Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer – Review

If you are looking for fresh air that has no odor, then this device is the perfect tool for you. This affordable product will make sure your room or office will have that feeling of clean air.

Lasko Air Ionizer has elegant and modern design and it will fit in every modern room. It is ideal for an office that needs removal of bad odor. In hot summer days, offices can get really smelly, with air ionizer this smell can be removed almost instantly.

LASKO 2551 Wind Curve Features

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000RL3UJA&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=apfpi 20&language=en USLasko T42951 Wind Curve

Feature Info
Convenient Electronic Time Timer can be set from .5 to 7.5 hour.
Three speeds Three quiet speeds with optional oscillation; High-reaching tower design for maximum air delivery.
Item Weight
12.1 pounds

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Remote Controller is Simple to Use

Lasko 2551 has remote controller with which you can choose the speed and turn on or off air ionizer. You can also turn on a timer or oscillation feature.

Air Oscillation Feature Will Make Air Move

Lasko Wind Curve can turn pretty wide and will create an air flow in your room. It can move around 90° and you need to place it in such a place that it can turn in this angle. But I need to say that I have seen better oscillators, but nevertheless, it does a good job at making the air flow and by that cooling it and making the air more breathable.

Modern Design Makes Lasko Attractive Buy

Lasko Wind Curve is designed with style. It will fit every modern room like I already mentioned before. But this device can be placed in many spots and because it takes tiny place, it can be positioned at various locations and will fit in even smaller rooms.

Made with High-Quality Material

This device will not break fast, and it is made from highly durable plastic that will last for ages. And Lasko also gives you one year warranty. Some people who bought this tower fan before are saying that they use it for over a five-year period. Longevity just represents a great value at buying this product.

Advantages of Lasko Wind Curve 2551

Lasko made this tower fan for smaller rooms, and it does a fantastic job in smaller to medium rooms. It will make air oscillate through the room and thus make it cooler.

The power consumption of this device is extremely low because it does not need many watts. And if you have it on low working mode with low-speed power consumptions gets even smaller.

Air Ionizator will make some airborne particles removed from the air. But sadly they will not be removed from the room because there is no air purifier. Lasko 2251 is not air purifier and does not have filters to trap air particles. Ionizator will make some air particles heavier by ionization process, and those particles will drop on the ground. Ionizator can also remove bad odor, smoke odor or even sweat odor which is unwanted in offices.

Disadvantages of Lasko Air Tower Fan

As the name says, it is a tower fan which is pretty strong at its job. It can make air oscillate through the room, and if you use high speeds mode, then the work can be quite noisy.

It is not air purifier and will not remove particles, dust or any other unwanted airborne things that trigger allergies and make other health problems to specific individuals.

For larger rooms, it is not powerful enough. Lasko Wind Curve has power, and it is working properly in smaller to medium rooms, but in bigger rooms, there is a problem, it is just not strong enough. If you have a big room, you could buy 2 Lasko 2251 models and by that make air flow in your room circulate.


Lasko Wind Curve 2551 is not air purifier and will not remove particles with a filtration process from your room. It does not require any filter changes because it does not have filters. Air Ionization can make your room fresh and make some airborne particles removed from the air, but it will not remove them from the room. I can recommend Lasko tower fan to every small to a medium office that cares about the fresh air in their office as well as to homeowners who wish to have circulating air in the room and by that making the air more breathable especially in hot summer days.

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