Germ Guardian AC4900CA Review – Ideal For Living Room or Bathroom

Of all the basic needs in life, air will always be ranked number one. Our bodies were designed to have the need of oxygen to work and carbon dioxide to sustain the environment we live in. This days and ages when the modern times have made humans more susceptible to what devious sickness and bacteria that lurks in our air, have made more breakthroughs in medicine and science alone. A lot have been made and invented to battle the earth’s dangerous elements and to make the world a safer place to live in and the air to breathe in.

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General Features

The Germ Guardian AC4900CA features an invisible air guardian for both, allergy sufferers and those who are keen on keeping their immune system clean on a daily basis.

It captures unseen allergens in the air that naked eye can’t see, what could be deadly if we are induced and left alone in our system. It also contains the capacity to fight germs and other airborne viruses and bacterias that are possibly dangerous for our health. Additionally, the air purifier includes charcoal properties that eliminate odors around the house which can cause allergic reactions to our senses.


The last innovation in technology allows the Germ Guardian to reduce the airborne allergens that could trigger asthma or other lung allergies. Medical professionals recommend it to help the immune system fighting the unseen air striking bacteria or allergens. Its features are combined with the latest technology known as HEPA.

HEPA is responsible for trapping 99.97% of dust particles in the air. Those vacuum cleaners are very famous, and people use it with pleasure. It sucks in the air to filter it and traps unnecessary microbes that could be potentially harmful if they get in your lungs. It is also built to ensure the heavy duty use of it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With its use maximized, it is also certified to be an energy efficient machine.

Advantages of Germ Guardian

Ultimately the goal is to have a clean and safe air circulating in our home. The advantage of having units set up in our home space to filter, clean and sustain a bacteria free atmosphere, can save lives and help us boost our immune system by breathing only clean and safe air. Its presence in our home is a far cry from the air we breathe when we are in the streets, the market or even the mall.

The tendency of our lungs breathing in healthy air is a significant factor we are willing to invest on, especially those who have kids at home. Aside from the added protection of having screens in our homes, the air purifier filters out even the microbes that get through the screen into our homes. This alone is another safe procedure for the clean air we need.

Germ Guardian Disadvantages

As much as the air is clean, sanitized and microbes free in our home, the cost of the Germ Guardian can be pricey if you intend to put this in all the key rooms of your home. It sure can withstand the use of 24 by 7 but it also is coupled with a higher electric bill and other considerations regarding electricity. You may also need to position the filter in every room correctly, so it doesn’t hinder your day to day activities and still be functional at the same time.

Another con would be with the secure air you have in your home, going outside or breathing in the unsanitized air might compromise your immune system thus having your body work overtime to comprehend with the changes outside your home.


Overall, purifying the air we breathe is yet another science breakthrough and another precautionary step for us to keep making sure our lives are well spent with those that matter to us. The idea of having clean, sanitized and germ-free air around your home maybe a dream but more and more households are making that choice. Not only for themselves but everyone living in the home.

What matters at the end of the day is that we are assured that the number one need as a human to survive is clean and safe air. Uncompromised air means uncompromised well-being and that we can go to bed at night knowing that the air we are breathing will be the same unadulterated air when we wake the next day. The priceless satisfaction of knowing that we breathe in clean and germ-free air. After all, the world is a better place with clean and safe air to breathe in.

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