5 Best Dyson Air Purifiers – Premium-Grade Filtration (2023)

Dyson is a highly respected company that has brought many innovations to the air purifier market. Stylish and sleek design, outstanding performance, advanced features, and excellent filtration technology characterize Dyson’s devices.

Best Dyson Air Purifiers - Top Picks
Dyson is a premium brand of air purifiers.

Innovative Air Multiplier technology and attractive yet functional design make Dyson’s air purifiers unique compared to the competition. Additionally, it offers various models with innovative features, allowing potential buyers to choose the one that best suits their needs: high-humidity places, cold areas, etc.

Dyson has smartly combined air purifiers with heaters, humidifiers, and fans, making a range of high-quality 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 devices. While this is impressive, it can also make it challenging for first-time air purifier buyers to decide which Dyson product to purchase.

That’s why I created this comprehensive guide in which, above everything else, I picked up the best Dyson air purifiers in every category. So, please keep reading to find out my recommendation!

Here’s a Summary of The 5 Best Dyson Air Purifiers!

  • Dyson TP02 – The best price-value Dyson air purifier. It uses 2-stage filtration technology, has plenty of advanced features, and covers rooms of about 110 sq. ft.
  • Dyson TP09 – The best Dyson air purifier for VOCs. It has an innovative formaldehyde sensor, uses a high-quality HEPA filter, and has plenty of features.
  • Dyson BP04 – The latest air purifier from Dyson, equipped with all the latest innovations. It covers large rooms, uses outstanding filtration technology, and is the premium choice.
  • Dyson HP07 – This is an outstanding air purifier with high-quality filtration technology with the addition of a space heater feature. Ideal solution for cold winter days!
  • Dyson PH04 – This air purifier and humidifier is another innovative air purifier from Dyson. It uses high-quality filtration technology, has a 5l water tank, and is equipped with plenty of advanced features.

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Top 5 Dyson Air Purifiers

What is interesting about the Dyson company is that it doesn’t rely on CADR ratings; instead, it uses the POLAR rating system, a rating system created by Dyson.

Innovative design with improved airflow is also something that sets Dyson air purifiers apart from other brands on the market. But all this comes with a higher price tag than we expected.

I analyzed all Dyson air purifiers and created a list of the top five you can buy for every specific situation. Please check the list below to determine which one suits your needs best.

Dyson TP02 – Best Overall

The Dyson TP02 is an exceptionally impressive air purifier and represents the best price-to-value ratio that Dyson, in my opinion, has ever offered. According to CADR ratings, it is designed for small rooms, covering approximately 110 sq. ft. (10 m²), which is in the industry standard of 4.8 air changes per hour.

Best Dyson Air Purifiers - Dyson TP02 Pure Cool Link
Dyson TP02.

I personally always rely on CADR ratings, as they are a well-known industry standard used by hundreds of air purifier brands.

The Dyson TP02 uses a two-stage filtration technology, including a HEPA Glass filter and an activated carbon filter. These high-quality filters were proven in a performance test where this Dyson improved the air quality by about 92% in just 60 minutes in a 194 sq. ft. room.

Another interesting feature of this model is oscillation, which allows your Dyson to tilt left to right for up to 70 degrees, effectively spreading clean air throughout a larger part of the room.

This model offers ten fan speeds, includes an air quality sensor, can be controlled via the Dyson smart app, features an auto mode, works quietly, is energy-efficient, and overall represents the best Dyson air purifier you can purchase for the price. The Dyson TP02 is my absolute buying recommendation!

Filters HEPA Glass Filter and Activated Carbon Filter
Filters Longevity about 12 months
Coverage (4.8 ACH) 110 sq. ft.
Power Consumption 56W
Warranty 2-year

Dyson TP09 – Best For VOCs

The Dyson TP09 is one of Dyson’s latest air purifiers, characterized by its innovative formaldehyde sensor + filter combination. This makes it the ideal choice and the best Dyson air purifier for combating VOCs.

Dyson TP09 Air Purifier - Best Dyson Air Purifiers
Dyson TP09.

