode, “Smart APP,” or something similar. The timer can be set to 2h, 4h, or 8h. The timer works on the principle that the device switches off after a chosen time.

Filter Replacement Indicator

This is an option that I consider essential and necessary for every air purifier. However, in some devices, such as the Hathaspace HSP001, this option is not available. For me, it was unbelievable that such an excellent air purifier lacks this option. 

The filter change indicator will let you know when it is time to change the filter. The indicator lights up red, which means that you need to change the HEPA filter on your Afloia Q10.

CARB Certified

This is an essential certificate, and I can say that the fact that the Afloia Q10 is a CARB-certified device is a sign that Afloia is a serious company with serious aspirations to conquer the market.

CARB certification means that the California government has approved the device and can be sold in California. Please note that California laws are stringent. No product can pass the test and obtain this certification without quality. In addition to this certification, Afloia Q10 is also FCC and ETL certified.

Room Coverage and CADR

Room coverage is an exciting element when it comes to the Afloia Q10 air purifier. The reason is that, according to Afloia, this device will perform best as an air purifier in rooms up to 161 sq. ft. while the dehumidifier function will perform best in rooms up to 215 sq. ft. This is the information that can be found in the product presentation or in the user manual.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier - HEPA Filter
The Afloia Q10 with the filter half-pulled out.

I have not tested the dehumidifier option in detail because the humidity in my environment is lower than that at which the Q10 operates. However, performance tests and how the air purifier works you can find in this review.

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Filtration Technology

This is a point on which I, unfortunately, do not have much to say.

The Afloia Q10 uses an H13 HEPA filter which traps 99.97% of fine particles and allergens as small as 0.1 microns and large pollutants such as dust, pet dander, smoke, mold, and pollen.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier - Filtration
The HEPA filter in front of the Afloia Q10.

I am very disappointed that the Q10 has neither a pre-filter nor a carbon filter. Significantly, these two filters would have improved the performance and filtration quality of this model. The filter is located on the front of the device.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier - Replacement Filter

Afloia Q10 Replacement Filters

Always buy genuine filters for the best performance. As soon as the filter reset indicator is on, you are ready to change filters. Do it as quickly as possible.

Check Filter Price On Amazon

How do I change the filter on the Afloia Q10?

Ideally, the Afloia Q10 has a filter reset indicator that will let you know when it is time to change the filter. On average, this is a period of 3-6 months, but it all depends on how often and in what environment you use the air purifier.

As soon as the filter replacement indicator lights up, you should buy a replacement filter and follow the procedure described below:

Total time: 10 minutes.

Step 1 – Open The Cover

After you have disconnected the air purifier, open the filter cover.

After you have disconnected the air purifier, open the filter cover.

Step 2 – Remove the Old Filter

Then, remove the old HEPA filter from the machine.

Then, remove the old HEPA filter from the machine.

Step 3 – Insert a New Filter

The next step is to prepare the new filter by unpacking it and inserting it into the air purifier.

The next step is to prepare the new filter by unpacking it and inserting it into the air purifier.

Step 4 – Reset the Filter Indicator

The last step after inserting the new filter into the device is to reset the filter reset indicator by holding your finger on the power button for 7 seconds.

The last step after inserting the new filter into the device is to reset the filter reset indicator by holding your finger on the power button for 7 seconds.

Noise Test

The Afloia Q10 uses 3 fan speeds, low, medium, and high. However, I don’t like that there is no sleep mode because I strongly support devices with that mode. I especially love quiet and efficient air purifiers that I can easily use in my bedroom.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier - Noise Test
I used a special noise measurement tool when testing Afloia Q10 noise levels.

I did volume tests of the Afloia Q10 air purifier at all speeds. I can say that I expected better results. I expected the Q10 to be a slightly quieter air purifier. 

At the first speed, the Q10 produces about 50.6 dBA, at the second speed about 56.3 dBA, and at the third speed about 60.8 dBA. Thus, the Q10 is not very loud at maximum speed. The bigger problem is that it is slightly louder at first speed than is usual with similar devices.

Speed Value (dBA)
Speed 1 50.6 dBA
Speed 2 56.3 dBA
Speed 3 60.8 dBA

All in all, the sound produced by the Afloia Q10 is not irritating, and I think it will suit many users. Still, I would not recommend it for a bedroom or similar room where silence is needed.

Efficiency Tests

The Afloia Q10 is an air purifier designed for rooms up to 161 sq. ft. so I have tested it in rooms that best fit the recommended dimensions. However, I urge you to look at the Levoit Vista 200 review, which is designed for rooms of the same sizes, and compare these two models.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier - Performance Test
I used the Temtop laser particle meter when testing this air purifier’s efficiency.

I would like to point out that in these tests, I have only tested the air purifier and that the dehumidifier function has not been tested. However, I did each test separately, and the device was working at maximum speed in both tests.

120 sq. ft. Room Test

In the first test, I tested the Afloia Q10 in a room with an area of 120 sq. ft. This room is slightly smaller than the recommended dimensions.

