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Blueair Blue Pure 411 Vs Levoit Core 300 – Comparison

Blueair is a well-known company. They have been on the market for many years. They have offices all over the world, but the most significant market is, without a doubt, the USA. In the USA, they have headquarters in Chicago. Customer support is excellent, and you can contact them for any inquiries you may have with their air purifiers. Today we will use their Blueair 411 air purifier and see how good it is compared to Levoit Core 300.

Blueair 411 Vs Levoit Core 300 - Reviews

Levoit, on the other hand, is a new company, but they managed to release many air purifier models on the market. The difference between Core 300 and Blueair 411 is that Core 300 recommended room size is 219 sq. ft. while Blueair is 161 sq. ft. That’s a decent difference. Blueair is a minimalistic air purifier with few options, while Core 300 has many fancy functions. However, on the market, both of these air purifiers are popular, and customers love them.

Blueair 411 Vs Levoit Core 300 Specifications

Below is a complete list of important specifications and features included on the Blueair 411 and Core 300 Air Purifiers:

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B073WJDQMN&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=airpurifierfi 20&language=en USir?t=airpurifierfi 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B073WJDQMNq? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07VVK39F7&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=airpurifierfi 20&language=en USir?t=airpurifierfi 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B07VVK39F7
ModelBlue Pure 411Core 300
Dimensions8 x 8 x 16.7 inch8.7 x 8.7 x 14.2 inch
Weight3.35 lb8.88 lb
CADRSmoke 180, Dust 200, Pollen 200Smoke 141, Dust 140, Pollen 145
Coverage161 sq. ft.219 sq. ft.
FiltersHEPA Silent + Carbon Filter, Pre-filterTrue HEPA 3-Stage Original Filter (Pre-Installed)
Filter Replacement Indicator
Filter Longevity6 – 8 months6 – 8 months
Power Consumption10W45W
Sleep Mode
Child Lock
CertificationsEnergy Star Verified, AHAMEnergy Star Verified, CARB, FCC, ETL and CA PROP 65
Return30 days via Varies by retailer30 days via Varies by retailer
Warranty Up to 5-years1 year (+1 additional year)
In-Depth ReviewBlueair 411Levoit Core 300
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Blueair 411 Vs Levoit Core 300 Features

Before we dive any deeper, let’s check the features of each air purifier. As already stated, Blue Pure 411 is a minimalistic air purifier, while Core 300 has tons of features. The good news is that both air purifiers are ozone free.

Control Options

Blueair 411 is as simple as it gets. It has only one button. Which basically means you can control fan speed and nothing else.

On the other hand, Levoit Core 300 has many options. It has a touch panel with many buttons to click.

Levoit Core 300 Vs Blueair 411 - Control Buttons
Core 300 and Blue Pure 411 – Controls


Obviously, Blueair 411 does not have a timer. Core 300 has one, which means you can choose the desired working time. You can pick from 2, 4, 6, and 8h after that time is up the air purifier will shut down.

Sleep Mode

While on sleep mode, Core 300 will reduce fan speed, and the device will minimize noise output. In return, you can sleep uninterrupted. Blueair 411 does not feature sleep mode, but its first fan speed is silent enough.

Child Lock

Children love to push buttons; with this feature, you can lock the touch panel. All the settings you set will be locked, and even if kids touch the panel, they will not change the settings. Blueair 411 does not have a child lock because there is nothing to be locked since it lacks buttons.

Personalized Pre-filters

Blueair 411 fits better in your home thanks to personalized filters. Pre-filter is changeable, and you can choose from different colors: Dark Shadow, Diva BlueBuff, Yellow, Crystal Pink, or Lunar Rock.

Washable Pre-filter

Another advantage for Blueair 411 is that these personalized filters are washable, and you can wash them and make them clean and fresh whenever you want. On the other hand, Levoit Core 300 has a pre-filter that is changed with the primary filter, which means you can’t take it out and wash it.


When we look at the filtration method, we can say that both devices use a 3 in 1 system. Levoit Core 300 uses a pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter. Blueair 411 uses the same method, but with ionizer, which cannot be shut down. Also, as we already mentioned, pre-filter is washable in Blueair 411, while Core 300 does not feature that.

Levoit Core 300 Vs Blueair 411 - Filters
Levoit Core 300 and Blueair 411 – Filters

Filter Replacement

Filter replacement in both devices is an easy job. Both air purifiers will give you a signal when the filter needs to be replaced. In Blueair 411, pre-filter does not need replacement because you can wash it. Filters usually last between 6 to 8 months on both devices. For more details about how to replace filters on these air purifiers, check or YouTube Channel.


The noise level that these devices produce is not different. Since they make the same noise level, this factor will not be relevant when choosing the best air purifier. Core 300 is quieter on sleep mode than on other speeds. However, Blueair 411 on first speed will make identical noise as Core 300 on sleep mode. You can check in the noise table more about noise pollution these devices create.

ProductNoise Range (dBA)
Blueair 41140.6 – 67.5 dBA
Levoit Core 30040.7 – 64.9 dBA


We have tested both devices in a real-time environment to see, which is better at cleaning the air. We tested them in 194 sq. ft. as well as 320 sq. ft. room. Both devices were excellent in both rooms, and the difference among them is not significant. However, while working longer, Blueair 411 did a slightly better job.

Levoit Core 300 Vs Blueair 411 - Comparison
Levoit Core 300 Vs Blueair 411 – Performance tests

In the room of 194 sq. ft. Blueair 411 improved air quality by 95% in 1 hour. In the same period Levoit Core 300 improved air quality by 93%. In bigger room tests are identical, and you can see all the tests in detail in the table below.

Air Quality Improvement In Different Rooms
Blueair 411
Levoit Core 300
0% 100%

194 sq. ft. Room

320 sq. ft. Room

* Data measuring time is 60 minutes.

Operation Costs

Blueair 411 uses less energy than Core 300. Blueair 411 uses only 10W while Levoit Core 300 needs 45W. Blueair 411 will cost you less than 1$ for a whole month’s work 24/7. In the same period, Core 300 will cost you 3.8$ if we calculate the electricity price in the USA, which is 0.12$ per kW/h.

Check out the table below for more details about energy usage.

ProductWattage Range (W)
Blueair 4110.3 – 7.6 W
Levoit Core 3000.8 – 43.5 W

Which one is the winner?

Although almost entirely different, both products will offer you excellent performance and much cleaner air. For people who are fans of minimalism or for people who prefer a large number of advanced features, this decision will be easy; you will not go wrong with whichever product you choose.

Blueair 411 offers personalized pre-filters to combine the design and color of the device with the environment. The design of the Core 300 is also superbly reflected, which is confirmed by the iF Design Award.

In terms of performance, the Blueair 411 is slightly better in terms of both power consumption and noise pollution by the engine. Although we could easily declare this fight a draw, we still chose the Blueair 411 as the winner, because of the slightly better performance and because I personally like minimalism.

Blueair 411 is the winner because of:

  • Better Performance
  • Interesting Design
  • Interesting Pre-Filter Concept
  • Saves Energy

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