Hamilton Beach 04383 – Review

Hamilton Beach 04383 is one hell of an air purifier. It is compact air purifier for small to medium sized rooms. You can place it in your office on a desktop or in the kitchen; Hamilton will do a great air filtration job.

Hamilton Beach 04383 Air Purifier

Maintenance for this amazing air purifier is very low. It won’t require any additional time or cost from you. Filters are permanent, so no replacement is needed. Only vacuum filter needs a replacement, but that filter needs to be replaced only 2 or 3 times per year.

Hamilton Beach 04383 Incredible Features

It has true HEPA filter which removes all particles over 3 microns. That is estimated to be 99% of the airborne particles. True HEPA filter is permanently built in the air purifier which means you won’t need to replace this expensive filter and by that save money on the maintenance.

04383 has replaceable filters. Two carbon zeolite filters are implemented to remove pet odor. It is proven by scientific researchers that zeolite carbon technology eliminates pet odor.

This air purifier is built with pet owners in mind. Zeolite filters will remove pet odor. But most importantly air filtration in the Hamilton Beach air purifier will remove dander as well. Using triple filtration system this high-performance air purifier removes pet hair and other large particles from the air before they come to the expensive true HEPA filter. After that true HEPA filter removes the smaller particles. And the product of that filtration is a clean fresh air that is free from pet dander and other allergens.

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Feature Info
HEPA-Grade Filter The True Air Allergen Reducer won’t break your budget – it’s HEPA filter is permanent and never needs replacement.
Ultra Quiet, 3 Speed Operation With an ultra-quiet motor and fan, you’ll hardly hear this air purifier while it’s on. Three speeds give you ultimate control.
Coverage area
160 sq. ft.

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The three-speed mode allows for faster air filtration, but also if you want the quiet mode you can choose slow speed. On silent mode, you can place Hamilton Beach 05383 in your bedroom and enjoy the fresh air while you sleep.

Placement of this compact air purifier is straightforward, and you have many options. The only thing that is required for an installation is a stable surface. Then you can place your air purifier in horizontal or even vertical position. In both positions, the air purifier will do a great job. Vertical position is ideal for a small desktop where you have very little space for an air purifier. This placement will allow you to stay near air purifier and always be near the source of fresh air.

Advantages of Hamilton Beach 04383

  • Great design will allow placement of this air purifier in many different types of rooms. The air purifier will blend in the room without a problem
  • Affordable price and low-cost maintenance are two features that many other air purifiers don’t have.
  • Simple usage and silent work make this air purifier easy to use even in the bedroom. Just push one button, and you are in silent mode.
  • Air filtration is done with the triple filter system. The air purifier has a true HEPA filter, and that means it will filter your air on a microscopic level, no doubts in that.

Disadvantages of Hamilton Beach 04383

  • Maybe quality and outlook look like just a piece of cheap plastic, but the air purifier will do its job if used correctly. By that I mean to put it in a small room that the air purifier of this size can actually keep under a fresh air.
  • Only usable in small rooms, if used in big rooms it will not do a good job, and you will think that the device is not working properly.

Overall Conclusion

Hamilton Beach 04383 is extremely affordable air purifier with a true HEPA filter, and that is just a guarantee that the filtration job will be done professionally. The air purifier is built for small offices, or smaller rooms so don’t use it in large rooms because it will not work properly. Small maintenance cost put this air purifier on everyone’s wish list.

There are three 04383 models. White and black colored models. And the model with two zeolite carbon replacement filters. Model with zeolite carbon filter is named: ” Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Pet Specialized Cleaner.” This means it is meant for people that suffer from pet allergies or people who own pets in the house and just want to remove hair and pet odor from the air they breathe.

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