TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier For Small Rooms – Review (2023)

TruSens is an exciting brand on the market whose products are characterized by their elegance and unusual design. In this review, I will touch upon the smallest TruSens model, the TruSens Z-1000 air purifier.

The TruSens Z-1000 is a small air purifier designed for rooms up to 250 sq. ft. It is equipped with PureDirect technology and uses a DuPont HEPA-type filter.

TruSens sells air purifiers on the global market. The extent of their coverage is fantastic. You will understand that as soon as you open the user manual, which is translated into no less than 25 languages. Because of that, it would be a shame not to review this TruSens air purifier.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier - Review

The Z-1000 is a competitor to many currently popular air purifiers in a similar or even more expensive price range, of which I would highlight brands such as Xiaomi, Levoit, and Phillips. Each of these brands has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is safe to say that I am excited to compare the TruSens with the brands mentioned above.

As features of this model, I would highlight the 360-degree air inlet, the device’s easy control, and the UV-C light.

Although I am impressed by the elegance of the TruSens Z-1000 air purifier, there are still some little things that make this model not always my choice for daily use. Find out what the shortcomings are and what are the advantages of this model in this review.

Short on Time? Here’s My Short Summary of The TruSens Z-1000!

  • The TruSens Z-1000 is an air purifier designed for rooms up to 250 sq. ft.
  • The Z-1000 uses a 3-stage filtration system consisting of a carbon pre-filter, HEPA filter, and UV-C light.
  • Elegant and high-end design with superior craftsmanship.
  • A minimalistic device without additional elegant features.
  • This model has a 2 years warranty.


See the specifications of the TruSens Z-1000 air purifier in the table below.

Manufacturer TruSens
Model ‎Z-1000
Dimensions 7.7 x 7.7 x 17.9 inches
Filters Carbon Pre-filter, HEPA Filter and UV-C Light
Filter Longevity 12-15 months
Coverage 250 sq. ft.
Power Consumption 40W
Warranty 2-year
User manual PDF

Installation and Setup

TruSens comes fully packaged, and specific preparations must be made before the first start-up. All you need to do is open the cover on the bottom of the unit, remove the filter and unpack it. Then return the filter to the device and close the lid.

I recommend that the TruSens be placed at least 15 inches away from walls or other objects. Once you have set it where you want it, turn it on and start enjoying the fresh air.


TruSens Z-1000 is round in shape, with the filter at the bottom and the motor at the top. The device is almost identical to many competing air purifiers in this price range, but with some unique details such as the carrying handle, which is phenomenally designed.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier - Aesthetics

TruSens is designed for your lifestyle. The focus is to use an air purifier that is beautifully designed, easy to use, and valuable for your living space. Trust TruSens and enjoy clean air. The Z-1000 is available in white or dark grey. The model I used for this test is white, except for the grilles on the top, which are black, and the control panel, which is grey.

The build quality of this TruSens model is of the highest standard, and I have no complaints about this. In addition, the plastic is of excellent quality, and I am simply amazed that an air purifier in this price range can be of this quality. The power cord is almost 6 feet long, which is a standard length and not significantly different from the competition.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier - Carrying Handle

This lightweight air purifier with a premium design easily fits into any ambiance.

Device Control

The control panel of the Leitz TruSens Z-1000 is located at the top. The control panel has buttons for operating the device and all the necessary indicators. As this model does not have many additional options, the number of buttons and indicators on the panel is small.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier - Control Panel

On the control panel, you can see the “Power button,” which is used to switch the device on or off. The “Fan speed” button is used to switch the fan speed. It is possible to select speed 1, speed 2, and Turbo mode. There is also a “UV” button that switches the UV-C light on or off. In addition to the above buttons, another button is only visible when it is time to change the filter. This is the “Reset” button, the purpose of which is to reset the filter reset indicators.

The indicators on this model are the indicators that show the current operating mode, which are 1, 2, or Turbo, the UV light indicator, and also the filter change time indicator, namely the HEPA indicator and the carbon indicator. The buttons are touch-sensitive, accessible, and very well arranged, making the device easy to operate.

Airflow (PureDirect technology)

The PureDirect proprietary technology splits the cleaner air into two streams, allowing the purified air to be conveniently and efficiently distributed throughout the room.

