Blueair 411 Vs Levoit LV-H128 – Back to the Basics

There are times when having two air purifiers to compare seems like a demanding task to do. Yet, this is not the case. Not because they’re not challenging enough, but because the Blueair 411 and Levoit LV-H128 air purifier versions are pretty simple and minimalistic. That means the differences are trivial. 

According to market researchers, both appliances come from popular air purifiers brands.

Blueair Blue Pure 411 Vs Levoit LV-H128 - Air Purifiers Comparisons

Although it doesn’t seem that way at first glance, Blueair 411 and Levoit LV-H128 have the same room coverage which is 161 sq. ft. That was actually the first thing that caught my attention, given the obvious difference in size. The next thing that got me even more interested in, is the production quality for each one of these devices. No wonder users like them. 

If you like your appliances blended in your modern home interior, then Levoit’s plain white color will deliver. But if you prefer bringing changes to your everyday life, even with just a pop of color, then move on to Blueair 411. With this air purifier, you will be able to change the color of its pre-filters with a pull-on/off technique. A few colors are available, so you can pretty much adapt them to any interior style. 

I hope I have your attention, so feel free to follow me through this comparison and see which air purifier fits the most to your needs.

Blueair 411 Vs Levoit LV-H128 Specifications

Blueair 411 Air Purifier Levoit LV-H128 Air Purifier
Manufacturer Blueair Levoit
Model Blue Pure 411 LV-H128
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 16.7 inches 6.7 x 6.7 x 10.4 inches
CADR Smoke 105, Dust 120, Pollen 120 70m3/h
Coverage 161 sq. ft. 161 sq. ft.
Filters HEPA + Carbon Filter, Washable Pre-filter Pre-filter, Activated Carbon Filter and True HEPA Filter
Filter Replacement Indicator
Filter Longevity 6-8 months 6-8 months
Power Consumption 10W 6W
Aroma Pad
Warranty 2-year 2-year
In-Depth Review Blueair 411 Levoit LV-H128
Price View on Amazon View Price on Amazon

Blueair and Levoit Features

Like I previously said, Blueair 411 and Levoit LV-H128 are quite minimalistic air purifiers. It means that, with only one button, you get to control the whole device. To many of you, this will simplify everyday life. But, if you are wondering, how can an air purifier work with only one button, rest assured that both Blueair and Levoit are up to the task, and much more. 

Blueair 411 Vs Levoit LV-H128 - Control Buttons
Blueair 411 Vs Levoit LV-H128 – Control Buttons

Even though there are no advanced features to brag about, still, there are some impressive features. For example, Blueair is smart plug adaptable, while Levoit has a new and innovative feature called Aroma Pad

Changeable Pre-filter

Having a changeable pre-filter is an unavailable option for most air purifiers, including Levoit LV-H128. On the other side, Blueair 411 is well known for it.

This pre-filter is basically a fabric that you can put on to your air purifier and take off once you need to replace or wash it. Yes, you heard me well, it’s washable and, I must say, pretty resistant. If you wash it regularly, I am sure you won’t have to change it for a long time.

After you purchase it, you instantly get the blue and grey pre-filters in the package, while other colors get to be bought separately. Air purifiers can be fun as well! 

Filter Reset Indicator

For those of you who like to keep track of the usage of various appliances in your home, both Blueair 411 and Levoit LV-H128 will make you check off an item on your ‘’to-do’’ list in advance. It’s what having a Filter Reset Indicator is all about. 

You will get notified by the indicator when it’s time to replace the filters, and trust me this is a priceless feature. 

Aroma Pad

The Aroma Pad is a feature reserved exclusively for the Levoit LV-H128 since Blueair devices are missing out on it.

To be true, there are not a lot of air purifiers on the market that can provide this aromatherapy effect. It only takes a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil to turn your home or working space into a real oasis. So, not only the air will be cleaner but scented as well. 


Since both devices are different in shape, you’d expect them to have unalike airflow. And you would be right. The cylindrical shape of the Blueair 411 allows it to have filters distributed all over the air purifier’s body. That way, the air comes through the bottom parts of the appliance, runs through the filters, and spreads out in the room through the upper holes. 

On the other hand, Levoit LV-H128 has a dual True HEPA filter placed on both sides of the appliance, where the air comes in. After the air gets filtered, the bars on the upper side release it out in the room. 


There is a two-year warranty coverage, provided by both of the manufacturers. You will be fully covered by the warranty only if you register on Blueair’s or Levoit’s website, straight upon the purchase.

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Now we’ve come to the most interesting part of this comparison. Even though both Blueair and Levoit have many similarities, this is the part where they differ a lot. It’s the filters and the filtration technology that makes the difference.

To begin with, both have a 3-stage filtration in common, with a HEPA Silent built-in technology in the Blueair purifier. Some just call it the Ionizer. The second thing refers to the location of the filters, as I mentioned in one of the previous sections. 

