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Autowit Fresh 2 Car Air Purifier and Humidifier – Review


Autowit released their first version of an air purifier back in 2018. After some time, they released a new, improved version with advanced features. Autowit Fresh 2 is a small but powerful air purifier which can be put on any place; you can even place it on a table while you are dining.

Autowit Fresh 2 Review

With such a small size this air purifier is not made for large rooms. But thanks to the powerful motors this little air purifier can even do a decent job in a large room. The air purifier has many options and most advanced air purifying technology on the market. Fresh 2 is not only air purifier, but it can also humidify the air. This is one of the rare air purifier and humidifier combos in such a small size and at such an affordable price.

Autowit Fresh 2 - Car Air Purifier and Humidifier

Autowit Fresh 2 is a very effective air purifier with a three-stage filtration method. It uses a combination of composite nanosilver, HEPA fold filter, and carbon filter. Without problem, removes pollen, dust, odor, smoke, and other particles of PM2.5 size.

It also has an air quality indicator, and you can know exactly what kind of air is flowing in the room. This indicator helps a lot when you need to choose optimal speed. You can select four airflow modes.

Autowit Fresh 2 is a well-designed air purifier with four adjustable airflow modes.

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Autowit Fresh 2 Specifications

Below is a complete list of important specifications and features included on the Autowit Fresh 2 Air Purifier:

ModelFresh 2
Dimensions8.5 x 3.1 x 3.1 inch
FiltersNano Silver Filter, HEPA Fold Filter and High Quality Charcoal Filter
Return30 days via Varies by retailer
Warranty1 year


The design of this premium product is interesting, at least to say. It looks like a water bottle. High-quality plastic and high-quality aluminum make this air purifier unique. This car air purifier is made so that it can fit in any car.

Touch Buttons

There is only one button to control the air purifier, but with that button, you can control four adjustable modes. One push on the power button will start the air purifier in auto mode. You can confirm that “Auto Mode” is running by blinking LED light. If you push the power button the second time, you will enter “Silent Mode.”

Silent Mode” is the quiet mode, and you can see if you are in silent mode if one-third of LED lights are on. On the next push, you are switching to “Medium Mode“, and two-thirds of LED light is on. If you click the power button once more, you will enter “Strong Mode“, which is the most effective mode, and air will be purified at the fastest speed. However, this mode is also the loudest mode. In “Strong Mode“, all LED lights are turned on. Now, if you click the power button again, you will switch back to “Auto Mode“, and the circle continues. It is a pretty simple control that is very effective to use.

Above the power button is also a drop button, which is used to control the humidifier. When the humidifier is on, you will see the blue light on the LED. Once you turn the humidifier on, it will work for 15 minutes, after which it will work in cycles of three minutes pause and one minute work.

Distilled water is not required, you can use regular water and humidifier will work just fine. Under no circumstances should you add essential oils. Essential oils may damage humidifier.

Size and Dimension

This air purifier and humidifier in one is small (8.5 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches) and easy to move from car to car. Or even from car to home and vice versa. When you hold it, you will notice that it is heavier (15.5 ounces) than it looks, that is because it is made from high-quality plastic and aluminum.

Accessories and Parts

When you buy Autowit Fresh 2, you will get one micro USB cable, one car charger, a user manual, and a thank you card. With a USB cable, you can attach it to power bank, cell phone, laptop, or even desktop PC. As long as you have a device with a USB port, you can charge it. If used in a car you can use a car charger. To properly fixate Autowit Fresh 2 in the car, you can use a cup holder that comes in the package. The cup holder is easy to install and won’t take much space in the car.

Autowit Fresh 2 Video Review

Please check the video for more information. In the video, you can see more details about our testing, as well as comments that are not on this page.


Autowit Fresh 2 - In the car

Removes 99% Airborne Particles

With a combination of a powerful motor that can suck enormous amounts of air in a small period and HEPA filter this air purifier can remove 99% of particles from the air. Dust, smoke, germs, pet dander, bad smell, and other allergy triggers can be easily removed with this air purifier.

Three Stage Filtration

Autowit Fresh 2 has three filters. First one in the order of sucking air is the nanosilver filter, that is actually a pre-filter which is used to remove all the big particles that can be caught without HEPA filter.

HEPA fold filter is the second line of defense, which removes almost everything from the air. The only thing that goes through HEPA fold filter is smoke, gas, and other bad smells.

Third and last line of defense is a high-quality charcoal filter. The charcoal filter is used to remove bad odors, chemicals, gases, and other unwanted smoke from the air.

Four Adjustable Airflow Modes

New air purifiers have lots of excellent options. However, adjustable airflow modes are not considered fancy. These kinds of options are wanted on all air purifiers. Usually, air purifiers have three speeds, low, medium, and high. But Autowit Fresh 2 has four which means more choices that will surely cover all your needs.

Overall, Autowit Fresh 2 is not noisy, thanks to the robust design and almost noise proof construction. You can sleep with Autowit Fresh 2 without any trouble, especially if you set it to low speed. At such mode, you won’t even know that the air purifier is cleaning the air in the room.

Smart Auto-Detection Sensor and Visible Display

This fantastic air purifier is the latest technology device. Of course, such advanced high-tech product will have smart sensors. Even cars that are manufactured right now will have one or more sensors to detect traffic or other things that an AI can detect.

We can say that these smart sensors in Autowit Fresh 2 are artificial intelligence features. How else would a device know and understand that the air is polluted?

Autowit Fresh 2 - Air Flow Modes

There are three levels of pollution that this air purifier detects. Green level means that the air quality is excellent. You can probably turn off air purifier and let it relax a bit. You will know that the air quality is good when the air purifier emits green light.

A yellow light means that the air is ok, acceptable, but not the best. It is a wise choice to turn air purifier now and prevent the air from going to the last level, which will emit red light.

