Levoit Core 400S Vs Core 600S – Not So Different? (2023)

Today on the list is a comparison of two siblings from the Levoit Core series. I am talking about the Levoit Core 400S and its larger sibling, the Levoit Core 600S. These two extraordinary air purifiers have many things in common: both use a three-stage filtration technology, have plenty of advanced features, and are top-class when considering the whole air purifiers market.

Levoit Core 400S Vs Levoit Core e 600S - Comparison

The Levoit Core 400S is suitable for rooms of up to 403 sq. ft., which makes it ideal for living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and similar. On the contrary, the Levoit Core 600S covers much larger rooms, an incredible 635 sq. ft. So, I suggest using it in larger rooms such as living rooms, kitchens, open spaces, and similar spaces.

As for the advanced features, they both work with the VeSync smart app and have an AirSight Plus air quality sensor, auto mode, air quality indicator, and many more features.

The Core 600S is an overall larger device, but it’s not much heavier than the Core 400S. Both have handles on the sides, are made of good plastic quality, and are well-crafted air purifiers.

I have compared their specifications, performance, noise levels, operating costs, and all the characteristics in detail. If you scroll down a bit more, you will notice a specifications table that shows everything you need to know about these air purifiers.

Specs: Levoit Core 400S Vs Core 600S

Product ImageLevoit Core 400SLevoit Core 600S
ModelCore 400SCore 600S
Dimensions (inches / cm)10.8 x 10.8 x 20.5 inches (27.4 x 27.4 x 52 cm)12.3 x 12.3 x 23.6 inches (31.3 x 31.3 x 60 cm)
Weight (pounds / kg)-13.7 lb (6.2 kg)
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)-Dust: 373 CFM | Smoke: 377 CFM | Pollen: 437 CFM
Coverage (4.8 ACH) 403 sq. ft. (37 m²)635 sq. ft. (59 m²)
Performance Ratings
Filtration TechnologyPre-filter, True HEPA Filter, and Activated Carbon FilterPre-filter, True HEPA Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter
Filter Replacement IndicatorYesYes
Filter Lifeup to 12 monthsup to 12 months
Power Consumption 38W (24W European Model)49W
Operating Costs Ratings
Number of Fan Speeds5 – Sleep Mode, Low Mode, Medium Mode, High Mode, and Turbo Mode5 – Sleep Mode, Low Mode, Medium Mode, High Mode, and Turbo Mode
Air Quality Sensor YesYes
Air Quality IndicatorYesYes
Auto Mode YesYes
Smart App YesYes
Voice Control YesYes
Other FeaturesN/AN/A
Noise Level (low – high)42.1 – 59.9 dBA43.9 – 68.5 dBA
Noise Ratings
In-Depth ReviewLevoit Core 400SLevoit Core 600S
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Features Overview

Like many other Levoit air purifiers, Core 400S and Core 600S have a lot of advanced features, with a majority of them equally available on both devices. Let’s get into details together.

Control Panel

The Levoit company has made it easier for its users to handle these two and many other air purifiers. A vast majority have pretty much the same Control panel layout. There is a slight difference between the Core 400S and Core 600S, whereas I give a slight advantage to the upgraded look of the Core 400S. The reason is that sometimes the silver color of the panel distracts you from seeing the buttons you want to press. 

Levoit Core 400S Vs Levoit Core 600S - Controls
These air purifiers have controls located on the top.

Both appliances have the PM2.5 particle amount displayed on their control panels, which I find a great feature. However, since both are connectable to the Smart App, you can monitor and control all the features straight through the app without bothering of doing it manually across the panel. 

Air Quality Sensor and Indicator

One of the great features that the Levoit Core 400S and 600S have in common is the AirSight Plus laser particle sensor, located on the back side of the appliances. A very precise technology measures the real-time quantity of PM2.5 particles and displays it on top of the device across the Control Panel. That is one way you can monitor the level of pollution.

Along with the sensor comes the air quality indicator, which is also located on top of both devices. Depending on the air quality measured by the sensor, the indicator will light up in color blue, green, orange, and red. 

Since both Core 400S and 600S have smart app connectivity, you can monitor the air quality at any time by using the VeSync app, which we will discuss later on. 

Auto Mode

As expected, both Levoit air purifiers have the Auto Mode feature. A combination of the AirSight Plus sensor and the Auto Mode will get the best results from your air purifier, following the real-time air quality and pollution. 

