How to test air quality in your home?

Outside air quality is already tested by government agencies and even some private agencies who monitor pollution in the air. Mostly these tests are done in industrial zones to keep the pollution at a somehow normal level. But you are wondering why would someone check air quality in a home. Air is essential, just like water. We now have regular water tests which keep our water fresh and clean; the same thing is going with the air. A long time ago water as well as air were clean and required no testings, but we are living in a highly polluted world, and everyone should have some concerns about the air around them.

How To Test Air Quality In Your Home

If you are a parent, then you know that air pollution is real and newborn babies all have respiratory problems. The only way to help these kids is to buy an air purifier and keep the pollution level of indoor air at a minimum. Better to prevent disease related to air pollution with devices than giving your kid medicine and risking the visit to doctors and/or even hospital.

Why Should You Check Indoor Air Quality?

Some of the reasons for checking air quality in a home are already mentioned, but there are many other reasons why you should check air quality. As well we have already talked about reasons to consider indoor air quality testing in one of our previous articles. Before all, you should read that article. But in general, people should check air quality in their home because of health. Breathing a fresh, clean air instead of polluted makes a vast difference in people’s health. Air quality is especially important among people who suffer from allergies or have some other respiratory problems, like asthma and bronchitis.

How to test home air quality?

For complete air quality testings, you would probably need to hire a professional agency who will then check the air for various things. But you can do some testings on your own and get a decent idea of how bad is the air you breathe.

Doing Air Quality Tests on Your Own

You can do the testings on your own. Some of the tests are just inspection of the house which will not cost you anything, but on the market, you can get various devices which can help you measure air quality in a home.

Get Air Quality Monitor

Air Quality monitor can help you with checking humidity for mold, temperature, chemical pollutants and most of the check for tiny particles in the air. You can get such a device for a few hundred dollars. But you should also consider getting the air purifier with air quality monitoring.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide is very dangerous especially if you have an open fireplace in a home. Carbon monoxide is unable to be detected by a person because it has no taste, no colors and no smell. The only way to test for carbon monoxide is to install carbon monoxide detectors in every room. That is the only way to make sure this dangerous gas is not present in your home. Every year in winter many people die because of the open fireplace in the house and high levels of carbon dioxide. People just get in sleep and never wake up. Because of that, every home should have carbon monoxide detectors.

Test for Radon

Radon is also a dangerous gas. Radon is found in the soil after uranium breaks down. Through soil, it can get in peoples homes and then you have a radioactive element in your home. You can’t do much about radon; the only way to fight radon is to make tests. Testing for radon is done by leaving a test material, usually charcoal for some time in a home and after some time send the test material to the lab. Scientists will do the readings and see if the radon is present in your home.

Buy Air Purifier

As already mentioned with an air purifier you can be sure that airborne particles and other pollutants are removed from the air. You can also buy an air purifier with air quality monitoring and watch the pollution goes away from your home in real time. By purchasing an air purifier, you can benefit from air purification as well as monitoring the air quality. Price for a decent air purifier with air monitoring is not small, but it is recommended to buy an air purifier with air monitoring than just buying air quality monitoring device. You will only spend money on air quality monitoring device instead of purchasing a high-quality air purifier with air quality monitoring included.

Change Air Filters

If your home has air filtration, you should check for filters. If you see massive pollution on the air filters, then you know that your home is for sure under heavy pollution. A good thing would be to change air filters, open all windows and try to get fresh air inside. If you have an air purifier now, it would be a good time to turn it on. Also, make sure if the air purifier needs filter replacement. If the air purifier was running under heavy pollution for a long time, there is a high chance that air purifier will require a change of filters as well.

Purchase Professional Air Quality Testing

Professional air quality testing is costing money, no doubt in that. If you have no good reason for professional testing, you should do the tests mentioned above and see if some of them are true. Maybe then you have a reason to hire professional air quality testing. Professionals will be able to test for all known pollution in much more detail than you can do it on your own. Hiring a professional to do an air quality testing is also recommended if you have someone in the house allergic to the pollution and the testings need to be done as soon as possible.

Professionals can also test for various problems. They will test your home for lead-based paint, airborne particles that may trigger allergic reactions, smoke, dangerous gases like radon or carbon dioxide. Hiring a professional air quality testing is expensive, but it is the only way to be sure what is happening in your home.

What is Normal Air Quality?

Normal air quality is free from all pollutants. Normal air quality has no allergens in the air, no gases, no chemicals and is free from all known pollution. The only way to know the real level of pollution is to measure it and put it on the pollution index. Different countries have different Air Quality Index.

What is Air Quality Index?

Air Quality Index is a method for measuring levels of pollution. Every country has its own measurement levels. In the USA we measure it on six levels. Each of the levels has its own color, green being good and maroon being the highest level of pollution. First three levels are not dangerous to average people, but people with respiratory problems can see some symptoms even on the second level of pollution. But the last three levels are unhealthy, very unhealthy and the maroon color is indicating the hazardous levels of pollution.

You can watch real-time pollution at and at this moment the whole USA is in green and yellow color with few dots of orange and no signs of hazardous pollution. If you live in the zones with moderate pollution (yellow color), it is highly recommended to keep an eye for the pollution level in your home. And it is highly recommended to use an air purifier just to make sure that the moderate pollution won’t accumulate in your home.


As you read in the above article, there are many ways to test pollution levels in a home. The cheapest ones are done individually by yourself, either by expecting the signs of pollution or buying a DIY air quality testing kit. Whichever method you choose is up to you, but it is already a good sign that you are reading about this problem and looking to make some steps towards a better air quality in your home

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