When you see the red light, you must immediately turn air purifier to maximum performance because the air in the room is poor. Trust me; you don’t want to breathe poor quality air. Poor quality air is filled with allergens, dust, pollen, or other unwanted airborne particles that can harm your respiratory system. Always make sure that the light on the air purifier is green.

Air Humidification Done with Built-In Water Tank

Air humidification with Autowit Fresh 2 is very simple. You fill the water in the built-in water tank, and you let the air humidifier do the job. You can watch how the fresh humidifier air is coming out on the top of the device.

Autowit Fresh 2 uses ultrasonic sounds to change water into vapor. There is no heating process, and you don’t need to wait for the device to heat up. Usually, when technology heats up, it also emits some unwanted components like ozone. However, this product is not heating water; it uses advanced technology to release cold vapor in the air.

The human ear can not hear these ultrasonic sounds. We humans can not hear this sound, which means that the sound that this humidifier emits will not bother you while you sleep or rest.

Low Energy Consumption and Low Maintenance Costs

Low maintenance costs are one of the benefits you will get if you decide to buy Autowit Fresh 2. The only thing that needs to be replaced in this device is a filter. And this advanced filter will work for months if not years without needing replacement. There are no other costs involved with this product. You won’t need to change the UV bulb, no need to change water canister. You won’t even need to clean anything inside the air purifier.

Another best thing about this air purifier is that you can charge it with a USB cable which means that with 5V you can charge this device and have it ready to clean the air. In other words, you can have a laptop and plug the air purifier in a USB port and have it charged while you play games or write an essay. And at the same time enjoy fresh, clean air coming out from the Autowit Fresh 2.

Mobile Device

Autowit Fresh 2 thanks to its small size and ability to charge it anywhere you go is one of the best mobile air purifiers you can buy. It is also one of the best air purifiers for the car. You can place it in a car bottle holder, and for a return, you will get fresh, clean air in the car. Nowadays every car has one or more bottle holders so there will always be empty space for an Autowit Fresh 2.

This small but very powerful little device will purify the air in the car and make driving pleasant without trouble.

Without needing to be plugged in the power network, you can actually take this device with you in bed. Place it as close as you can to your face and enjoy the remarkable fresh air.


Autowit gives a generous limited warranty of one year. Since the day you bought it, you can be safe that the air purifier will work as intended. If you have any questions, you can ask them by contacting Autowit on their website.


The size of the filter is small since the size of the whole device is small. However, that small filter can still remove 90% of PM2.5 particles. Pollen, dust, smoke, odors, floccus, formaldehyde, and other particles are removed. It can remove 99% of all airborne particles and uses a three-stage filtration system (composite nano filter, HEPA folded filter, and carbon filter). The only problem with filter is that it can get dirty too fast and need to be replaced every 3 to 4 months.

Autowit Fresh 2 - Filter

The three-stage filtration system removes particles, smoke, gases as well as odors.

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The noise of Autowit Fresh 2 depends on the speed. In silent mode, you will not hear it working. On auto mode, the device will automatically switch speed, and it could be noisy if running at a higher speed. If you are a driver who likes to chat or listen to the radio while driving, you will not hear air purifier working even if you let it run on “Strong Mode.” 

We did our own noise measuring to see how noisy this device is. We used special equipment for noise measuring, which uses dbA ratings. Results may vary from the official ones. Below is the table where you can see our noise results.

SpeedValue (dBA)
Speed 145.3 dBA
Speed 258.3 dBA
Speed 366.8 dBA


We have tested this air purifier in different conditions. We did several tests on different cars to make sure our results were correct. 

Autowit Fresh 2 - Testing in the car

Testing in Everyday Drive

We have tested it in everyday driving in the morning, afternoon, and at night. We used a short drive as well as a long drive in different weather.

In ordinary everyday driving, the air purifier managed to drop AQI from 130 to 19, and air quality was improved by 86%. These results are amazing if we consider the filter size and the airflow that this air purifier makes.

#Starting BaselineAfter 30min
PM 2.59913.5
PM 10138.618.9

Testing in the Car with Smoker

We tested it in a car with a person who was smoking with all the windows shut. The air conditioner was turned off as well. This little air purifier had real troubles with filtering the air when a person was smoking. The air quality indicator was flashing bad air all the time. AQI was as high as it gets pointing to 999. However, as soon as the person stops with a smoking air purifier needed only four minutes to improve air quality. In only 10 minutes AQI drop from 999 to 226. In just 16 minutes, AQI was pointing at safe air, and on display was number 49. Autowit Fresh 2 needed only 16 minutes to improve the air for 95%.

#Starting BaselineAfter 16min
PM 2.5999.934.8
PM 10999.948.7


To revise, here are advantages and disadvantages of Fresh 2:


  • Small Size
  • Cool Design
  • Made From High-Quality Material
  • HEPA Filter
  • Humidifier and Air Purifier Combo
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • No Need to Plug it on Power Network
  • Powerful Motor
  • Automatic Option “Auto Mode”
  • Cup Holder for Easy Fixation in the Car


  • Filter Needs Replacement Every 3 to 4 Months
  • Only One Year Warranty
  • It Would Be Nice If Smoke is Removed Faster


Autowit Fresh 2 is the latest miracle of the technology. Such a small device with so many options and features as well as the power to clean and provide fresh air is a true miracle. In modern time miracles are what people need. We have self-driving cars, cars that can detect obstacles and park alone, but now we also have an air purifier capable of doing all the purification job alone thanks to its advanced smart sensors.

If you decide to buy Autowit Fresh 2, I am sure you won’t regret it, especially if you will be using it in your car. You will see how air quality in a car can be good with Autowit Fresh 2.

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