The TruSens Z-1000 filters are located on the bottom, and the filters are 360 degrees, meaning the unit draws in air from all sides. After filtering, the filtered air exits through the vents on the top of the device split into two parts by PureDirect technology.

Size and Dimensions

The air purifier weighs 7.7 lb (3,5 kg). Dimensions of the device are 11,02 x 10,83 x 21,46 inches. TruSens Z-1000 is a very lightweight air purifier and convenient to carry.

What’s in the box?

You get a Leitz TruSens Z-1000 air purifier, HEPA filter, and user manual when you buy the device. The packaging of the TruSens Z-1000 is entirely secure. The designers have thought of all the details, so you don’t have to worry whether the device will get damaged during transport.


Overall, the TruSens Z-1000 doesn’t have a lot of extra features, and in my opinion, it is a bit weak when it comes to features. Comparing the Z-1000 with other models in the TruSens series, such as the Z-2000 or Z-3000, I concluded that they have significantly more advanced options than this model.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier - Logo

The only features I would single out are the air quality sensor, the auto mode, and the air quality indicator. It is a pity that the Z-1000 is inferior to the other two models mentioned and doesn’t have these features.

In addition, another significant difference is that the Z-1000 uses a HEPA-type filter, whereas the other models in the series use a True HEPA filter. But let’s see what features are available in the Z-1000.

Filter Reset Indicator

A filter reset indicator is a great option and indispensable in air purifiers.

The need for this option is particularly pronounced with the TruSens Z-1000 because it requires different change times for HEPA and Carbon filters.

Therefore, TruSens uses two indicators: a HEPA indicator that informs you that the filter is worn out. The second is a Carbon indicator that tells you that the Carbon filter is worn out (usually changed more frequently). We have already seen a similar system with the Coway Mighty air purifier.

When the filter reset indicators appear, a “Reset” button appears below them, which is used to reset the filter’s life counter and is used immediately after new filters have been inserted into the unit.

UV-C light

TruSens Z-1000 uses UV-C light as the filtration rate. The UV-C light is attached to the device but is positioned so that it is in the center of the filter when the filter is inserted into the machine.

A direct stare at the light from the bulb in this device may damage the skin or eyes. Always disconnect the power supply before changing or servicing. Replace the bulb with UVLZ1000-01, manufactured by ACCO Brands. Since the UV-C light is surrounded by a filter, you do not have to worry that you may come into contact with the light and that it may harm you in any way.

It is important to note that the Z-1000 does not produce harmful ozone and is CARB certified.


Leitz offers a 2-year warranty on the TruSens Z-1000. The warranty is active from the date of purchase. No additional registration or login is required to activate the warranty.

Room coverage and CADR

TruSens Z-1000 is designed for rooms up to 250 sq. ft. In this room, TuSens will clean the air two times in 60 minutes. The CADR TruSens Z-1000 values are smoke 56 CFM (164m3/h) / dust 84 CFM (143m3/h) / pollen 96 CFM (164m3/h).

This CADR is somewhere in the middle when compared to models in a similar price range. For example, the Blueair 411 is a direct competitor to the TruSens Z-1000, but the CADR of Blueair 411 is slightly higher at smoke 105 CFM / dust 120 CFM / pollen 120 CFM.

Based on the recommended dimensions, the TruSens Z-1000 is best used in the living room, study, or even in the bedroom if the slightly higher noise at first speed is not a problem.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier Video Review

Leitz TruSens Z-1000 may not have a true HEPA filter, but the filtration technology used in this model is good enough to keep every home free from pollution. Learn all about the filtration process in this video review.

Filtration Technology

The TruSens Z-1000 air purifier uses a 3-stage filtration consisting of a carbon pre-filter, a DuPont HEPA filter, and UV-C light. The filter is cylindrical, with a hollow core through the center. Honestly, it’s a bit smaller than I expected. It is positioned at the bottom and proportionally takes up about 1/4 of the unit.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier - Filtration Technology

The Leitz TruSens Z-1000 does not have a true HEPA filter, but all other models in the TruSens series (Z-2000 and Z-3000) do.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier - Replacement Filter

TruSens Z-1000 Replacement Filter

Always buy genuine filters for the best performance. As soon as the filter reset indicator is on, you are ready to change filters. Do it as quickly as possible.

