Dyson Pure Hot + Cool – Great Looking Air Purifier Review

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier is intelligent air purifier for people that appreciate clean air and good looking device in the room. Trust me, every visitor that comes to your place will ask you about the device. Dyson made an amazingly attractive design that looks like some device from far future and nobody will guess that this is an air purifier. It looks like hologram device or time traveling tool.

Knowing that device looks futuristic, it is maybe not an appropriate tool for vintage rooms with old vintage types of furniture. Dyson best fits into modern rooms.

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Attractive Look With Amazing Air Filtering Capabilities

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier removes particles, allergens, and odors just like any other decent air purifier with True Hepa Filter and Active Carbon Filter. But Dyson implemented many interesting and cool features.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool  Features

Remote Control

With a remote controller, you won’t need to stand up and change the mode or speed of the air flow, all of this you can do from laying in the chair.

Thermostatic Control

Air Purifier has a thermostat, and you can get heated in winter and cooled in summer. But don’t get this feature wrong, it won’t cool the air in the room because this is not an air conditioner, it does not have a refrigerator.

Auto Mode

A fantastic feature that many people find useful is the auto mode, you just turn on auto mode, and air purifier will do everything on its own. You will not need to bother with air purifier again unless you want to change something.

Air Flow Trough Room

With motors that you can turn off and on you can make air purifier flow the air from left to right and in that way keep air moving trough the room. With this feature, air will be fresher. Also, Dyson uses a bladeless fan which will make air flow trough the room.

Cheap Maintenance

To clean the air purifier, you can just wipe it with a cloth. And for cleaning filters, you don’t need to do anything because filters are replaceable and Dyson estimates that every 12 months you should replace filters. But if you are living in a clean air area and you use scheduled smartphone application that Dyson offers to every customer you can make your filters last even longer than 12 months.

Dyson Link App

With Dyson Link App you can remote control the air purifier. With this application, you can also monitor and keep a record of the air quality in the room. If you want to save air purifier from working while you are not at home, you can easily make a schedule when purification should start and end by just using your smartphone.

Unique Filtering Technology

Glass HEPA Borosilicate is a highly useful filter that will remove everything down to 0.01 microns. That is about 99.95% of particles. This kind of HEPA filters are must have options for people that suffer from allergies.

Active Graphite Filter is just like Active Carbon Filter; it will remove odors, bad smells from the room by using graphite crystals that are layered around the air purifier.

Tris-Impregnated Graphite

Many other air purifiers don’t have this filter. But this filter is capable of capturing potentially harmful gases like formaldehyde. Tris-Impregnated Graphite will make sure toxins in the air are removed.


  • Air purifier with a fantastic design that will fit every modern room.
  • It has lots of features and options.
  • It offers a hot or cold air flow, just like an air fan.
  • Dyson uses high-quality technology at filtering particles, odors, and potentially hazardous gases.
  • You can use your smartphone to control and monitor air purifier.


  • It cost a little bit more than other air purifiers, but you will get what you paid for.

Final Verdict

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier is built for modern families that care about the air quality in the room. Air purifier comes with unique futuristic design and will fit very good into new homes with modern types of furniture. Dyson uses the latest technology in air filtration and guarantees that they filters will work as advertised. After 12 months you will probably need to change filters because of too much dirt on them.

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