Envion Therapure Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier – Review

Envion Therapure Ionic Pro Turbo is a different type of air purifier than the usual air purifier with HEPA filter. It works totally differently, but unfortunately, it is not as efficient as the air purifier with a HEPA filter. But please keep on reading this review about Envion Therapure Ionic Pro Turbo because you may find it useful.

Like all products, it has advantages and disadvantages. We already throw one huge disadvantage on the paper, but there are many advantages that this air purifier offers.

Envion Therapure Ionic Pro Turbo

If you are looking for a small, quiet, totally silent air purifier, then we can say that Ionic Pro air purifier offers that and that is its most significant advantage. Probably that advantage is the main reason why people buy it. 

Therapure Ionic Pro Turbo Specifications

Below is a complete list of important specifications and features included on the Envion Therapure Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier:

Manufacturer Envion
Model Therapure Ionic Pro Turbo
Dimensions 7.5 x 28.5 x 9.5 inches
Filters No filters
Ionizer Yes
Coverage 500 sq. ft.
Warranty 1-year limited
User manual PDF

Review of Envion Therapure Ionic Pro Turbo Features

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000H0RZB0&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=apfpi 20&language=en USEnvion Therapure Ionic Pro Turbo

Feature Info
Easy To Clean Our front-loading collection blade makes clean-up a breeze and you’ll never have to replace a filter.
User Friendly Simple to use and set to your desired speed and uses less energy than a compact fluorescent bulb.

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Silent at Work

There are no fans and other technology inside Ionic Pro air purifier that can create noise. That feature makes it totally silent and ideal air purifier for a bedroom.

Ionic Purification

Unfortunately Ionic Pro Turbo does not use HEPA filter, which means that the air is actually not filtered. However, Envion claims that this little silent air purifier is capable of removing 99,9% of airborne particles. And not only is this simple technology good enough to remove almost all from the air, but they also claim that this air purifier can remove viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. 

Without HEPA filter, one can be suspicious about these claims but let’s look at how this air purifier works. This air purifier is ion generator; it releases negative ions to the air, which then spread all over the room, then these negative ions connect with particles and change their polarity. After that particles are pulled into the air purifier. They are drawn like a magnet pulls metal. Now I am not sure if this technology is capable of removing so many particles from the air, but if the manufacturer claims that who am I to question them.

Made For Medium to Large Room

Envion claims that this air purifier is strong enough to filter the air three times per hour in a room as large as 500 square feet. These claims are perfect for the office or home. 

No Need to Replace Filter

Maintenance cost for this air purifier is as low as it gets. No filter needs to be replaced, and all you need to do to make this air purifier work at maximum performance is clean the filter. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt from the front-loading collection blade. If there is too much dirt, you can even use water, but it is highly recommendable to dry the air purifier before the usage or else you may get electroshock. Also, we all know who loves the damp places, mold. Keep the air purifier dry, so no mold is spreading inside the air purifier. 

Tower Design

Design is another good advantage of this air purifier. Ionic Pro uses the well-known design of a tower air purifier. Tower air purifiers are proven to work efficiently. They also take less space in the room. 

Simple Option Panel

It is not much you can do with this air purifier. You can choose one of the three-speed on your disposal, and that’s about it. The only worth mentioning a thing on the panel is the clean indicator. When the clean lamp goes on, you should clean the filter. That indicator is very useful because now at least you know when to clean the filter. Previous air purifiers that used the same technology did not have this option and that what makes Ionic Pro a better choice than the other electrostatic air purifiers.

No Carbon Filter But Removes Odor

Ionic Pro does not have a carbon filter to remove bad odor from the air, but thanks to the ion generator; it can remove bad smells pretty good. It is well known that the ionization process can remove all kinds of bad smells from the air. Some people say that ionization sometimes works better than carbon filter. Nevertheless, I would always prefer a carbon filter over the ionization process to remove bad odor.

Does it Emit Ozone?

That is the most controversial question you can ask the manufacturer who produces electrostatic products. Every device emits more or less ozone. Unfortunately, ion emitting air purifiers have a bad reputation about emitting dangerous levels of ozone. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about how harmful are the levels of ozone measured in the house. However, there is a test that proves that Ionic Pro is releasing less ozone than the previously known ion generators. In fact, by some standards, depending on where you live Ionic Pro is a safe air purifier. 

Who Should Buy Ionic Pro?

Well, it is hard to say what is the best usage of this air purifier, but I know that you should not sleep in a room where Ionic Pro Turbo air purifier is releasing ions. In fact, I would recommend anyone to not stay in a room where Ionic Pro is working. If you have any kind of health issues, you should not buy Ionic Pro.

The only thing that pops in my mind for good usage of Ionic Pro is to use the air purifier in an empty room like a cellar to remove mold and bad smell. Maybe use in the attic to remove bad odor. In fact, use it where no living beings are living.

Pros and Cons

To revise, here are advantages and disadvantages of Ionic Pro Turbo:


  • Cool Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • No Filter
  • Silent


  • For an air purifier without HEPA filter, the price of Ionic Pro is a bit high if you ask me.
  • Ozone is also an unanswered question when we talk about air purifiers that emit ozone.

Final Thoughts

Ionic Pro is not affordable; no question ask. The price you pay is high, the only thing that you would pay this price is because this air purifier emits extremely low amounts of ozone.

The other reason to buy this air purifier is low maintenance and no need to replace filters. And if the claims of the manufacturer are the truth and this air purifier is capable of killing bacteria and viruses maybe then it is worth it.

Update Log

October 22, 2020 – We have improved the article design, added specifications, and rechecked some information about the product.


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