You can set the Auto mode manually through the control board, but you can also use the Smart app. This way you can be more precise about what you demand from your air purifier. 

This is the part where Levoit Core 400S and Core 600S differ, in a way. With the use of the VeSync App, the Auto mode of the Core 400S can be set to silent or efficient mode, whereas the Core 600S gets the extra ECO mode. 

Perhaps you can figure out the purpose of each of these modes, so I won’t go into details, which you can find in the individual reviews. 

The only thing you cannot combine is the Auto mode with the Turbo mode, which is quite logical, would you agree? 

Sleep Mode

Sometimes air purifiers come with the Sleep mode as their lowest/first fan speed, but this is not the case. Both Core 400S and Core 600S have the Sleep mode as a fan speed that runs independently. But the most important thing is both appliances are surprisingly quiet when set to this mode. 

If you prefer to use your air purifier in the bedroom while you sleep then these two air purifiers will not disappoint you. Not only do they run as silently as possible, but also without a single indicator ON.  

Light Sensor (600S)

Having a Light sensor, so far, has been a privilege for several air purifiers I have tested. Levoit Core 600S is one of them. To be able to use it, you must activate this option through the VeSync app. As the name says, this sensor is light-sensitive. It means that once you turn it on, it will automatically start to evaluate the amount of light in the room. If the room is entirely dark, the sensor will activate the display-off option and dim all other indicators on the device. 

Once you turn the lights back ON, the air purifier returns to its previous setting. 


No matter how proficient you are at multitasking sometimes you really need a little help. This built-in feature allows you to set the appliance’s working hours between 1-12h, after which it shuts off. Both, the Core 400S and Core 600S have this option. You can set the time within this range by using the button on the Control panel, but through the VeSync smart app too. That way you can adjust the Timer between 1-24h. This option works for both Levoit appliances.  

VeSync App

The VeSync Smart app is available for Android and iOS devices, which means you can use voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Levoit Core 400S and Levoit Core 600S are connectable to the VeSync app, which is a big deal, trust me. You see, this app is more than a simple remote controller. So far it has been upgraded so it provides loads of information. Most of the information is only available through the app, without being displayed on the control panel.

Filter Reset Indicator

Having a Filter reset indicator means one less thing to worry about. Once the filter wears out, this indicator will let you know. You can find this option available on the control panel, or you can monitor it through the Smart app too. It will give you a detailed percentage value.

Lock Screen

Locking the display of your air purifier may seem like an unnecessary thing to do, but trust me, you will need it eventually. If you have a furry pet, a noisy friend, or a curious child this is the best way to protect your air purifier from inevitable maneuvers. Just a simple 3-second button press activates this option, and your Core 400S or Core 600S will be in the ‘’off-zone’’. The same procedure stands for turning off this feature. 

Screen Off

Having a Screen or Display Off option can be helpful if you intend to use your air purifier in the bedroom. What this option offers is the ability to dim all the indicators except the Filter Reset Indicator and all the lights on your device. This way nothing will disturb your sleep. 

However, since both Levoit devices, Core 400S and Core 600S, have the Sleep mode feature, you can easily use that instead of the Screen off option. 


Belonging to the same air purifier family doesn’t necessarily mean appliances should share the same shape. Still, Levoit made sure that the filter shape, along with airflow, remains pretty much the same. While motors in both Core 400S and Core 600S are in the upper part, the bottom part of the appliances is where the air inlets are located. They are spread all along Core 400S and all four sides of Core 600S. Once the air runs through filters, it gets released on the upperside grills. 


Like most Levoit appliances, you will be covered with a 2-year warranty, providing you register on the Levoit website straight after purchase. Though, you may think you need more coverage, rest assured that both Core 400S and Core 600S have passed the durability and reliability tests many times before. Simply said, this is the company you can trust in terms of customer relations.

Levoit Core 400S Vs Levoit Core 600S – Video Comparison

Levoit Core 400S Vs Levoit Core 300 Levoit Core 600S Vs Winix 5500-2 Related comparisons

Filtration Technology

As you can see for yourself, the Levoit Core 400S and Core 600S have almost the same shape, with Core 400S being just a little more roundish. Filters within are also cylindrical, hollow in the middle, and positioned at the bottom part of the appliance.