The Afloia reduced the AQI from 115 to 15 in 60 minutes, improving the air quality by about 87%.

# Starting Baseline After 60min
PM 2.5 87.1 11.6
PM 10 122 16.3
Particles 126371 16906
AQI 115 15

I can say that I am somewhat satisfied with this result, mainly because the Q10 does not use a carbon filter.

194 sq. ft. Room Test

In the second test, in a 194 sq. ft. room, which is larger than the recommended dimensions, the Q10 performed slightly worse.

In 60 minutes of operation, the device improved air quality by approximately 79%, reducing the AQI from 118 to 25.

# Starting Baseline After 60min
PM 2.5 90.1 19.2
PM 10 126.2 26.9
Particles 130738 27959
AQI 118 25

Although this room is larger than the recommended dimensions, I think that the Q10 could have achieved a slightly better result.

Operating Costs

The Afloia Q10 is a purifier and dehumidifier with a power of 45W. In my opinion, this is a lot for such a small device. However, this power is due to the additional option that this model has, the dehumidifier.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier - Operating Costs
The Afloia Q10 uses a small motor that not consumes too much power.

Interestingly, the air purifier does not consume much energy. The maximum consumption it achieves is 7.8 W at full speed. As soon as you switch on the dehumidifier, however, consumption jumps by an incredible 35.5W.

Looking at the air purifier alone, the Afloia Q10 is not a big power consumer and spends less than $1 monthly at high speed, 24 hours a day.

Speed Power Usage (W)
Stand-by 0.5W
Speed 1 3.6W
Speed 2 5.5W
Speed 3 7.8W
Dehumidifier (usage) 35.5W
Max Speed 39W

A slightly higher cost is filter replacement, which can happen up to 3-4 times a year. Fortunately, replacement filters are not expensive, so this is not a very high cost either. Overall, the Afloia Q10 does not have high maintenance costs.

Afloia Q10 Video Review

Check out this video about Afloia Q10 and see how good it did in my test. Find out how well this air purifier performed and who do I recommend to buy this device.

FAQ on Afloia Q10

Is Afloia Q10 ozone-free?

Afloia Q10 does not use an ionizer, UV light, or other filtration forms, so it is ozone-free. In addition, the dehumidifier does not produce ozone.

When can I use the dehumidifier?

You can use the dehumidifier whenever you like. Still, it is recommended not to use it in rooms where the humidity is less than 80%.

How often should I change the filter?

The filter on the Afloia Q10 should be changed between 3 and 6 months on average, depending on how dirty the filter is and the conditions in which the device is used.

What is the warranty on this device?

Afloia gives a 24-month warranty on this model.

Pros and Cons

To revise, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Afloia Q10 air purifier:


  • 2-in-1 air purifier and dehumidifier
  • Modern design
  • Acceptable build quality
  • The appliance is very affordable
  • Without using the “dehumidifier” option, the device is a minimal energy consumer
  • The price of a replacement filter is affordable
  • CARB certified device
  • Suitable for small rooms up to 161 sq. ft.


  • No pre-filter or carbon filter
  • Airflow could be higher
  • A dehumidifier cannot be used without an air purifier
  • Manual contains a lot of incomplete and inaccurate information

Final Thoughts

The Afloia Q10 is an innovative device that combines an air purifier and a dehumidifier in one.

In my opinion, the idea of having these two devices as one is excellent. Still, there is always something to suffer, whether it is the air purifier’s operation or the operation of the dehumidifier.

The biggest minus of this model would be the lack of a carbon filter. However, as you can see from the presented tests, the H13 HEPA filter did not perform poorly.

I would recommend the Afloia Q10 in smaller rooms, especially in rooms where the humidity is high (above 80%), because what is the point of buying a 2-in-1 device if you only intend to use part of its functionality.



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2 responses to “Afloia Q10 Air Purifier & Dehumidifier – Real Review! (2023)”

  1. Mrs Bobby Porter

    I understand you are a reviewer, but my experience with this unit is this: We purchased an Afloia Dehumidifier & Air purifier 2-N-1 Q10, Order #**** on 16 Sep 2022. I liked it.
    I received an e-mail from Afloia assuring us that the warranty is good for 2 years, however the sites says lifetime warranty.
    As of July, 2023, The unit has stopped responding when the buttons on the front are pushed. The only way to turn it off is to unplug it. After plugging it back in, the buttons will work to turn it back on, but after that one push, they do not work anymore.The unit has also started overflowing. The overflow button appears to not work. I got an offer for replacement on Aug 11, but have not heard anything more from the company as of Oct 11, 2023. I threatened to file with BBB on 20th Oct

    • Milan Antonic

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Please keep in mind that I had to mask your order number.

      All I can say is good luck, and I can send you my best wishes for receiving a replacement unit; that’s all I can do. Additionally, I will retest Afloia’s support to ensure they are at the same level as they were, and I may update the review with the new information.

      If there is any other way I can help you, please don’t hesitate to ask!

      Thanks again.

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