Febreze HEPA-Type Mini Tower Review

The Febreze HEPA-Type Mini Tower is the air purifier that removes unwanted odors and reduces dust for much cleaner purer air and a pleasant smelling home.

Why should I buy this product? Who is it aimed at?

This device is perfect for those who suffer from allergies and also those who suffer from conditions like asthma. Dust can be the main culprit for triggering these allergies along with pet hair. This small but powerful device filters through the air getting rid of dust. In fact, this device can capture up to 99% of dust particles within its filtering system and other materials such as small pet hairs and at the same time get rid of unwanted odors with it’s built in air freshener leaving your home dust-free and smelling fresh!

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With the Febreze HEPA-Type Mini Tower, you will never have to worry about allergies being triggered or bad smells lurking around the place.

Febreze HEPA-Type Mini Tower Features

This product is electronic and comes with a mains supply just plug it into your nearest socket once you have set up to use the purifier. On the top of the tower, you will find two separate dials. One controls the scent potency and the other controls the fan. With the scent dial, you can choose how strong or how weak you want the scent to be. You will receive 2 Scent Cartridges with this product, one linen, and one sky scented. Other cartridges such as spring and renewal scents can be purchased separately. On top of the tower located on the left-hand side of both dials, there is a small opening, and this is where the cartridges should be placed.

Below the scent dial, there is a second dial that controls the strength of air flow. Marked above the dial are the numbers 0-3 these are the different air levels you can choose for the fan. Before you use the fan make sure to take out the filter from the back of the device and remove the plastic packaging as this can make a lot of noise if not removed. It will also affect the amount of scent produced. Once you have removed the plastic packaging, place the filter back into its slot with the black colored side facing outwards then clip on the plastic protector again to ensure the filter is fully fitted in at all times for best use.

Other features available are a scent reset button and a filter reset. These two buttons are located on the right-hand side of the two dials. The scent reset button should be used when replacing an empty scent cartridge with a new one to reset the scent system and ready for a new cartridge to be put in place. The same also applies to the electronic filter. Once a new filter has been fitted press the filter reset button so that the device can detect the new filter that has been fitted and you are ready to use it once again. This device also features a scent and filter replacement reminder that tells you when you are due for a new scent cartridge or filter replacement. Next, to the two reset buttons, there are 2 LED lights. These light up to show when either the filter or scent needs replacing so you will always know when it’s due for a filter or scent change.


  • Quiet while in use
  • Small, fits in just about anywhere within the house
  • Filter and scent replacement reset and indicators
  • Electronically powered by mains
  • Sustainable
  • Filter is easy to take out and clean
  • Adjustable scent potency
  • Three levels for air cleaning• Reasonable price
  • Relieves asthma and allergy symptoms


  • Will have to buy replacement cartridges over time
  • Filter may become damaged from wear and tear, and it will also have to be replaced
  • Scent output is weak
  • Scent cartridges are not long lasting


The Febreze HEPA-Type Mini Tower is a great little device to have around your home. With its quiet fan and soft scent produced, you can easily leave it running throughout the day to ensure your home is dust and odor free. This product is great for the price too with its great multiple features such as the scent and air flow dials giving you the chance to decide how fresh and clean the air is, and it’s amazing filtering technology to give your home that boost of fresh air it needs. I hope that this Febreze review will help you decide to buy this fantastic product.

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