Check Filter Price On Amazon

The main differences between HEPA and True HEPA filters are the filtering efficiency. In general, HEPA-type filters have a 99% capture efficiency for particles as small as 2 microns. True HEPA filters have a better efficiency rate of 99.97% for particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The Z-1000 uses a safety check, so if you don’t close the filter cover, you won’t be able to turn the unit on.

Carbon Pre-filter

The first filtration stage is a carbon pre-filter that can trap large pollutants and remove odors, cooking smells, and smoke from the air.

The Z-1000 uses a carbon-coated fiber filter, which is not the best option. I think this is one of the reasons for the slightly lower performance in gas filtration. I would not recommend using the TruSens Z-1000 air purifier if your primary goal is to neutralize odors.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter is the third stage of filtration. The TruSens Z-1000 uses a HEPA type filter, which is inferior to the True HEPA filter.

DuPont 360-degree HEPA filtration captures contaminants such as airborne viruses, allergens, and some VOC gases. DuPont is a science company known for quality and innovative materials, and the DuPont filters in the TruSens air purifier are no exception.

The filtration system consists of a pre-filter that traps large allergens, a true HEPA filter that traps 0.3-micron or larger allergens, and a carbon filter that neutralizes odors. Each filter layer wraps around the drum for easy removal. The HEPA filter neutralizes particles such as dust, smoke, pollen, odor.

UV-C light

UV-C light is the final stage of filtration. Ultraviolet light (UV-C) kills germs and bacteria trapped in the filter. I like the position of the UV-C light because it makes it easier to kill germs from the air.

With UV sterilization, TruSens can kill 99.8% of dangerous germs and bacteria in the air. It also reduces the growth of odor-causing microbes on the filter surface. The UV-C light on the TruSens Z-1000 needs 3W, which is almost similar to the UV-C light on some other air purifiers I have tested, such as the GermGuardian AC4825 or FIWOTTTDA.

Very importantly, and I would like to mention again, the TruSens Z-1000 is CARB certified. It does not produce dangerous amounts of ozone, and it is allowed in California.

How do I replace the TruSens Z-1000 filter?

The lifetime of the TruSens Z-1000 filter is somewhat specific, especially as each filter on the device has a different lifetime. Specifically, the carbon pre-filter lasts on average between 3-4 months, the HEPA filter lasts on average between 12-15 months, and the UV-C light lasts 2-3 years.

The lifetime of the HEPA filter is mainly dependent on the maintenance of the device, so I recommend everyone to clean the carbon pre-filter with a vacuum cleaner at least once a month, as this extends the lifetime of the HEPA filter and keeps the quality of the filtration at the highest level at all times.

Total time: 5 minutes.

Step 1

The first step in replacing the carbon pre-filter and HEPA filter is to switch off the machine, fold it to the side and unscrew the cover from the bottom. Then, remove the old filters from the unit.

Unscrew the cover from the bottom

Step 2

After this, it would be good to vacuum the inside of the device and remove accumulated dust.

Vacuum the inside of the device

Step 3

The fourth step is to unpack, prepare and insert the new filter into the device.

The fourth step is to unpack, prepare and insert the new filter into the device

Step 4

The last step is to reset the filter reset indicators by pressing your finger for 3 seconds on the “Reset” button.

Reset the filter reset indicators
When changing the filter, first put the filter on the cover and then screw it.

Noise Test

TruSens Z-1000 is equipped with 3 fan speeds. In my opinion, the fact that there is no sleep mode and that it only has three speeds is a disadvantage, but in any case, it would have been much better if it had at least one more fan speed.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier - Noise Test

The lack of sleep mode means that the Z-1000 is not as quiet at the lowest speed as some other competing devices that do have a sleep mode. At its lowest speed, the Z-1000 produces 43.8 dBA of sound.

This model’s sound at first speed is not bad, and I believe many users will not find it disturbing.

However, Turbo Mode produces 64.4 dBA, which is much louder, so it is much more challenging to adjust to the device in this mode.

I’m not saying that TruSens is a loud device that this should be seen as a fault, but if you are planning to use an air purifier in your bedroom, I would recommend an air purifier such as the Levoit Core 300 or Hathaspace HSP001, which are much quieter and perform similarly or better than the Z-1000.

For a detailed overview of the noise levels produced by this model, please refer to the table below.

