Using an Air Purifier to Get Rid of Pet Odors

Many folks have pets, and they love to keep them in-house. Pet owners are bonded with their pet, and many of those pets are even sleeping in the same bed. But nobody likes pet dander and pet odor. Especially if you have cats, male cats that like to pee in various places. That cat litter is an awful thing, and it smells horrible. Everyone who visits your home will feel it and ask you what that smell is. And then you need to lie because if you say it is a cat litter, people will never again come to your home.
Using An Air Purifier To Get Rid Of Pet Odors

But thanks to the technology and hard cleaning work you can completely remove all pet odors and other pet allergens from the room. You will need to buy an air purifier and clean the area that smells bad.

Clean the Pet Area

You need to clean area in which your pet is hanging. You need to use detergent and make sure that everything is wiped clean. Check the area where the pet sleeps and most common hanging places. There is a high chance that pet has released some of their liquids just to mark the territory.

Turn on Air Purifier

Turn on air purifier after you clean the area with a clean rag. An air purifier will remove all bad smells and pet dander from the room. You can set an air purifier to work automatically, and it will turn on every time the air quality drops. Or you can turn it on by yourself. For rooms that are habitat by the pet, I prefer manual mode. Manual mode is useful because your air purifier will not work at maximum capacity after you wipe the area with a clean rag and remove most of the pet liquids, dander and by that eliminate the odor from the air. After that is done, an air purifier will just remove the particles that were unable to be removed by the simple rag cleaning.

Not all Air Purifiers are the Same

For your health and the health of your pet, you need to avoid ionization or so-called ozonators at all cost. They work great at removing viruses, bacteria, pet odor and all other smells, but they are creating ozone. Ozone in high levels is hazardous to living beings. By using ozonator, you can even kill your pet, especially if you have a small dog, because for him even the tiny rise in the ozone level of the room may be lethal.

Look for the air purifier with a pre activated carbon filter. The carbon filter is an amazing filter that can remove all odors, gas, and smoke. And what is most important it is not creating any hazardous element for you nor your pet. If the pet odor in the room is really strong, you will need to look for an air purifier with a large carbon filter.

Pets Can Cause Allergies

Many people are allergic to pets. Pets in the house may trigger massive allergic reactions to some people because the allergen levels in the air can get to an extremely high concentration. If you don’t clean the room regularly and you don’t have an air purifier you may be getting sick without even knowing it. Make sure you open windows daily, clean the place often and use an air purifier.


Cat litter smells bad, and you can only remove that smell with an air purifier. No matter how hard you wipe the place with the detergent, once the cat litter gets in the air, only an air purifier may remove it. Every pet owner that lives with their pet in the same apartment needs to have an air purifier. The air purifier will make certain air quality in the room stays at the highest possible quality level, and pet allergens will be removed from the room automatically. With an air purifier, you will never get pet allergens in the room to the high level which may trigger allergic reactions in the people that were never allergic to pets before. When buying an air purifier keep an eye on carbon filter and avoid ozonators at all cost.

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