Okaysou AirMax8L 5-in-1 Air Purifier – Review

Okaysou AirMax8L is one of the most popular as well as the best-selling models from Okaysou company. The most significant advantage of AirMax8L is the large suction entrance, which allows excellent air circulation. It is the successor of the AirMic4S model, and it’s perfect to use in large rooms.

If you are a regular visitor to our website and if you are subscribed to our articles, then you know that we have already written a review about Okaysou AirMic4S. Now we have put our hands on the successor of AirMic4S, the so-called AirMax8L, which is proven as a much better option for a large room.

Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier
The Okaysou AirMax8L is a large room air purifier.

Okaysou AirMax8L has a 5-in-1 medical-grade filtration system. This device has excellent airflow thanks to the unique design that allows that. With a medical-grade filter and five in one filtration system, this air purifier without a problem cleans the air in a large room.

AirMax8L is a good option for use in a large room, and that power does not mean that you are not allowed to use it in a smaller room. If you decide to use the air purifier in a room smaller than 320 sq. ft., it will clean the air even better than it would do in a larger space.

Short on Time? Here’s My Short Summary of The Okaysou AirMax8L!

  • The Okaysou AirMax8L is an air purifier intended for rooms up to 320 sq. ft.
  • It uses a 5-stage filtration consisting of a Pre-filter + HEPA + Antimicrobial Filters, Activated Carbon Filter + Cold Catalyst Filter.
  • It made very good performances in tests, it has three fan speeds, and uses a motor of 50W.
  • The Okaysou gives a 5-year warranty for this model.

Okaysou AirMax8L Specifications

Through the tabular view, I have presented an overview of the main specifications and features of the Okaysou AirMax8L. Check the table below and find out what are the things and features that make this device unique.

Manufacturer Okaysou
Model AirMax8L
Dimensions 12.9 x 7.1 x 19.4 inch
Filters Pre-filter + HEPA + Antimicrobial Filters, Activated Carbon Filter + Cold Catalyst Filter
Filter Longevity 6-8 months
Coverage 320 sq. ft.
Power Consumption 50W
Number of Fan Speeds 3 – Speed 1, Speed 2, and Speed 3
Warranty 4-year + 1 additional year
User manual PDF

Okaysou AriMax8L Design

AirMax8L has neutral white and black colors, which allows any room placement. You will not have any problems with placing it on any visible spot considering its design. Good-quality plastic makes this air purifier durable enough to last for years.

Thanks to the handle on both sides, you will be able to move the air purifier and make it mobile if you feel-like. One of the most significant advantages of AirMax8L is its airflow; a whole backside stands for an air entrance. A considerable air suction field allows this air purifier to perform great in a large room.

One more thing I really fancy about this Okaysou model is the long power cable. As you should place all the air purifiers about 15 inches from walls, or any objects, having a shorter power cable might be a small problem, but with Okaysou AirMax8L, you won’t have that kind of a problem.

Touch Buttons

I particularly like the touch buttons that are precise and sensitive enough, and they will respond to even little touch. Although it doesn’t have many exceptional functions, all the touch buttons are enough to manage the device and didn’t cause me any trouble when testing the Okaysou AirMax8L. There are On/Off, Fan Speed, Sleep, and Child Lock buttons on a control panel that you can click on when controlling the air purifier.

Okaysou AirMax8L - Touch Buttons
Touch buttons are located on the top of the device.

The largest is the On/Off button that is placed in the middle of the control panel. When you press the button, you will hear a beep, and you can be sure the device is on.

Sleep Button is an impressive button used to enter sleep mode. When the sleep mode is on, the air purifier will lower the speed to the first one that is quiet enough, and you won’t have any discomfort during the night. Your sleep will not be bothered when the sleep mode is on.

Timer Button is a simple option that allows you to choose for how long you want the air purifier to work. You can choose from the 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours options. When the time you set on the air purifier passes, Okaysou AirMax8L will turn itself off automatically.

Fan Speed Button is used to select one of the three speeds available at your disposal. If you want to have clean air more quickly, you should choose the third speed, the most powerful one.

Child Lock Button is a crucial and the most necessary button if you have kids who love to push buttons. When locked, you can be safe from kids messing up the options.

Be extremely careful not to drop small objects on top of the air purifier because beneath the protection grid is the motor. Any object that gets in contact with the motor may damage it.

Size and Dimensions

Size is an important factor if you have little space for new devices in your home. Okaysou AirMax8L (12.9 x 7.1 x 19.4 inches) is not too large, and I am sure it will find a space in any room you want to place it. I must say that 13.75 pounds is not a lot of weight, and thanks to the handles on both sides, you can easily transport it from room to room.

Accessories and Parts

In the box, you will get an AirMax8L air purifier, 3-in-1 Ultra filter, 2-in-1 Duo filter, a user manual to make sure you do everything right at starting this device, and a warranty card that allows you to get help in case anything goes wrong with your device.

Okaysou AirMax8L Video Review

In the video below, you can see more details about Okaysou AirMax8L. You can see all the test results, as long as the additional ones I did. Besides that, you can find some other opinions about this air purifier that you will not find here. So, make sure you watch this video before making a final decision.

