Philips Air Purifier 2000 Ideal For Living Room – Review

Philips is one of the companies that do not need to be specially introduced. People know about Philips brand all over the world. Philips products are made of high-quality material and are known as products that last for years.

Philips Air Purifier Series 2000

This time Philips brings us an air purifier that is capable of reducing all kind of allergens. Pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold, odor and even gases will be removed from your room as soon as you put this device to work. Philips Air Purifier 2000 is made for larger rooms, but that does not mean you can’t use it in a smaller room, in fact, if you use it in smaller room your room will be filtered from all particles larger than 0.3 microns much faster.

Philips Air Purifier 2000 Features

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Feature Info
Superior purification Philips Air Purifier Series 2000i is proven to reduce allergens, gases, odors, and even certain bacteria.
AeraSense technology Benchmarked against a professional-grade sensor, Philips Aerasense technology is highly effective in sensing even the slightest changes in indoor air conditions.
Ideal for medium to large rooms
The Philips Air Purifier Series 2000i has been designed for medium to large rooms, such as a living room.

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3 Filters Filtration

True HEPA is one of the most important filters in this process. True HEPA will remove almost all particles from the air and in that process reduce your allergy symptoms. But there are two additional filters, and one of them is pre filter. Pre filter is a simple filter that is meant to catch larger particles which may contaminate True HEPA filter and by that reduce the lifetime of True HEPA. Active Carbon Filter is the third filter which the primary job is to reduce bad smell from your room. This filter is beneficial to have in kitchen, basement or any other room that requires removal of bad odor. It can remove pet odor and even smoke.

AeraSense Technology

This unique and futuristic technology is a sensor that detects change in the air. If the quality of the air drops the air purifier will auto adjust the filtration speed and try to bring the quality of the air to a clean state.

Real-Time Monitoring

You can monitor the quality of the air via color ring as well as checking the allergen index. This amazing device will not only filter the air but also make sure you are not staying in the room when air needs to be filtered by showing you air quality of the room and allergen indexation on the dashboard.

3 Auto Modes

You can choose between three modes. General mode is for general filtration and making the room free of all particles that may cause harm to your lungs. Allergen mode is a mode that is more focused on removing pollen, dust and smaller particles that are causing allergies among the people. And the third mode is a paranoid mode that removes bacteria and viruses. The last mode is beneficial at cold winter times when viruses are common in the closed rooms.

5 Manual Settings

If you want to use manual settings instead of auto mode, you can choose between 5 of them. Most useful from those five methods of cleaning are sleeping mode which is perfect for a bedroom. An air purifier will work in quiet mode and will not interrupt your sleep. Turbo Speed mode is an opposing mode from quiet sleep mode. Turbo Speed mode will try to clean the air in the room as fast as possible. It will not be quiet, but it will make your room clean as quickly as possible.

Low Energy Usage and Auto Shut Off

Philips Air Purifier 2000 is the energy star certified device which means it will use very little power. Auto Shut Off feature is implemented for dirty filters that need to be replaced. This feature is fantastic, it will not let you run the device with dirty filters and by that pollute the air even more. True HEPA filter needs to be replaced every 12 months, but it all depends on the pollution in the room. In some cleaner rooms, it may last longer. Active Carbon Prefilter needs to be replaced every six months.


Air Purifier from Philips is a modern device that is unique on the market. With lots of sensors and alerts, this air purifier will let you know what is going on with the air in the room. If it is set to the auto mode, it will filter the air automatically. Philips Air Purifier 2000 was tested on removing Staphylococcus bacteria and H1N1 virus and proved as a device which can destroy the nasty things from the air in your room.

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