PARTU Air Purifier BS-08 – Review

PARTU BS-08 is what we needed on the air purifiers marketplace. A fresh, unique design with affordable prices is what makes PARTU air purifier popular. The company is based in China, but that is no problem because most of the parts, as well as whole devices, are assembled in China. Chinese products are rising in quality, and western customers have recognized that. Because of that, PARTU air purifiers are wanted. 

PARTU BS-08 Air Purifier Review

PARTU BS-08 is built for a small room like a bedroom, kids room, small office, or a small kitchen. Controlling is done through a unique touchpad that is located on the top of the air purifier.

PARTU BS-08 Air Purifier Review

PARTU BS-08 is small and has a unique style. The whole device is black, and on top of it is a huge touchpad with control buttons. Everything is controlled with control buttons. Around the touchpad is the light that you can switch from 7 different colors. Usually, people use a red light color for the night when sleeping, and in the morning, blue light is recommended for faster wake up.

PARTU air purifier is one of the quietest air purifiers on the market, and it is highly recommended for people who have trouble getting good sleep when there is too much noise in the room. But the most important thing about this air purifier is the CARB certificate, which means that this little device has passed all the strict laws of California, which means you can order it if you live in California.

CARB approved, ultra silent and 100% ozone free air purifier (if you are not using Anion Mode).

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PARTU BS-08 Specifications

Below is a complete list of important specifications and features included on the PARTU BS-08 Air Purifier:

Manufacturer PARTU
Model BS-08
Dimensions 9.6 x 9.6 x 17 inch
Filters 3-in-1 True HEPA filter
Warranty 2-year


Design is probably the most significant advantage of the PARTU BS-08 air purifier. Black color and impressive touch panel make the BS-08 air purifier very attractive. It is not a dull old box; it is an innovative air purifier with lights and exciting shapes. The night light is handy since you can choose from seven different colors. 

It is built with plastic; you can feel matted plastic, which unfortunately is not of high quality. But then again, this is a Chinese brand, and we know that to fight the competition, you need to be affordable. 

PARTU BS-08 - Air Purifier Review
PARTU BS-08 Air Purifier Review

The size of the PARTU BS-08 air purifier is small, which means mobility. There are no handles to hold it for, but even without handles, you can quickly move it. The black color is also disadvantageous for some environments because we know that the black color is not fitting all spaces. If the air purifier were white, we could say that it can blend in any environment. 

The air intake is on the bottom, and it is kind of small if I compare it to other 360 degrees air intake air purifiers. This low air intake means that airflow is not the best and that this air purifier may have trouble in a larger room. The good thing is that air is released on the top, which allows a good spread all over the room.

Touch Buttons

Touch buttons are large enough and very responsive even to the slightest touch. The touch panel is not exactly on the top; it is curved on one side under 45 degrees. Every press on the button, you should hear a beep. This beep sound is confirmation that your order is being served. Some air purifiers are not responding with a beep; I find it natural to have a sound alert and to actually know that something has changed in the way the air purifier is working.

Let’s take a look at what each button does. The power button, as the name says, will bring power, and the air purifier will start working. It will automatically work on the first speed. Also, the lights will be turned on. Fan speed adjustment is used to change the speed from low, medium to high. 

Night light, I already mentioned as a very nice option that allows you to change the light color. You can choose from seven different colors. As soon as the air purifier starts, the night light is on. Lights are changing in a circle, and once you see the desired light color, you need to press the night light button, and from then only that color will be on. If you press the night light button again, a night light will shut down. If you hold night light for 3 seconds, all lights on the air purifier, including night light, will shut down.

PARTU BS-08 Air Purifier Touch Buttons
PARTU BS-08 – Touch Buttons

Anion mode is a filtering mode that sends six million anions in the air to clear the air. This mode is by default off, so you need to press the anion mode button to start it. 