It is a 3-in-1 filtration technology within both air purifiers, consisting of a Pre-filter, a True HEPA filter, and an Activated carbon filter. The most important thing I must point out is that both appliances are ozone-free, which makes them safe for the environment. 

Levoit Core 400S Vs Levoit Core 600S - Filtration Technology
Levoit Core 400S Vs Core 600S filtration technology comparison.

Another relevant thing to know is that none of the filters in both 400S or 600S is washable, so don’t try to clean them with water. 


As the first line of defense, a pre-filter captures the largest particles such as dust, lint, fiber, pet hair, and pet dander. This way a True HEPA filter is safe from all the grand pollutants in the air we inhale. It is a great way to prolong the life of other filters in line. 

As I already said, you must not wash the pre-filter, but you do need to keep it clean. Simple vacuuming or wiping with a wet cloth will do the work, and you can repeat it every two to four weeks or even more often if you feel the need. 

True HEPA filter

A True HEPA filter is the coolest of them all and gets most of the credit for outstanding performances of both Core 400S and Core 600S. By removing at least 99.97% of airborne particles of 0.3 microns (µm) such as fine dust, smoke particles, pollen, and pet dander, this filter is the essence of every highly-ranked air purifier. 

Activated Carbon filter 

To have a good activated carbon filter is to have odor-free air. If you or your guests like to smoke, or you are an enthusiast in cooking, but the odors bother you big time, this filter will help you. The same stands for pet odors. 

Since both air purifiers are a part of the Levoit family, they both share the same exclusive ARC Formula™, a customized yet, effective formula for neutralizing cooking and pet odors by preventing oversaturation of the activated carbon filter. 

How to replace filters on both of these devices?

First of all, both Core 400S and Core 600S have filter reset indicators, which puts you one step ahead of time. When the replacement time comes, you will be notified by this indicator, and the rest is up to you. As far as the Core 600S it will take between 6 to 12 months before the filter needs a replacement. Mostly depends on how often you use it and how well you maintain it. The same thing stands for Core 400S, which will give you more time since it can last up to 12 months

How to replace Levoit Core 400S filter? How to replace Levoit Core 600S filter? Filter replacement

However, don’t let this information stop you from regularly cleaning the pre-filter. Trust me, regular vacuuming and wiping with a wet cloth will keep your appliance longer effective. 

Performance Tests 

According to the Levoit manufacturer, the Core 400S version can cover up to 403 sq. ft. room, while its sibling can do better with a 635 sq. ft. coverage. As expected, given the mere proportions of two appliances. This was one of the reasons I decided to take three tests in differently-sized rooms/areas. 

Levoit Core 400S Vs Levoit Core 600S - Comparison
I used a special tool to measure these air purifiers’ performance.

Here is what the Turbo mode can do in a 60-minute test. 

320 sq. ft. Room Test

Since the tested area is half the size of what the Core 600S can cover, I decided to test only the Core 400S. I can’t say that 96% of the air quality improved caught me by surprise, but it’s nice to see a Levoit product living up to its promises. 

560 sq. ft. Room Test

Having both air purifiers tested in this room size was sort of an attempt at a real competition, but I knew that the Core 400S would be blown away by its opponent, the Core 600S. Levoit Core 600S managed to improve the air quality by 96%, as expected. Still, the Core 400S did not disappoint me with a 91% air improvement rate, which is a good result for a 38W motor. 

Air Quality Improvement In 560 sq. ft. Room
Levoit Core 400S
Levoit Core 600S
0% 100%

560 sq. ft. Room

* Data measuring time is 60 minutes.

730 sq. ft. Room Test

I also wanted to push the boundaries of the Core 600S, so I had it tested in a 730 sq. ft. room size. The final result was more than satisfying, with a 93% improvement rate

Honestly, both air purifiers have not only proved their efficiency, but also the good reputation of the manufacturer. Each one acted out the best it could according to the specifications. I will call it a tie without remorse. 

Noise Tests

To begin with, both Levoit air purifiers have the same number and type of fan speeds. There are three regular speeds, along with the Sleep and the Turbo mode. This is always a great deal, meaning you can adjust your device however you want at the moment. 

Let’s begin with the Sleep mode, where I rule in favor of the Core 400S because it does produce 42.1 dBA. By far noticeably less noise than its opponent, the Core 600S, with 43.9 dBA. Even though it is bearable, I find the Sleep mode should be quieter than this. On the other hand, while purifying at top speed, I was overwhelmed by the noise that Core 600S produces, knowing that top speed always gives the highest airflow. With a 68.5 dBA, it was way louder than the Core 400S, which had 59.9 dBA. 

