Make Your Own Clean Air Home With Oreck Tabletop XL – Review

Air is getting polluted, more and more, every day. There are many proofs for that. Newborn kids have a hard time with this polluted air. They have all kind of respiratory problems and most common of all is bronchitis. Bronchitis is linked to bad air. And number one advice to the parents is not to expose a kid to polluted air. But many parents cant do anything if the air outside is polluted. If you don’t have an air purifier, you really have no options for clean air.

Oreck Tabletop XL May Assist You in Filtering Air

Oreck Tabletop XL is air purifier that has a washable filter. Washable filters are useful for saving money; you won’t need to buy new filters, all you need to do is wash them, and you are ready to filter some air. These filters are usable for a long time, in fact, you can use them forever. Oreck air purifier will give you alert when you should clean your filter, and by that, your filter will always work at 100%. It uses Truman Cell technology and once this cell gets polluted, it will give you alert to clean your filter.

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Only concern is that these filters are not as good as replaceable true HEPA filters. Nevertheless, Oreck claims that this product will clean your air and remove all bacterias, viruses, fungi, odor, allergens larger than 1 microns. That statement is bold for a product that is not having HEPA filter.

But maybe secret lays in the ionizer. Oreck Tabletop XL has optional ionizer which clumps small particles together, and then filters can catch them easy. Ionizing is not new technology; many purifiers are having ionization technology and this technology really works.

Six Stage Filtering

Oreck Air Purifier also has a 6th stage filtering, that also adds to the statement that all particles above 1 microns will be caught. There is also Oxygenator. I have review air purifiers that use ozonation to filter the air. And I have said that these air purifiers may be dangerous if used too much and in closed rooms, because ozone is actually poison to the humans. And you just need to be extremely careful when using purifiers that create ozone. But as you see Oreck Tabletop XL is not creating ozone, he is actually producing oxygen from ozone. Oxygen rich air may help in your focus and even lift your mood.

Elegant Design

Tabletop XL is well-designed air purifier which will fit every room. There are various colors you can choose, so finding proper colors for your room is not the problem. The size of the purifier is not too big. Dimensions are 12 x 16.6 x 5.7 inches.

XL symbols indicate that the air purifier is produced for larger rooms, but you can use it in smaller rooms as well. Some people claim that Truman Cell can get dirty too fast if used in high traffic places where lots of polluted air is circulating too quickly. That is not a big problem, but you will need to clean your filters more often to keep your air clean.

Advantages and disadvantages


Oreck Tabletop XL Advantages

  • replaceable filters, you will save money on maintenance
  • 6 stage filtering will clean most of the allergens and small particles
  • creating oxygen is a unique way of making your air better
  • cute design make sure you can fit this air purifier in every room
  • affordable price if you take into consideration zero cost maintenance
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Oreck Tabletop XL Disadvantages

  • if you place it in a too polluted area, your filter alert may go on every day, and you will need to wash filters every day to keep the air clean

Final Verdict

Oreck is the company that produces Hi-Tech for decades. They are building various types of air purifiers, and Oreck Tabletop XL is one of the most interesting because of the technology used to create it. Technology to produce oxygen from ozone is really astonishing. Six layer filter is also something that you don’t see in conventional air purifiers. Truman Cell that needs a cleaning when too many particles get caught is a unique way of saving money on filters. So why not try this product? What can you lose? Polluted air?

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