Okaysou AirMax8L Features

Three Fan Speeds

This Okaysou model has three fan speed options. First fan speed is a perfect choice if the air in the room is decent, and you need silence. The second fan speed is used to filter the air faster while still keeping the work at quite enough grade. However, if the air quality in the room is terrible, you should put it at third fan speed and remove pollution as fast as it gets.

Okaysou AirMax8L - In Front of the Desk
I placed the Okaysou AirMax8L in front of my office desk.

Okaysou AirMax8L will remember settings after turning it off, which means as soon as you turn it back on, it will continue to work with the same settings before shutting down.


A timer is a standard option on many air purifiers. It is a very useful option that allows you to run an air purifier for the desired time. On Okaysou AirMax8L, you can choose from 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours options. When selected time passes, the device will turn off.

Sleep Mode

The AirMax8L air purifier has three-speed modes, including sleep mode. After clicking on the sleep mode button, the Okaysou will switch the speed to the first one. Although I am a light-sleeper, on the first speed, the device is quiet enough, and I could sleep without disturbing.

Child Lock Mode

Child lock mode is useful if kids like to move around the air purifier. With child lock on, you can be sure no options will be messed up. It is also helpful if you have pets that may accidentally press buttons since the buttons are very sensitive.

Filter Replacement Indicator

A filter replacement indicator is one of the features that I really like, and I am sure that you will also love this option. It is a great and simple way to make sure filters are replaced on time. Without this option, you will visually need to check filters, and even then, without experience, you will not know if the filter needs replacement or not.

Five Years Warranty

Five years warranty is a very generous gesture from Okaysou. This warranty only proves that this air purifier is made from high-quality material that will last. After buying Okaysou AirMax8L, you should visit the Okaysou website and register your newly bought product. In that way, you are going to validate and extend your warranty.

Advanced Silenceboost Technology

The turbine motor used in the Okaysou AirMax8L air purifier with Advanced Silenceboost Technology reduces noise and makes sure the motor will run for years. According to this, you won’t have any trouble sleeping when the AirMax8L is on.

For best performance, it is best to keep an air purifier 20 inches from other objects on all sides.


This Okaysou model has many certificates. CE, FCC, ETL, and CARB certificates to make sure you get the best and safe-to-use device. They also prove that AirMax8L is 100% ozone free.

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Okaysou AirMax8L Filters

AirMax8L has two filters, Ultra Filter and Duo Filter. Ultra Filter is the primary filter that contains three filters, pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and Antimicrobial filter. Duo Filter has an Activated Carbon Filter and Cold Catalyst Filter, which will remove gases, while the Ultra Filter will capture airborne particles. Duo Filter will clean the air after Ultra Filter does its work.

Okaysou AirMax8L - Filter Cover, Duo Filter (Activated Carbon Filter + Cold Catalyst Filter), Ultra Filter (HEPA Filter + Antimicrobial Filter) - 
(looking from left to right)
Okaysou AirMax8LFilter Cover, Duo Filter (Activated Carbon Filter + Cold Catalyst Filter), Ultra Filter (HEPA Filter + Antimicrobial Filter)
(looking from left to right)

Filters are large, and that only means that filtration efficiency is large as well. However, to keep efficiency at the highest rate, you should replace filters every 6 to 8 months.

Ultra Filter

Ultra Filter is a primary filter that is responsible for removing airborne particles as well as dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, pet hair, and other unwanted particles. A pre-filter is used to catch large particles like hair, large dust, or dander. Ultra Filter contains pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and Antimicrobial filter.

A True HEPA filter is a primary filter that removes most of the airborne particles. A HEPA filter is the most important filter, both in the Ultra filter and in the rest of the filtration.

An Antimicrobial Filter is a filter that goes after the HEPA filter, which makes sure no bacteria is growing inside the air purifier. It also removes a good deal of viruses, bacteria, and germs.

Okaysou AirMax8L Ultra Replacement Filter

Ultra Filter removes 99.97% airborne particles that are freely floating in the air.

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Duo Filter

Duo filter consists of two filters, Activated Carbon Filter and Cold Catalyst Filter. It is placed after Ultra Filter. The activated carbon filter is used to remove bad odors like cooking smells, farts, and vintage smells, but it also removes smoke, wildfire smoke, and formaldehyde. Cold Catalyst can remove VOCs, ammonia, and hydrogen.

Okaysou AirMax8L Duo Replacement Filter

Duo Filter removes lousy odor and keeps your home fresh.

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How to replace the Okaysou AirMax8L filters in 7 easy steps?

Filter replacement is easy to do, and everyone can do it on their own. You should change filters on the AirMax8L every 6-8 months or when the Filter Replacement Indicator turns on.

After every 1500 hours, the air purifier will send a siren, and the filter replacement indicator will light up to remind you that filters need replacement.

Total Time: 10 minutes.

Plug off the device and open the back cover

Plug off the device and open the back cover.

Plug off the device and open the back cover

Take old filters out

Remove the old filters from the device.

