Holmes HAP600-U HEPA-Type Egg Air Purifier

Breathing Pure Air

If you are in search of an ideal air purifier, then Holmes Egg Air Purifier is what you are looking for. The permanent filter technology makes it perfect for your home or office use. It contains 99 percent HEPA type filtration that will ensure your indoor air is clean and fresh. It is beautifully designed and will complement any décor. The way it keeps air purified and revitalized is recommendable.

HEPA Filter

It is a cheap air purifier, not only its initial cost is affordable, but its operational maintenance is also quite low. Its HEPA Filter detains 99.97% of the dust and allergens; this air purifier is a sensation.

Holmes HEPA Compact Egg Air Purfier

This air purifier is all allergy sufferers need, with a True HEPA filter it is capable of capturing dirt as small as 0.3 microns. It also contains an extra cleaning power of ionizer feature which charges oxygen particles further these charged particles can easily capture larger particles in the air.

Depending on your room condition you can choose from three-speed settings. The three speed settings are low, medium and high. When you feel an excess of dust, then it’s better to set the speed at high. It is good if you keep a record of filter life. It needs to be vacuumed when clogged with a lot of dust. Changing it regularly will increase its performance and efficiency.

You don’t have to worry about when to change the filter because the presence of service indicator will make it easier for you. It ensures that you are informed at the accurate time when the filter needs to be vacuumed. Three cleaning settings are just amazing it allows you to keep the air fresh and pure in your home or office. Honeywell Holmes Egg is considered as a best air purifier as its permanent HEPA-Type filter never actually needs to be replaced, vacuuming it is enough. You can vacuum it every three to four months; this will increase its efficiency and result in better performance. It is considered ideal for small rooms up to 10 * 12 feet.

Startling Features

This air purifier works amazingly; its fans are of real importance using the fans the air purifier brings the dirty air inside. The dirty air is brought inside with the help of an intake grill that can be found on the front side or back side of the unit. The next step is where the dirty air passes through different filters. Those filters are of immense value as they are the ones helping in removing pollutants from the air. Not only pollutants but the filters also ensure that allergens and other harmful containments are also eliminated from the air. Once the air is filtered and is clean, the powerful fan distributes the purified and fresh air back into the room.

There is even an ionizer option that when turned on improve the allergen control.  The ionizer present in it is quite sophisticated and produces most desirable negative ions.


This is the best air purifier for capturing allergens and airborne containments that cause allergies and asthma. Investing in it would be worth your money. It is ideal for bedrooms and small rooms with a low ceiling. It is a modern way of getting rid of common germs and dust. If you are on a hunt of a cheap and reliable air purifier, then it is surely the best. It cleans the air to the extent that prevents illness caused by airborne particles. It is best for small rooms; HEPA filter helps to remove pollutants quietly and with ease. The HEPA efficiency rating is 99.97 percent making it more desirable.

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