Holmes HAP600-U HEPA-Type Egg Air Purifier – Review

Holmes is a well-known company that produces air purifiers and other air-related devices. Holmes air purifiers are made with high-quality material and usually come with HEPA type filter or True HEPA filters. If you compare Compact Egg air purifier with other Holmes air purifiers, then you will see that Compact Egg is without a doubt the best-looking air purifier they are offering to the market.

Holmes HEPA Compact Egg Air Purfier

Shaped in an egg will leave everybody breathless. You will often be asked by a visitors what is that device; then you can lie and say that this is a communication device with which you communicate with aliens or tell a true and say that it is an air purifier.

Holmes HEPA Compact Egg Air Purifier Features

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Feature Info
Service Indicator Lets you know when the filter needs to be vacuumed.
Easy-to-Clean Filtration Permanent HEPA-Type Filter never needs replaced. Simply vacuum every three to four months to maintain performance.

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Hepa Type Filtration

Permanent HEPA filter means that you will never need to spend a dime on a new filter. All you need to do to keep this filter active is clean it here and there depending on the pollution in your home. The bad news about this filter is that it is not True HEPA filter which means that it is not capable of removing all the particles that actual True HEPA filter can remove. 

Removing the permanent HEPA filter is easy, just turn it upside down and replace the filter from the bottom. After you are done with cleaning the filter, put it back on and set the air purifier in original position before turning it on. Make sure that filter is dry because if there is any moisture on the filter, there is a high chance that mold will grow and we really don’t want that this happens because mold spores are one of the ugliest allergens in the air.

Modern Design

The egg-shaped futuristic design is the number one reason why people love this air purifier. Even if the filtration system is not the best on the market people buy this air purifier because it will keep your air clean, but at the same time, you will have a pretty decent decor in your room. 

Simple to Use

There are not many options on the device, and all you can do is to choose between three speed and the use of ionization. There is also a light indicator when the filter needs to be cleaned.

Ideal Against Dust

This air purifier has been proven as excellent against fighting dust, but unfortunately, in other fields it is not so great. Microscopic particles are impossible to be caught, but everything that is large enough to be caught with HEPA type filter is being removed. The biggest problem with this air purifier is a weakness in removing bad smells, VOCs, smoke, cooking odors, chemicals and other components that are removed with a decent carbon filter.

Unfortunately, Holmes Compact Egg is not using carbon filter and relies only on the ionization process to remove bad smells. 

Ionization Process

Ionization process in this air purifier is the same as in any other air purifier that generates ions. Ions are released in the air where they attach themselves to the particles after that particles are heavy and fall down. Good news is that Holmes Compact Egg is sucking air from below and that way it can suck all the pollution that falls on the ground and release the clean air on top.


  • No Maintenance Cost
  • Cool Design
  • Affordable Price
  • Three Years Warranty
  • Permanent Filter
  • Filter Cleaning Indicator


  • Only useful in a small room because of the weak filter and low power.
  • Compact Egg is without prefilter which means that the large particles will make the HEPA type filter dirty fast. In other words, you will need to clean the filter at least once per month.
  • Without carbon filter, it is impossible to compact odors, smoke and other gases at high performance.
  • Third speed will produce noise that may irritate you.


Compact Egg by Holmes is an ideal air purifier if you are looking for a good looking device which the first impression is to stand out in the room and then clean the air. Saying that I must admit that you can get much better air purifier on the market, but at the same time, I must also admit that I have seen only a few better-looking air purifiers on the market.

And to be honest, those air purifiers are ten times more expensive that Holmes Compact Egg. If you are not suffering from allergies and you just don’t need a sterile air, then Compact Egg will do wonders for you.

Compact Egg will clean air and will remove odors thanks to ionization process, but it will not remove tiniest microscopic airborne particles that may trigger your asthma. Because of that Compact Egg I can only recommend to people who have no health problems, and they just want to breath fresh air.

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