What is Moso Natural air purifying bag and how it works?

Natural products are replacing chemical compounds and air fresheners based on chemicals that are dangerous to the humans, earth, and animals. One of the greatest products in a natural air purifying field is a Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag. A new way to remove bad smell from the air entirely in a natural way.

What is a Moso Natural Bag

Moso Bag is a small bag that contains charcoal. The charcoal is made from Moso bamboo. Moso bamboo based charcoal is specific because it works like a magnet to all the airborne particles. It drags them closer and absorbs them. The bag can remove all kind of bad smells but also remove bacteria, moisture, and chemicals. By buying one bag, you can eliminate all the unwanted odors from the air for about two years.

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Feature Info
Stylish & Simple Sealed inside a beautifully stitched linen bag is 200 grams of extremely porous bamboo charcoal. For added convenience a metal grommet is embedded in the upper left corner.
Overtime Worker Without the need for power cords or batteries the Moso Bag will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to continuously keep your air fresh, dry and odor free. With a lifespan of two years, it’s an incredible value.

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Moso air purifying bag can help in keeping your home free from lousy smell, but it can not replace usage of air purifier. Moso bag main job is to refresh the air which is doing perfectly. It is an alternative way of keeping the air fresh. You should use Moso Bag instead of traditional cheap air fresheners bought in a mall that are full of toxins. Not only these cheap air fresheners are hazardous to your health, but they don’t work properly since they just cover up the traces of bad smell with a new scent. With Moso Bag you have no concerns about polluting the air or harming anyone. After two years you can throw the Moso bag out of the window without any worries since the bag is completely natural it will compose in the ground naturally.

What is Moso Bamboo Charcoal

Moso Bamboo charcoal is regular charcoal, but this one is made from a specific type of bamboo called Moso. Moso bamboo charcoal is five-time porous than regular charcoal. The magnetic property is actually working thanks to the ionic charge that the charcoal has. Thanks to that ionic charge the airborne particles are attracted inside the Moso Bag.

How Does it Work

Moso Air Purifying Bag is simple to use, and all you need to do is place the bag in a room. The magnetic property of Moso Bamboo charcoal will do the rest. Moso bag can naturally attract particles and trap them, but since there is no air flow, the process may take for days. Because of that, it is wise to make air flow int he room, then the work of Moso Bag will be recognized sooner. 

Moso Bag Usage

Moso Bag is mostly used in the kitchen to remove the bad burning smell, and if you place the bag near the source, it will work great. Another good usage of Moso Bag is inside old furniture with a cloth. Thanks to Moso Bag now you can have a cloth without a bad smell even if you did not open the furniture and use that cloth for years. 

Moso Bag inside air purifier. Air purifiers have activated charcoal property to remove bad odor, and that system is working great. But sometimes you need something powerful. By placing a Moso Bag inside your air purifier or somewhere near the air flow you could be removing bad particles as well as bad smell at rapid speed.

One of the greatest usages for Moso Bag is inside the car, especially if you have a smoker in a car. By placing a tiny bag of Moso bamboo charcoal in a vehicle, you will remove all the bad smells and odors in a completely natural way.


  • Mobile, you can take it with you anywhere you go
  • It actually absorbs bad smell instead of masking it
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Safe to Use in Any Situation


  • It can not replace air purifier!


Some people who bought the Moso Bag are not satisfied with them, and that is normal. This little bag can not do wonders, and it can in no way replace an air purifier. The bag can over the time replace bad odors as well as absorb any unwanted particles from the air. If the room in which you place the little bag is big, then the job of the bag will fail.

On the other hand, I highly doubt the bag can remove bacteria from the air, but the advertising of this product say so. I am skeptical, but I can not prove that the bag will not remove bacteria and because of that need to believe what they say unless someone makes the tests and show that the claims are wrong. Until then this bag is good against bacteria.

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