While it closely resembles the previously mentioned Dyson TP02, the TP09 features a more premium look and comes in new, more premium-like colors. It’s CADR-rated for rooms of 127 sq. ft. In such a room, it will clean the air 4.8 times in one hour. But, according to Dyson’s POLAR rating, this air purifier can effectively clean the air in rooms up to 27m².

The TP09 boasts many features, including ten fan speeds, an air quality sensor, auto mode, an air quality indicator, a smart app, and more. Notably, this model features a remarkable 350° oscillation, which is impressive. Additionally, its formaldehyde sensor effectively eliminates formaldehyde by 100%.

In addition to the formaldehyde filter, it also includes a HEPA filter, carbon filter, and a unique catalytic filter. The HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, which, along with the carbon filter, makes it effective for removing both airborne particles and VOCs.

I also like the possibility of changing the airflow direction with one press on the remote, which switches its direction between forward and backward.

In summary, a well-optimized motor, great performance, high-quality filters, and many innovative technologies are more than enough reasons for me to recommend the Dyson TP09 air purifier. Especially for VOCs, due to its innovative formaldehyde filter.

Filters HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Catalytic Filter, and Formaldehyde Filter
Filters Longevity about 12 months
Coverage (4.8 ACH) 127 sq. ft.
Coverage (POLAR) 27m²
Power Consumption 40W
Warranty 2-year

Dyson BP04 – Premium Choice

The Dyson BP04 represents the latest in Dyson technology. With this model, Dyson departed from its recognizable look and introduced a completely new design, albeit with some familiar principles.

Best Dyson Air Purifiers - Dyson BP04 Big and Quiet
Dyson BP04.

This model also features oscillation and the ability to tilt its head, giving users better control over the airflow direction. An interesting characteristic of this air purifier is its sub-name, “Big + Quiet,” which accurately reflects its key features. It is notably larger than the other Dyson models I’ve mentioned, designed to cover larger rooms, and includes the latest Dyson technologies. Additionally, it has hidden wheels at the bottom, making it easy to move from place to place.

The BP04 comes equipped with an exceptional H13 HEPA filter that can last for about 5 years. The longevity of this HEPA filter is truly remarkable and justifies the premium price of this device. It also includes the Dyson K-Carbon filter, which effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors, absorbs smoke, and eliminates VOCs, though it has a lifespan of approximately two years. Moreover, the Dyson BP04 Big + Quiet also detects and removes formaldehyde.

Based on my analysis and CADR data, this air purifier is designed for rooms of approximately 290 sq. ft. In such a room, it will clean the air 4.8 times per hour. 

I really like this air purifier, its characteristic design, outstanding filtration technology, and amazing features, and I think it justifies its price, which is why it is my top recommendation for purchase

Filters HEPA Filter, K-Carbon Filter, and Formaldehyde Filter
Filters Longevity about 5 years (HEPA), and about 2 years (carbon)
Coverage (4.8 ACH) 290 sq. ft.
Power Consumption /
Warranty 2-year

Dyson HP07 – Best Hot+Cool

Dyson holds the top position in the market for air purifier and heater combo products, and my personal favorite in this series is the Dyson HP07.

Best Dyson Air Purifiers - Dyson HP07 Hot and Cool
Dyson HP07.

It is available in both standard white/silver and my preferred black/nickel color combinations. The build quality of this product is exceptional, and it includes many advanced features. What sets it apart is its affordability compared to other Dyson air purifiers and the backward airflow mode, which is highly practical from a design perspective.

According to Dyson’s POLAR rating system, this air purifier is suitable for rooms of approximately 27m².

The HP07 features an oscillation function, allowing it to tilt by 350 degrees. Its two-stage filtration technology includes a HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns and a carbon filter for neutralizing unpleasant odors and VOCs.

This air purifier also includes a heating feature, allowing you to use it during the winter to purify and warm your room simultaneously. This combination is particularly beneficial in colder regions. The HP07 comes equipped with standard features such as a remote controller, a smart app, an air quality sensor, an air quality indicator, and an auto mode.