Speed Value (dBA)
Speed 1 43.8 dBA
Speed 2 51.2 dBA
Speed 3 64.4 dBA

Performance Tests

The Leitz TruSens Z-1000 is an air purifier designed for rooms up to 250 sq. ft.

The air purifier is equipped with a DuPont HEPA filter responsible for its excellent performance and PureDirect technology. This innovative technology splits the cleaner air into two streams that comfortably and efficiently radiate the purified air throughout the room.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier - Performance Test

To be honest, I didn’t expect the TruSens Z-1000 to perform well, mainly because it uses a HEPA-type filter. However, this model really surprised me and performed very well in all the tests. The only complaint I have is the poorer performance in eliminating odors, where this model somewhat failed.

Keep on reading and see how the TruSens Z-1000 performed in tests in two rooms of different sizes.

194 sq. ft. Room Test

In the first test, I conducted the test in a 194 sq. ft. room, which is slightly smaller than the recommended dimensions. TruSens gave excellent results.

# Starting Baseline After 60min
PM 2.5 99.7 6.7
PM 10 139.6 9.4
Particles 144622 9757
AQI 130 9

I placed the device in the room at maximum speed, left it running for 60 minutes. During this time, the Z-1000 improved the air quality in the room by an impressive 93% and reduced the AQI from 130 to 9.

320 sq. ft. Room Test

In the second test, I placed the TruSens in a room measuring 320 sq. ft., which is much larger than the recommended dimensions. It is important to note that the Z-1000 also coped with lousy air in this test. In just 60 minutes of operation at maximum speed, the TruSens Z-1000 improved air quality by approximately 91%. It reduced the AQI from 128 to 12.

# Starting Baseline After 60min
PM 2.5 97.9 9
PM 10 137.1 12.6
Particles 142070 13065
AQI 128 12

I was not expecting such a good result, and I can say that the Z-1000 positively surprised me. Whether the DuPont filter is responsible or the UV-C light is relevant, the most important thing is that the Z-1000 works ideally and drastically improves the air in your room.

Operating Costs

The TruSens Z-1000 is powered by a 40W motor, which is the optimum power for this device and does not differ much from other air purifiers with similar performance.

TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier - Motor

This model is not a big power consumer, so if you leave it running in Turbo mode, 24 hours a day, it will cost you only $3.6. I am sure you agree that this is not a lot.

I noticed a clear difference in energy consumption between speed 2 and Turbo mode, which consumes more than twice as much power as speed 2. There was room to install a second fan speed, which would have made it even easier to use this air purifier.

Speed Power Usage (W)
Stand-by 0.2W
Speed 1 9.4W
Speed 2 18.7W
Turbo Mode 41.2W

In addition to the electricity costs, there are also the costs of replacing the filters, which need to be replaced on average 1 year for the HEPA filter and every 3-4 months for the carbon pre-filter.

Although the cost of the filters is slightly higher because they do not need to be changed so often and because the Z-1000 is not very big on energy consumption, it can be said that this model is very affordable to maintain on an annual basis.

FAQ on TruSens Z-1000

Does the TruSens Z-1000 produce ozone?

TruSens air purifiers are equipped with UV-C light. This feature kills bacteria and viruses trapped in the air filter without creating harmful ozone levels and other adverse effects on your health.

What is the warranty on the TruSens Z-1000?

TruSens offers a 2-year warranty on this model.

Pros and Cons

To revise, here are the advantages and disadvantages of the TruSens Z-1000 air purifier:


  • Elegant and premium design
  • Advanced dual flow technology
  • Good value for money
  • UV-C light
  • Ozone-free, CARB approved
  • Effective in fighting pollen, and other allergens
  • Relatively good airflow for such a small air purifier
  • Filter reset indicator


  • No True HEPA filter
  • Not good at removing odors
  • It is a bit louder in Turbo mode

Final Thoughts

The Leitz TruSens Z-1000 is an exciting air purifier characterized by its sleek design, excellent performance, and affordable price. 360 HEPA filtration with DuPont filter, UV-C sterilization, convenient maintenance, and good performance are just some of the reasons why I would recommend buying this model.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Z-1000 is not the ideal choice for the bedroom or for neutralizing large amounts of odors. Still, it is perfect for almost all other situations.

Suppose you have any questions or suggestions about the TruSens Z-1000 or other air purifiers. In that case, you can leave a comment below or contact me by email.



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