Blueair 411 Vs Levoit LV-H128 - Air Purifiers Filtration
Blueair 411 Vs Levoit LV-H128 – Filtration Technology

Let’s begin with the first stage, reserved for the pre-filter. The main difference between the two air purifiers is that Blueair’s pre-filter is washable and easier to change. Especially, once you get used to color changing. In any way, I warmly recommend you to keep the pre-filters clean if you want to make them last.

As the second filtration stage, Levoit LV-H128 uses a True HEPA filter, while Blueair doesn’t have this technology at all. However, it doesn’t stop it from being up to the task with its main particle filter.

As for the third place, both air purifiers use the fibrous filter coated with carbon. I have to say, these types of carbon filters have turned out to be less efficient than the ones based on carbon pellets. That is the reason why overall performances for both devices are lower, in general terms.

How To Replace Filter On Both These Devices?

Besides the washable Blueair’s pre-filter, none of the other filters in both Blueair 411 and Levoit LV-H128 are washable. Thus the necessity for regular maintenance and replacement.

Both devices will require you to replace the filters every 6-8 months, but the replacement procedure is not complicated at all. If you take good care of your air purifier, filters can stand the test of time without a problem. 

How to replace Blueair 411 filter? How to replace Levoit LV-H128 filter? Filter replacement


Besides having three basic speed levels, Levoit LV-H128 has the Sleep Mode as an option, and it is basically its first speed level. Overall, Levoit has a much more appealing sound, as it is quite noiseless and pleasant to be around. This makes it a reliable partner to your nighttime sleep.

Product Noise Range (dBA)
Blueair 411 40.6 – 67.5 dBA
Levoit LV-H128 42.4 – 49.3 dBA

Blueair 411, on the other hand, has the first two speeds pretty quiet, while the third speed is a bit annoying with its cracking sounds. Not really sure of how some of you would react to this.

Maybe it’s just me, but any unpleasant sound coming from any device makes my ears itchy


Now that I’ve given you a detailed insight into the filtration process and the noise it produces, let’s talk more about the performance, and how it all works in reality. After all, having cleaner and fresher air is the purpose of having an air purifier, am I right?

Blueair 411 Vs Levoit LV-H128 - Air Purifiers Comparison
Blueair 411 Vs Levoit LV-H128 – Performance Comparison

As I already mentioned, both devices are designed to cover up to 161 sq. ft. of space. Still, I wanted to make some other tests, to make this comparison reliable and detailed. 

194 sq. ft. Room Tests

After having both air purifiers tested while working on top speed for an hour, I ended up with the result of 95% improved air quality caused by Blueair 411 and 82% in the case of Levoit LV-H128

Air Quality Improvement In 194 sq. ft. Room
Blueair 411
Levoit LV-H128
0% 100%

194 sq. ft. Room

* Data measuring time is 60 minutes.

Now, do you see why I wanted to make additional tests? 

Other Tests

The next test I did was with the Blueair, in a 320 sq. ft. of space. The overall result was 90% fresher air. In another test, performed in a 120 sq. ft. room, Levoit has shown a bit better but still not good enough result with the 88% air quality improvement. 

As you can see for yourself, the Blueair 411 has dominated in these tests. The thing is, as much as we rely on numbers, it’s the real effect that counts. Having an air purifier has to be all about having cleaner air. 

Operating Costs

It wasn’t easy to put to scale the costs of each air purifier. With Blueair’s 10W and Levoit’s 6W power, there isn’t much of a difference between the two.

If you leave both devices working for a whole month, 24/7 at top speed, you will end up with less than a dollar bill in both cases.

Product Wattage Range (W)
Blueair 411 0.3 – 7.6W
Levoit LV-H128 0.6 – 5.3W

Levoit does have a bit lower filter price, which gives it an advantage in the total score. In terms of annual maintenance, Levoit LV-H128 is, indeed, a better option for its lower energy consumption and more affordable filter replacement

Which One Does It Better?

Maybe some of you have already made up your mind about the winner in this comparison. 

However, no matter if it sounds like a cliche, making up my mind wasn’t easy. Having two minimalistic air purifiers, designed for the same room size, with low energy consumption and only one control button, gives me the credit to think twice before sharing my final decision

My choice is the Blueair 411, and I will sum it up in one sentence: bigger filters, as well as the washable pre-filter, almost twice as bigger CADR, a smart plug connection, and better performance in general.

Even so, I would not dismiss the Levoit LV-H128 that easily. To those of you who prefer a quiet appliance, a little more affordable and more appealing with its Aroma Pad feature, my recommendations go to Levoit. It will surely fulfill your needs and make your room scented and relaxing.

If there is anything else you would like me to help you with, please share your opinion with me in the comments section below. Looking forward to seeing your impressions on this comparison. 

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