Electricity Bill Calculator

This Power Consumption Calculator estimates the electricity costs of your devices based on their power consumption, electricity cost per kWh, and daily usage hours.

Power Consumption Calculator

Period Cost
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This calculator helps you estimate the electricity costs of your air purifier or any other device. By entering the power consumption (in watts), the cost of electricity (per kilowatt-hour), and the average hours of usage per day, you can see the estimated costs for running your device daily, monthly, and annually.

Why These Factors Matter

Power Consumption (W): This is the amount of electrical power the device uses. The higher the wattage, the more energy the device consumes.

Cost per kWh: This is the rate you are charged for electricity, typically provided by your utility company. The cost can vary based on location and provider. But you can also change this with the average energy price in the US.

Hours of Use per Day: This determines how long the device runs each day. Reducing usage time can significantly lower your energy bills.

Formula: Cost = (Power Consumption (W) / 1000) × Cost per kWh (in dollars) × Hours of Use per Day