Filter replacement light is what most modern air purifiers have. It is used as a visual indicator that will let you know when filters need to be replaced.

PARTU BS-08 remembers last used settings and, on the next run, will start in the same settings. It will work at the same speed; however, lights will always be turned on no matter if on the last shutdown they were turned off.

Size and Dimensions

PARTU BS-08 has 6.6lb and is a kind of light model that can be easily moved. It is also small (9.6 x 9.6 x 17inches), which allows a proper placement even in small spaces like a table, desktop, kitchen table, or any other furniture that can hold an air purifier.

Accessories and Parts

In the package box, you should get one air purifier with a 3 in 1 filter and user manual. Read carefully through the user manual to make sure everything is set right before the first run.

PARTU Air Purifier BS-08 Video Review

Maybe it is hard to contact the PARTU company, but why bother them if I did all the testing and reviews for you. Check it in the video and see from first hand how good it is. Learn how to use it properly, how to change the filter, what are its advantages and disadvantages. But most important, educate yourself to know if this air purifier is exactly for you or you should look for other models.


Certified HEPA Removes Allergens

The PARTU BS-08 air purifier uses the HEPA filter, and even if it is small in size it is powerful enough to remove most of the allergens from the air. It can also remove some more abundant viruses, which nowadays is especially beneficial.

Ultra Quiet

Minimum noise on this air purifier is 25dB by official results; I did my own testing, which you can read under the noise section. We can agree that at low speed with PARTU BS-08, even the light sleepers can get a good night’s sleep.

PARTU BS-08 Review
PARTU BS-08 Air Purifier

No Ozone

It emits no ozone when in normal mode. However, when you turn anion mode, and six million anions are released in the air, you will probably sense some ozone. However, even then, I am sure ozone levels are not high enough to cause any harm. Still, different people react differently to things, so to stay on the safe side, use anion mode when you are not in the room.

Two Years Warranty

Weirdly enough, this company does not have an official website, they operate through Amazon, and they only have a Facebook page. You can contact them on Facebook for any questions, but you have a two years warranty, and I am sure there won’t be any trouble with that since they are selling on Amazon.

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PARTU 3 in 1 Filter

Filtration with PARTU BS-08 is simple; lousy air is sucked in and pulled through three filters. Pre-filter is the first filter and removes large particles. The second filter is the primary filter true HEPA. True HEPA removes 99.97% of airborne particles, which means nothing much will be left in the air. The last filter is an activated carbon filter, which eliminates bad odor. Don’t expect wonders in bad odor removal because we know that site of the carbon filter matters.

PARTU BS-08 Air Purifier Filter

PARTU HEPA filter captures 99.97% nature allergies, pollen and mold, protect you against running nose and sore throat.

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In small air purifiers, activated carbon can’t be large, so odor removal is not the best. But BS-08 air purifier has anion mode, which is excellent against odors.

Filter Replacement

Filter replacement needs to be done when the filter replacement indicator sends an alert. This alert will happen every six months. The filter replacement process is easy to do, and everyone can do it.

How to Replace Filter

Put the air purifier horizontal and open the filter cover by turning it counterclockwise. Take the old filter out and put it inside the new one. Return the filter cover back and seal it. And that’s about it. 

It is also recommended to periodically use a soft brush and remove dirt from the filter. Never use water or hard tools on the filter. HEPA filters, even with pre-filter, are sensitive, so be careful at brushing.

PARTU BS-08 Air Purifier HEPA Filter
PARTU BS-08 – HEPA Filter

As soon as you replace the filter, you need to rest the filter indicator by pressing it for 3 seconds. As soon as the light is off, you know that the filter replacement indicator is reset.

For a longer HEPA filter lifespan, you should periodically clean pre-filter.

Anion Mode

Anion mode is a controversial ozone generator. In fact, it is almost impossible that this little device can produce so much ozone to be harmful. However, some scenarios can be possible. If you turn anion mode in a small room that is sealed with no external air and you stay inside that room for a longer time with anion mode on. 