Take old filters out

Clean inside the device

Before you place new filters in the air purifier, make sure all the dust on the inside plastic or on the bottom is cleaned. You can use a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth.

Clean inside the device

Prepare new filters

Remove the plastic bag from new filters.

Prepare new filters

Put new filters into the Okaysou

Firstly, you need to place a Duo Filter, and after that Ultra Filter.

Put new filters into the Okaysou

Close the back cover

After you put both filters, close the back cover.

Close the back cover

Reset the Filter Reset Indicator

After all filters are changed, and you turned the air purifier on, you need to reset the filter replacement indicator by holding the sleep button for three seconds.

Reset the Filter Reset Indicator

Noise Test

Since AirMax8L is a large air purifier with a large motor, a louder sound during working hours is expected. I have tested it at all speeds, and below is the table where you can see how much noise the air purifier makes at all three speeds.

Speed Value (dBA)
Speed 1 46.3 dBA
Speed 2 55.3 dBA
Speed 3 59.4 dBA

I tested the sleep mode too, and so far, I proved that when you choose the sleep mode, it only switches the air purifier to the first speed, and noise is not additionally reduced. As always, I use a noise measuring tool that rates sound on a dBA scale, which means my results and official ones may be different.  

Performance Tests

Okaysou AirMax8L is an excellent air purifier for medium to large rooms. I have also performed various performance tests in different conditions. I tested the air purifier in two rooms of different sizes, the first room was 194 sq.ft., and the second one was 320 sq. ft. How effective the device was in different room sizes, I explained below.

Okaysou has excellent results in large rooms and will make the air cleaner.

Okaysou AirMax8L - Performance Test
I used a Temtop laser particle matter to test the Okaysou AirMax8L performance.

194 sq. ft. Room Test

I put the air purifier in a room of 194 sq. ft., which is a slightly smaller room than the recommended size. In this room, the AirMax8L improved air by 95%. AQI was reduced from 246 to 12, which is an excellent result.

This result was expected since this is a smaller room than the recommended one, but still, the air purifier did a great job. In only 90 minutes of working air purifier additionally reduced AQI to 6. Total air improvement from the starting point is an impressive 97%.

# Starting Baseline After 60min
PM 2.5 135.5 9
PM 10 189.7 12.7
Particles 196513 13154
AQI 246 12

320 sq. ft. Room Test

The next test I did was in a room that is 320 sq. ft. A room this big was the same size as recommended. In only one-hour, the AirMax8L managed to improve the air by 92%. AQI was lowered from 105 to 8. This result was excellent and proved that the air purifier could really do a great job in a room’s recommended size.

# Starting Baseline After 60min
PM 2.5 79 6.2
PM 10 110.7 8.8
Particles 114689 9132
AQI 105 8

In case you need an air purifier for a room that is larger than 320 sq. ft., take a look at the Levoit Core 600S or the Levoit Vital 200S air purifiers, which are made for bigger rooms than the AirMax8L.

Operating Costs

The maximum power that AirMax8L pools is 50W. This number indicates that even if you run it 24/7, it will not cost a lot. If the air purifier works for 24 hours for one month at maximum speed, it will cost you 3.7$ if the power price is 0.12$ in your region.

Okaysou AirMax8L - Air Purifier
The Okaysou AirMax8L uses a motor of 50W.

On standby mode, this device uses no power. The highest maintenance cost is filter replacement, which needs to be done every six to eight months. Monthly operating costs are small, but when filter replacement is required, you will need to buy new filters that will cost you a little more.


Does the Okaysou AirMax8L produce ozone?

No, this device doesn’t produce ozone, and it’s absolutely safe for home-usage.

How often should I change the filters?

It depends on the use of the air purifier, but usually, you should change the filters in the Okaysour AirMAx8L from 6 to 8 months. If the room has a higher level of dust or other pollutants, the filters will last less, and you will have to change them more often.

Can I wash the filters?

No, the filters in the AirMax8L are not washable.

How to get a valid warranty?

To validate or extend the warranty of the Okaysou AirMax8L, you have to go to the Okaysou website within 30 days after the purchase and register your newly bought product.

Pros and Cons

To revise, here are advantages and disadvantages of AirMax8L:


  • Powerful 5-in-1 Filtration System
  • Neutralize Pet Odor
  • CE, FCC, ETL, and CARB Certified
  • Child Lock
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Good Air Flow
  • Handles on Sides Allows Mobility


  • No Remote Controller or Mobile Application
  • No Auto Mode and Air Quality Sensors
  • Top Grid Could Be a Bit More Closed

Final Thoughts

If you regularly use Okaysou AirMax8L, air in the room will drastically improve. The good thing is that this powerful air purifier is mobile, and you can use it in more than one room, which is an ideal solution to keep the whole house filled with clean air. Your lungs will be gratified because, with this device and its fantastic five-in-one filtration system, all unwanted airborne particles will be removed from your home.

Okaysou gives a five-year warranty on this product no matter that some boxes have a label for only two years. I have contacted the Okaysou directly and they confirmed this to me! Without a problem, this compact and portable air purifier will blend in any environment.



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