Winix Light Indicators: What is the Meaning of a Red Light?

Every Winix air purifier features various indicators and lights, each representing different functions or types of information. The presence of red color anywhere on the device can sometimes be confusing and often signals an issue that needs attention.

Winix Air Purifier Maintenance - Red Light Fix
A Winix air purifier’s control panel with LED indicators and touch buttons. Photo: / Milan Antonic

However, there’s no need for an alarm if a red light appears on your Winix. Each indicator has a specific meaning. Typically, the small red light indicates it’s time to replace your air purifier’s filters.

Still, some other indicators may also light up in red and potentially lead to confusion. That’s why I’m writing this article, and will clarify these indicators and their meanings.

In short: the primary purpose of a filter reset red light indicator is to remind you of a time for replacing the filter. In addition, there is also the air quality indicator, which may turn red depending on the pollution level in your place.

Winix Filter Reset Indicator (Red Light)

The filter reset indicator on your Winix air purifier is a small LED light located on the control panel. This indicator lights up in red, but only when it’s time to replace the filter.

For those who prefer a visual explanation, refer to the image below, on which I marked the location of the filter reset indicator.

Winix Air Purifier Maintenance - Check Filter Indicator
This is a filter reset indicator. Photo: / Milan Antonic

This indicator will light in red approximately every 12 months; the same for every Winix air purifier. Upon showing, it signals the need to replace your air purifier’s filters, usually a True HEPA and an activated carbon filter.

Some Winix models use a fibrous carbon filter that needs to be replaced every 3 months. Unfortunately, these carbon filters have no filter reset indicator, so you must manually track their wear.

After replacing the filter, the filter reset indicator needs to be reset. This turns off the red light and restarts the indicator’s timer. To reset it, press and hold the filter reset button using a small object, like a paper clip, for about 5 seconds.

Winix Air Quality Indicator

Now, let’s talk about other LED indicators of the Winix air purifier. The most important one is the air quality indicator, which is built into every Winix model I have tested or researched so far.

This indicator provides real-time information about the air quality in your room by displaying various colors, each representing different air conditions. For instance, red indicates very poor air quality, while blue signifies good air quality.

It’s necessary to note that not all air quality indicators on Winix models are identical. For a clear understanding, please refer to the table below, which explains the meanings of the different colors specific to different Winix models.

ModelsAir Quality Light
Winix T810; XLC; Good: Blue
Average: Green
Fair: Amber
Poor: Red
Winix A231; 5500-2; 9800; 5300-2; AM80; AM90; D360; 6300-2; Good: Blue
Fair: Amber
Poor: Red

The most important thing is not to get confused, as the air quality indicator is informative and doesn’t involve any action similar to when the filter reset indicator lights up. Therefore, if the air quality indicator turns red, it does not imply a need to replace the filter. Instead, it suggests adjusting the fan speed to its maximum setting for improved air quality.

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FAQ About Winix Light Indicators

How do you fix the red light indicator on the Winix air purifier?

Red light indicators on Winix air purifiers typically represent the filter reset indicator, which activates approximately once a year. When this light lights in red, it’s time to replace the filter. To reset the indicator, simply press and hold it for about 5s. Completing this process will turn off the red light until it’s time for the next filter replacement.

How do you know when to change the Winix air purifier filter?

There is a filter reset indicator that will light in red when it is time to replace the filter.

Why is my PlasmaWave light indicator on?

The PlasmaWave indicator on Winix air purifiers is a blue light that activates only when the PlasmaWave feature is activated. It has nothing to do with other indicators; it only shows the feature is activated.

What if these solutions don’t help?

If none of the above helps, I suggest contacting Winix directly through their website or Facebook page. Based on my experience, Winix’s support team is responsive and helpful.

Final Conclusion

I would like to highlight again that there’s no need for concern if you notice a red light on your Winix air purifier. This usually signals the filter reset indicator indicating it’s time to replace the filter, which you usually have to do once a year. Although I suggested not panicking when there is a red light indicator, I strongly recommend replacing your filter as soon as you see this indicator lights red.

In addition, the air quality indicator may also turn red, but this happens only when the air quality in your place is very poor.

If you have any questions regarding your Winix air purifier, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below. I’m more than happy to answer all the questions.

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