Anion mode should be used in specific situations with bad odors and heavy pollution.

However, if you follow the user manual, you should not have fear from anion mode. In fact, anion mode is a good thing because released anions attach themself to particles and by that make them larger and heavier, which in return makes their capture easier.

Noise Test

I did my own experiments on noise. I can confirm that this air purifier is very quiet at the first speed. It is ideal for a bedroom. However, at the third speed, the air purifier is very loud, but at that speed, it is also the most effective.

In the table below, you can see all the results of the test and keep in mind that my noise measuring tool is considering “A” decibels in the equation, which means that results may be different from official ones, which does not mean either of us is wrong.

Speed Value (dBA)
Speed 1 40.7 dBA
Speed 2 47.4 dBA
Speed 3 58 dBA

Performance Tests

I have tested PARTU BS-08 in different scenarios. I used a different room; I even tested anion mode. The recommended room size is 160 square feet, but I tested it in a little bit larger room. Pet smells, and other nasty odors were removed fast thanks to the carbon filter but as well as anion mode.

Must say anion mode is really an excellent method to remove bad smell fast. Dust is also removed, but since dust can be accumulated on the floor, it will take a few days to notice that the room has really no dust. 

PARTU BS-08 Air Purifier Performance Test
PARTU BS-08 – Performance Test

All tests are real-life events, and I did not do any laboratory tests, so keep that in mind when interpreting these tests.

Always start the air purifier on the third speed. Let it run from some time on third speed then put it on a lower speed to reduce noise.

194 sq. ft. Room Test

As you see, this room is 34 square feet larger than the recommended one, but in both tests, the air purifier did an excellent job.

Anion Mode Off

With anion mode off, the air purifier reduced AQI from 86 to 10 in only one hour. That’s 88% better air. I left it to run for another 30 minutes, and AQI dropped to 9. 

# Starting Baseline After 60min
PM 2.5 64.4 7.3
PM 10 90.2 10.2
Particles 93428 10663
AQI 86 10

Anion Mode On

As evident with anion mode on results are better. AQI was reduced from 139 to 13, which is a 91% improvement. An additional 30 minutes of work air purifier dropped AQI to 8, which is now 94% improvement.

# Starting Baseline After 60min
PM 2.5 106.4 9.1
PM 10 149 12.7
Particles 154369 13225
AQI 139 13

My advice is to use anion mode only if there are bad smells in the room and in some heavy pollution situations. As you see in the tests above, there is not much difference with anion on.

Operating Costs

Just like other small air purifiers in this category, this one also is a low energy consumer. It can use 35W maximum. At first speed, it uses only 7.2W. On standby, it doesn’t use energy. In other words, you won’t even notice a change on a power bill. If you let it run for a whole day for 30 days, you will pay less than 3 dollars (2.8$) if the price for electricity is 0.12$/KWh. The highest operating cost is filter replacement and purchase of additional filters.

Speed Power Usage (W)
Speed 1 7.2W
Speed 2 13.4W
Speed 3 32W
Stand-by 0W

Pros and Cons

To revise, here are the advantages and disadvantages of BS-08:


  • Easy to Use
  • Silent at Work (Except Third Speed)
  • 360 Degree Air Intake
  • Cool Design
  • Seven Changeable Night Light Colors
  • Anion Mode
  • HEPA Filter


  • No Official Website
  • Lower Material Quality
  • Small Air Intake Part

Final Thoughts

PARTU BS-08 is a popular air purifier with cool design and easy to use features. Everyone can enjoy the fresh air with this air purifier. It has some advanced features which allow you to combat even the nastier pollution in the air, especially bad odors.

Still, the most significant advantage of this air purifier is a HEPA filter, which removes a large portion of airborne particles. Because of that, this air purifier should find a place in the office, desktop, or any other place that can benefit from fresh air.



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