GT3000/PureAir3000 – Adjustable Whole Home Air Purifier System

GreenTech Environmental creates a technology that is in harmony with nature. The company creates impressive products from air purifiers all the way to washing products like Purewash. When you look at the products, you know that the quality is not in question. Same can be said for GT3000 which recently changed the name to PureAir3000 for marketing purposes.

GT3000/PureAir3000 - Adjustable Whole Home Air Purifier System

It is still the same good old air purifier that uses a unique technology to clean air. This air purifier is not like a standard air purifier you have seen before.

GT3000/PureAir3000 Features

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Feature Info
Advanced technologies Four advanced technologies, working together, to destroy harmful airborne and surface contaminates while at the same time removing airborne particulates make the GT3000 a complete indoor purification solution.
Removes smells Cooking, pets, and smoking can take the fresh smell from your home quickly.

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Cleans Surface and Air

PureAir3000 is the first air purifier that can clean air and surfaces. The secret is probably in its power. This air purifier is a professional grade air purifier which can cover 3000 square feet. Yes, the number is correct; it is 3000 square feet cover, that’s almost as two times more than the best air purifiers on the market. Cleaning the dust from the floor is also a fantastic feature, mainly because this air purifier has ionization part of its purification system.

Generating Ions and Ozone

GT3000 is electrostatic air purifier which means that the ionization process is the best way to remove airborne particles. It releases ions in the air, which then combine with other particles making them heavier and bigger. When the particle is massive and big, then it is easier for electromagnetic plates to suck them. Also, massive particles drop on the floor, and we said before that this air purifier is capable of cleaning surfaces. Even if massive particles drop on the floor, they will be cleaned by the GT3000.

Photocatalytic Oxidation Cell

Particles caught in this process are destroyed on a molecular level. Because of this technology, viruses and bacteria can be destroyed and eliminated from the room. This kind of technology supports the name of professional-grade air purifier.

Ozone to Remove Bad Odor

As already stated, this air purifier uses ozone to make the room fresh in the air. Now, this technology is on lousy reputation because we know that ozone is harmful to living organisms. This is both a good and bad thing. The good thing is that small living organisms like germs, bacteria, and even viruses can be destroyed with a simple ozone. The bad thing is that the room needs to be empty while ozone mode is running. Even a small dosage of ozone that enters your lungs may be harmful, so make sure you read the manual and follow it to the bone.

Three Modes

Away mode is the mode you use when nobody is in the room. You set the timer from 2 to 8 hours and turn on away mode. Away mode will use ozone, and while you are gone, everything will be destroyed in the room, and all the particles will be caught on the filter. Setting a timer is a good way to keep the ozone level at safe levels when you are reentering the room. Just wait for the timer to go off, wait another hour, or two and room should be perfectly safe to reenter.

Normal mode is the mode you use when you are in the room and want the air purifier to work but not at the highest fan speed because highest fan speed is noisy. Normal mode can also be used while sleeping.

High mode is used when you are inside the room, but you want it to be cleaned as fast as possible. Don’t worry about high mode; no harmful ozone will be created.

Remote Controller

The remote controller is standard equipment of PureAir3000 which will allow you to select desirable mode. You can also increase fan speed with the remote controller.

Electrostatic Filtration – No HEPA Filter

Maybe you are paying a premium price for this powerful air purifier that can cover an extremely large room, but in the end, maintenance costs will be minimal. GT3000 does not have a HEPA filter and uses electrostatic plates to drag particles. You won’t need to buy any filters for this air purifying model because electrostatic plates are a permanent filter. The permanent filter needs to be cleaned periodically. Make sure all the dirt is removed from them.


Now I must confess that I don’t like the outfit of this powerful air purifier. It is way outdated like it is coming from the ‘80s. And this retro look can maybe fit some retro rooms, but in the modern home, this air purifier will not be a nice addition to the decor. In the end, you can place it somewhere where it won’t be so visible. Just don’t cover it with blankets or something like that because it may initiate a fire.


  • Extremely Powerful
  • High-Quality Product
  • Professional Grade Air Purifier
  • Removes Bacteria, Viruses and other Germs
  • No HEPA – No Maintenance Costs
  • Remote Controller


  • Price
  • Design


Usually, air purifiers without HEPA filter are not recommended because they are not as effective as the ones that use a HEPA filter. But GT3000 is meant for an extremely large room and has the power to remove particles from the floor. That power guarantees clean air if you place it in a smaller room; it is the only logical thing to think.

An air purifier that covers 3000 square feet in 1000 square feet room will do wonders to the air. However, you must pay a premium price to own this professional-grade air purifier. And you need to understand how this air purifier works, it uses ozone and ions but to be perfectly safe you need to read the manual and understand how to operate air purifier with this dangerous but powerful technology.

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