Stop Pollution With Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier – Review

Rabbit Air MinusA2 is an air purifier with many options. With this air purifier, you will not have any problems with placing it in a room. MinusA2 is amazingly cute little, but powerful air purifier that can fit every room. MinusA2 can be put on a wall, and because of that it is ideal for office, but as well you can use it in your home. It will not take lots of space, and because of that, it is ideal for small rooms. Rabbit Air MinusA2 can filter air from a room that is largely up to 700 square feet.

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MinusA2 Air Purifier Features

BioGS HEPA Technology

This HEPA technology is good as any other true HEPA filter. But probably because of rebranding they choose this new label. BioGS HEPA can filter particles up to 0.3 microns, which means it will catch 99.97% of polluted air. In other words, everything that is causing harm, allergies, dust or any other particle will be filtered and removed from the air. But BioGS HEPA Technology will prolong your filter usage because it prevents build up of allergens or particles on the filter. It also prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses on the filter. And because of that, you will not need to buy new filter often.

But there are also other filtering abilities of Rabbit Air MinusA2.

Ability to Remove Toxins

Air MinusA2 will remove chemicals from your room. If you live near a busy street where lots of traffic moves and release toxins, then this air purifier is the right choice for you. MinusA2 can remove all kind of chemical toxins from the air.

Removing Odor

Bad smell from the kitchen from cooking or if somebody smokes in your house can now be easily removed with this air purifier. All you need to do is start the odor removing mode.

Filtering Germs

Mold, bacterias, viruses are removable because Air MinusA2 is extremely useful at trapping and filtering germs. It uses 6 level filtering, and nothing can get away from this system of air purifying.

Pet Allergy Remover

Pet allergies are removed by removing odor that pets leave, but also removing pet dander and pet allergens that pet leaves behind.

6 Level Filtering System

First Level

Prefiltering with a washable and permanent filter. This filter will catch all big size particles. The main purpose of this filter is preventing the primary filter to do all the work and get dirty too fast because BioGS HEPA filter is expensive and can not be washed, you will need to buy a new one.

Second level

Medium Filter is also preventing the primary filter to get dirty too fast. But this filter will catch everything above 1 micron, mold, pollen, pet dander and other particles bigger than 1 micron.

Third Level

BioGS HEPA filter is the main filter and will remove everything bigger than 0.3 microns. In this air purifier, this filter will be clean for a long time and you will not require buying a new one every other month.

Fourth Level

Customized filter is implemented to remove specific problems.

Customized filter allows eliminating problems like toxins in air, odor, allergies or germs. You just need to choose a specific filter for each problem.

Fifth Level

Charcoal Based Activated Carbon Filter is created with a high quality granular activated carbon, and because of that, it is different than other activated carbon filters. This filter can quickly remove kitchen odor or chemicals from the air.

Sixt Level

Negative Ion Generator will make your air fresh, and additionally remove any other odor that was not removed with previous filters.

[alert-note]Fantastic Options of Rabbit Air MinusA2

There is a remote controller for Rabbit Air MinusA2 with which you can choose all the options.[/alert-note]

Rabbit Air MinusA2 has many options:

  • Filter Reset Button
  • Air Quality Indicator
  • Sleep Mode
  • Auto Or Pollen Mode
  • Filter Replacement Indicator
  • Fan Speed
  • Odor Sensor

Final Verdict

Rabbit Air MinusA2 is powerful air purifier with lots of options and 6 stage air purifying method. Rabbit Air is sure in this technology, and because of that, it gives five-year warranty on this product. BioGS HEPA Technology in Air MinusA2 is what makes this air purifier so good at cleaning the air. Maybe the price is a little bit higher, but if you take into consideration that you won’t need to buy new HEPA filter too often, then it may be an even more affordable solution than other air purifiers which HEPA filter is getting dirty too fast.

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