Germ Guardian GG1000 Small Room Air Purifier

Freshness and Aroma

If you are looking for the best air purifier that is portable and something specific for your allergies, then Germ Guardian is all you need. It fights germs with UV-C feature and helps in killing airborne particles. UV-C light is the safest way to kill germs because there are no chemicals involved in it.

Germ Guardian GG1000 - Air Purifier Review

Germ Guardian GG1000

Are you tired of the nasty smell hanging around your home? If yes, then your worry is over because Germ Guardian is proven to eliminate any odor occurring from cooking, smoking or from your house pets. This air purifier is best suitable for small spaces like a bedroom, bathroom kitchen, etc.

The way it works

The Germ Guardian contains a Pluggable UV-C room air sanitizer that eliminates 98 percent of germs leaving behind a beautiful aroma. It destroys all the allergens and odors before letting them reach your way. The UV-C light it uses is safe for health since it is the same as hospitals use for sanitizing the air.

Intelligent construction

To make it the best air purifier a lot of attention was given to its construction. It is constructed with reliable plastic and aluminum. It is the quite light weight that makes it easy to carry around with a working weight of the only 1lb. Its air processing is 456 cubic feet per hour that is quite remarkable. You do not have to worry about changing the UV-C bulb over and over again as it has a long life. What makes it even more likable are its odor elimination feature and zero noise level.

The air purifier’s UV-C destroys all the disinfections but for that, it requires some time as killing DNA of microbes is not that quick process. This makes it more effective in small areas as UV-C installations take some time in removal of microbes. It runs continuously and has no real effect on health. Unlike many other air purifiers, it prevents disease transmission and prevents the user from experiencing any infections.

The Germ Guardian offer a warranty of one year in which UV-C bulb is not covered. You do not have to worry about registration because the original sales receipt is enough.

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Pros and Cons

A mere 1lb weight makes the home air purifier compact and portable. There is no trouble in moving it around as the power outlet it requires only 120v. It can be moved to any room whenever required. It produces clean air that is known to be hospital standard. Approval by the Harvard School of Public Health makes it even more authentic and reliable. You don’t have to worry about the noise because it’s known to be whisper quiet operation. The sanitizer makes the air fresh and works tirelessly throughout the day making the environment perfect. It’s a friendly air purifier that safely removes all the harmful particles without producing ozone.

Sometimes people have a problem with it being unstable and complain while plugging in. But this issue can be easily solved by rotating it. Although it does not produce noise the humming produced by air sanitizer can be annoying sometimes. The UV-C bulb is said to have a life of 4000 hours so the replacement every six months can be hectic.


The Germ Guardian is one of the most promising air purifiers. It cleans the air to the extent that prevents illness caused by airborne particles. It is best for odor elimination for small rooms such as bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. The best quality is that it kills the harmful bacteria that cause illness. It is one of the most affordable air purifiers that make your investment worth it.

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