In conclusion, the Dyson HP07 is an exceptional air purifier, featuring a proven 2-in-1 filtration technology and an innovative air cleaning and heating combination. I recommend the Dyson HP07 to anyone seeking an air purifier and heater combo.

Filters HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter
Filters Longevity about 12 months
Coverage (POLAR) 27m²
Power Consumption 40W
Power Consumption (Heater Mode) 1500W
Warranty 2-year

Dyson PH04 – Best Humidity+Cool

A humidifier and air purifier combo represents another innovative offering in Dyson’s air purifier lineup. It combines the functionality of cleaning the air while maintaining optimal humidity levels in the room.

Best Dyson Air Purifiers - Dyson PH04 Humidifier and Air Purifier
Dyson PH04.

The Dyson PH04 is remarkable not only for being an air purifier and humidifier combo but also for using the latest technologies from Dyson. It includes Dyson’s formaldehyde sensor and filter, designed to eliminate formaldehyde from the air completely.

This Dyson PH04 uses a 360 Combi Glass HEPA + Carbon filter combination, with the addition of a formaldehyde filter, which is permanent. Its HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns in size.

With a water tank capacity of approximately 5 litters, the air purifier can humidify the air for about 36 hours, a notably longer duration than some standalone humidifiers I’ve tried (I actually use some in my home during winter days). Additionally, I really like that the PH04 is equipped with a UV-C light that continuously kills bacteria in the water.

This is a significant piece of technology that not only purifies the air in your home but also maintains the ideal humidity levels when needed. The Dyson PH04 Humidity+Cool is my top recommendation for purchase.

Filters HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and Formaldehyde Filter
Filters Longevity about 12 months
Water Tank 5 litters
Warranty 2-year
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Why doesn’t Dyson use CADR?

Honestly, I don’t appreciate that Dyson doesn’t adhere to the commonly accepted standard for determining the room coverage of an air purifier. Specifically, due to Dyson’s innovative Air Multiplier technology, they claim that their air purifiers generate higher airflow with less power, which is why they strictly avoid using CADR ratings.

However, some Dyson air purifiers are Energy Star rated, which means they do have CADR ratings. These devices show much lower room coverage than what Dyson claims, which may be the reason Dyson doesn’t use CADR ratings.

Instead of the CADR, some of the Dyson air purifiers are POLAR-rated, which is a testing method that represents real-life usage. Dyson invented it. The POLAR rating reflects real-life usage scenarios and involves placing the air purifier in an 81m³ room, positioning it in a corner, and measuring its performance with nine sensors.

FAQ on Dyson Air Purifiers

Are Dyson air purifiers worth the money?

Yes, they are! Dyson produces high-quality air purifiers with many features and outstanding filtration technologies. Dyson’s HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, while its carbon filter effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors. 

Additionally, its formaldehyde filter tracks and removes formaldehyde from the air, enhancing its VOC performance even further.

What is the best Dyson air purifier?

I’ve chosen the Dyson TP02 as the best air purifier currently available on the market, considering the price-to-value ratio. However, for the full experience of new technologies and premium quality, I would recommend the Dyson TP09.

What is the warranty for Dyson air purifiers?

Typically, Dyson air purifiers come with a two-year warranty.

Do Dyson air purifiers produce ozone?

No, Dyson air purifiers don’t produce ozone; they are CARB-certified, which means they are 100% safe to use.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dyson manufactures premium, albeit somewhat pricey, but also high-quality air purifiers that may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with limited budgets.

In this guide, I’ve presented the top five Dyson air purifiers currently available on the market. I’ve organized them and provided explanations for each one.

In my opinion, the Dyson TP02 offers the best price-to-value ratio among Dyson’s air purifiers currently on the market. However, I also highly recommend the Dyson TP09, a premium air purifier equipped with the latest technology from Dyson.

If you have any questions about these Dyson models, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below, and I will respond to all further inquiries as soon as possible.

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