Winix 5300-2, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Carbon Filter – Review

Pollution is spreading all over the world. The industry releases every year tons of smoke, waste and hazardous air particles and nobody is working on this problem. Now when Government ignores the pollution, it is more than important to get an air purifier. An air purifier may make a difference between a life and death.

Why Choose Winix 5300-2?

Winix 5300-2 is air purifier with true HEPA filter, PlasmaWave and Carbon filter for removing odor. True HEPA filter in Winix is so strong that only 0.3 microns particles will get away, and those small particles are so small that they don’t represent a danger. Winix will remove pollen, odor, dust, pet dander, mold spores and smoke.

PlasmaWave is some kind of ionizer which is not creating dangerous ozone. PlasmaWave is breaking odor, allergens, chemicals and all other particles that are hardly caught by filters. By breaking them, it makes them be caught easier.

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PlasmaWave works on the molecular level; it breaks particles without producing ozone. If you need extra power for cleaning your air, you should turn PlasmaWave on. There is a switch on the board and when activated lamp for PlasmaWave will glow.

And the third stage of filtering with Winix 5300-2 is carbon filter. The carbon filter main job is to remove odor, bad smell or other smells that you do not wish to feel. It is good in the kitchen because it will eliminate all the smells from the kitchen. Pet odors or cigarette smoke is easily removed with a carbon filter in Winix.

How PlasmaWave Technology Works

Like previously mentioned, PlasmaWave technology will not create harmful ozone because it is not producing ozone. It uses corona discharge which breaks molecules into positive and negatives ions. These ions will turn into hydroxyl radicals by water vapor which is present in the air. As an oxidizing agent, hydroxyl radical is stronger than chlorine or ozone.

Oxidizing agents are extremely good at killing organic molecules like bacteria, germs, viruses and other pollutants in the air. The product of PlasmaWave is water vapor and other non-dangerous molecules.

PlasmaWave technology is a natural process which we see every day in earth atmosphere. And Winix 5300-2 is just using this natural technology to clean the air in your home.

Cool Features of Winix 5300-2

Powerful Cleaning System

Winix 5300-2 has the power to clean an air of 3 average rooms. Average room is somewhere around 120 square feet, and this air purifier can clean air in rooms that are three times larger.

Two Washable Pre-Filters

This air purifier had two pre-filters that you can wash. This pre-filters are used to catch larger particles, so the true HEPA is not getting dirty too fast. I highly suggest keeping pre-filters as clean as possible because that will prolong the life of your true HEPA filter. True HEPA filter is unfortunately replaceable, and once it gets too dirty, you will need to buy a new true HEPA filter.

Smart Automated Sensor

One of the most important features of Winix 5300-2 is cool, the smart sensor which saves energy and gives you the perfect clean, fresh air at the perfect moment.

On the Winix board, you can see a blue indicator which shows the air quality in the room. If the color is not blue, then air has changed, and automatic sensors will detect that and start the cleaning process if you have activated the automated mode. Various things may trigger this sensor. Odor, pet dander, smoke or any other air pollution will make the sensor change the color.

The light sensor is another sensor that saves energy. At6 night all settings go to minimal, and fan speed is reduced to lowest speed to ensure a quality sleep without any noise. Your air will still be clean without any noise pollution.

Low Energy Consumption

Winix 5300-2 consumes only 120W, that is incredibly cheap if you compare it with its performance and features.


Final Verdict

Winix 5300-2 air purifier is a good investment if you are looking to increase the quality of the air in your home. Features and performance of this air purifiers put this product at the top. True HEPA filter guarantees allergies will go away, and carbon filter will make your air without any smell and bad odor. Winix 5300-2 comes at an affordable price, and not only it is affordable, but it also saves energy. Winix is an extremely energy efficient air purifier.

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