Fellowes AeraMax – Efficient and Compact Air Purifiers

In this article, we’ll share with you our review on the line of purifiers known as FellowesAeraMax air purifiers. These air purifying machines render services that set it apart from many other manufacturers’ devices.

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The advantages of this device are so many that most buyers will fall for it. One of the greatest attraction of this device is that each of AeraMax air purifier holds a variety of certifications that prove their quality and safety: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Certification ensure that it meets a strict set of standards which are focused on helping asthmatics and those prone to allergies Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers believes it to deliver the highest quality of filtered air California Air Resource Board Certification affirms low concentration of ozone emissions UL ListedCertification  certify physical and environmental safety of this device. The air purifiers product line also consists of models depending on the size of the room you want to purify the air in will determine which air purifier is the best option for you.

Ideal For Medium Sized Rooms

AeraMax 100/DX5 is good for small sized rooms (100-200 sq. ft.) AeraMax 200/DX55 is good for medium sized rooms (200-400 sq. ft.). DB5 was made specifically for small baby rooms (100-200 sq. ft.). AeraMax 300/DX95 is good for large sized rooms (300-600 sq. ft.) The real spark in these AeraMax air purifying machines is its special features 4-Stage air purification process that delivers tremendous results True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size (pollen, pet dander, mold spores, dust and other allergens).


Carbon filter reduces smells and odors Antimicrobial Treatment prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi on the True HEPA filter and prolongs its life Mechanism that emits ions into the air to reduce contaminants while not producing harmful ozone (can be turned on or off). AeraSmart Sensor technology that monitors the quality of the air and adjusts the device automatically to remove airborne contaminants at the fastest rate Aera+ Mode which increases the air turnover rate by 35-50% to capture more allergy-inducing particles from the air.

A touch screen display panel is also available it allows you to easily change the settings for the device and includes visual indicators to alert for when the filters need replacement.

Among other features, DB5 air purifier has a child lock option on the display panel to prevent accidental changes. It also includes a quiet mode setting and night mode to dim the lights for a comfy sleep Operation of the device is noise free Effective for pollen and pet allergies, excellent at eliminating influenza virus.

The DB5 purifier also comes with an exceptional child lock option. This option is easily accessible on the display panel. The purifier also comes with a built in quiet mode setting and a night mode setting that you can use to dim the lights, which would help your eyes and in return help you sleep better. The device is also highly effective against pollen and pet allergies and is capable of eliminating any type of influenza virus.


Don’t have to pay extra for too powerful of a device. Includes a three-year limited warranty. It is reasonably priced, considering its very powerful features. Its portability is one of its advantages over other heavier and bulkier brands. Looking at so many attractions and benefits it justified overlooking bit of disadvantages this device carries. Gives off a slight odor when first operating, but eventually vanishes Plasma TRUE technology may affect people with multiple chemical sensitivities.

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