Product Noise Range (dBA)
Levoit Core 400S 42.1 – 59.9 dBA
Levoit Core 600S 43.9 – 68.5 dBA

Overall, the Levoit Core 400S had me in this test for more than obvious reasons. Not only was it more silent while on Sleep and Turbo mode, but also while on the rest three-speed levels.   

Operation Costs

Regarding the product price, there is an evident difference between these two products, whereas Levoit Core 400S comes with a lower initial price. Let’s say the real-time filter replacement takes part once a year. The Core 400S will surely cost you less. 

As for the operating costs, the real expense is mainly proportional to the power of each air purifier. So, if you leave Core 400S with a 38W motor working 24h, for a whole month, at top speed level, you will end up with a $3 bill. But, since the Core 600S has a 49W motor to operate, the final bill will be around $4.20

Product Wattage Range (W)
Levoit Core 400S 0.9 – 35W
Levoit Core 600S 1.2 – 48.2W

Overall, these two products are truly affordable versions of home appliances. Still, the Core 400S is a more affordable one because the power it uses on every speed level is quite noticeable. Especially as the speed rises.

Which One Does It Better?

I must admit, this is one of the most challenging comparisons I have had in the past few months. Not only these two made extraordinary performances, but they were also outstanding in all other aspects.

But the winner is only one!

In my opinion, the Levoit Core 400S would be a better buying option. That is because it is slightly more affordable for maintenance and purchase and works slightly quieter, at least on sleep and turbo modes. Let’s say I would go with the Core 400S if you need an air purifier for a regular daily purpose in offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and similar rooms. And I would go with the Core 600S only if you need an air purifier for large rooms, where you need a much larger device, such as this Core 600S.

Please comment in the comment box below if you have questions about these two air purifiers.

10 responses to “Levoit Core 400S Vs Core 600S – Not So Different? (2023)”

  1. Dave

    I’ve heard about a high pitched whine/noise with the 400 at lowest speed – did you notice this at all?

  2. Erdinger

    Hi Milan,
    I am going to buy one of them however I found 600 version uses “high efficiency” active carbon filter. Right?

    • Milan Antonic

      These two use identical filtration technology, with one slight difference: a bit larger filter on the Core 600S.

  3. Christy

    We are awaiting the delivery of our Levoit 400S Plasma today and this morning my husband and I were debating if 600S would be better. It is a larger space so we are leaning towards 600S, but my question is about the plasma technology- do you know much about it- would it be worth it? I searched your site/videos but didn’t find anything on the Levoit plasma technology. Thanks! 🙂

    • Milan Antonic

      The Plasma Technology releases negative and positive ions that bind with airborne contaminants and break them down. However, Plasma Technology produces small amounts of ozone as a byproduct, which is why some people avoid this or similar technologies. The good thing is that the Levoit Core 400S PlasmPro is CARB certified, meaning it produces ozone in allowed amounts and shouldn’t be harmful to users.

      Personally, I would go with an air purifier without Plasma technology because a high-quality True HEPA filter, such as the one Levoit uses, will be enough to remove all harmful particles found inside the home.

  4. Luke Lesyshen

    Good morning.
    My son has moved his bedroom to the basement – the basement is divided into 2 rooms…his room and the utility room. The entire basement is about 1,200 square feet and his bedroom is half of that. Which purifier would you recommend – 400 or 600?
    Any advice would be helpful.
    Thank you,

    • Milan Antonic

      I would choose the Core 600S since it has a much larger airflow. It should easily handle a 600 sq. ft. bedroom.

  5. CH

    I currently have both the Levoit 400S and 600S in my condo. My condo is about 1200sqft with approx 600sqft open concept with a cathedral ceiling. My bedroom is right off of the living area and is about 250sqft with 8ft ceiling. Could I get away with ONLY using the 600S on auto in the main living area and it benefiting the bedroom as well?

    • Milan Antonic

      In my opinion, it would be best if you keep both air purifiers. However, you can do some tests to see if just the Levoit Core 600S can effectively deal with the air pollution in your place. So, try using only the Core 600S for a few days while constantly checking if it works.

      The only potential problem I see here is the larger condo and cathedral ceiling, but if your place isn’t overly polluted, then just one air purifier might work.

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