Levoit Vital 200S Vs Core 400S – Real Comparison (+Video)

In this article, I will compare two mighty air purifiers from Levoit’s Vital and Core series: the Levoit Core 400S and Vital 200S. Levoit favors its Core series a bit more, which is why there are more devices in Core than in the Vital series.

Levoit Vital 200S Vs Levoit Core 400S - Hands-on Comparison
Photo: Airpurifierfirst.com / Milan Antonic

However, things changed a bit with the introduction of the new Levoit Vital 200S. This outstanding air purifier boasts high-quality filtration technology and a very good price, making it highly competitive. Additionally, its rectangular design distinguishes it visually from any device in the Core series.

Both the Levoit Vital 200S and Core 400S use a three-stage filtration technology, including a pre-filter, a True HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. There is, however, one slight difference: the Vital 200S has a mesh pre-filter that is washable and doesn’t require replacement, only periodic cleaning. This feature makes it ideal for households with pets. Importantly, neither of these models produces ozone, and both are 100% safe to use.

If you’re contemplating which one to use for different room sizes, the good news is that they cover nearly identical room sizes: 380 sq. ft. for the Vital 200S and 403 sq. ft. for the Core 400S. Thus, we can conclude that both are designed for medium-sized rooms.

It’s also worth mentioning that these air purifiers come with plenty of advanced features, such as an air quality sensor, air quality indicator, auto mode, and a smart app. I’ve compared their specifications and features in the table below, which I strongly recommend reading.


Levoit Vital 200S Air Purifier Levoit Core 400S Air Purifier
Manufacturer Levoit Levoit
Model Vital 200S Core 400S
Dimensions 15.6 x 8.5 x 19.8 inches (39,6 x 21,7 x 50,2 cm) 10.8 x 10.8 x 20.5 inches (27,4 x 27,4 x 52 cm)
Room Coverage 380 sq. ft. (35 m²) 403 sq. ft. (37 m²)
Performance Ratings
Filtration Technology Pre-filter, True HEPA Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter Pre-filter, True HEPA Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter
Filter Replacement Indicator Yes Yes
Filter Longevity about 12 months up to 12 months
Power 50W 38W (24W European Model)
Operating Costs Ratings
Working Modes 5 – Sleep Mode, Low, Medium, High, and Turbo 5 – Sleep Mode, Low Mode, Medium Mode, High Mode, and Turbo Mode
Air Quality Sensor Yes Yes
Air Quality Indicator Yes Yes
Auto Mode Yes Yes
Smart App Yes Yes
Voice Control Yes Yes
Noise Levels 41.0 – 62.2 dBA 42.1 – 59.9 dBA
Noise Ratings
Warranty 2-year 2-year
In-Depth Review Levoit Vital 200S Levoit Core 400S
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon
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Levoit Vital 200S Vs Levoit Core 400S – Video Comparison

Which One Does It Better?

As a huge fan of Levoit air purifiers, I’ve rigorously tested almost every model they offer and strive to evaluate each new release. The Core 400S stands out as one of the best air purifiers I’ve tried so far. It has all the features an air purifier should have and more.

However, its rival in this comparison, the Vital 200S, is equally impressive, delivering exceptional performance, has plenty of features, and is available at an attractive price. It also has a slightly better filter with the addition of a washable pre-filter, which, in combination with all the other mentioned features, makes the Levoti Vital 200S a better buying option than the Core 400S.

The Levoit Core 400S is also a fantastic air purifier, and you won’t go wrong if you choose it instead.

If you have questions about these two air purifiers, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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