Dyson Pure Cool Me Review

Dyson Pure Cool Me is a time traveler from the future. If you have seen any of the Dyson air purifiers before you know what I am talking about. Pure Cool Me is one step above that, and not only it looks like some advanced high-tech equipment, but it also has some unique features. We will talk about these features later, but for now, let me say that I am pleased to see another great Dyson air purifier on the market.

Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier

The most significant selling point of Dyson Pure Cool Me is the fact that it purifies the air and then directs that air directly where you need it with their unique patented core flow technology.

Dyson Pure Cool Me Features

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Feature Info
A comfortable night’s sleep At night, you can set the sleep timer anywhere between 15 minutes and 9 hours. So you can keep cool and comfortable while you rest.
Easy filter maintenance Built-in reminders show you when your filter needs changing. It’s quick and easy to do, to ensure your machine is always working at its best.

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Dyson Pure Cool Me reminds of a robot R2D2 from Star Wars movies. Air is entering into the body of the air purifier on 70%angle, which means you can put it at the wall or even a corner. Air will be ingested and released through the adjustable dome on top of the air purifier.

Adjustable Dome for Precise Air Flow

The dome can be adjusted, and by adjusting it, you can precisely direct the air where you want it. For example, in the office, you want the fresh air flow directly into your mouth. Or when you are sleeping, you need to adjust the dome towards the bed. The air purifier can be in the corner, and the only thing you need to do is adjust dome. The adjustable dome is an excellent feature of Dyson Pure Cool Me because now you don’t need to move air purifier, you simply adjust dome to point the airflow in the desired direction.

Sealed Filter

Filters in this air purifier are sealed, and that means that you can simply replace them because they are combined together into one big filter. The true HEPA filter is the primary filter in the combination and is responsible for removing 99,97% of airborne particles. Dyson uses a glass HEPA layer to provide even higher efficiency. The activated carbon filter is also part of the combination, and that only means that bad smell, odor, and other unwanted gases will be removed as well.

The third-party tested Dyson Pure Cool Me in the laboratory and proved that the air purifier is capable of removing 99,97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

There is no better proof that this air purifier is capable of removing allergens and other pathogens from the air that can trigger allergic reactions or asthma than being listed as one of the air purifiers approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. If you have allergy problems, or maybe you suffer from asthma attacks, then without too much hesitation, you should get Dyson Pure Cool Me. Dyson Pure Cool Me will remove all pollutants that can trigger attacks from the air in no time.

LCD Display

On a small LCD display at the bottom of the air purifier, you can see the current fan speed, mode, and filter life.

Quiet and Ideal For Bedroom

This air purifier is one of the best air purifiers for the bedroom. As already mentioned ability to direct the cool airflow is an ideal feature for a bedroom. You can place the air purifier away from the bed but direct the airflow, so you always have fresh air coming from the air purifier. 

Dyson Pure Cool Me is awarded a Quiet Mark certificate, which makes it one of the best low noise air purifiers on the market. This device is what every bedroom needs for a good night’s sleep.

Remote Control

Dyson Pure Cool Me is not a WiFi-enabled air purifier, but it has a remote controller that can be used to choose settings and adjust everything that needs to be adjusted for optimal air in the room. No need to walk to the air purifier, all settings can be done from the chair.

Filter Replacement

Replacing filters in Dyson Pure Cool Me was never so easy. Since the air purifier uses a fully sealed filter, then that means that all you need to do is get the old filter out and insert the new one in. No need for the tech-savvy or any help, everyone can replace the filter.

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Feature Info
Dual layer Dual layer HEPA filter removes allergens, pollutants and gases.
Compatibility Compatible with first generation Dyson tower purifiers Dyson Pure Cool Link.

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The new filter is not expensive and will last for one year if you use the air purifier every day for at least 12 hours per day. In reality, that means that filters will probably last longer than one year. However, to have optimal performance, always look at the filter indicator, which will tell you when filters need to be replaced. And remember, always use the original Dyson filter that fits your model. Only that way you can be sure you are purifying air at the maximum performance. If you use third-party filters, then there is a high chance that you will not use a true HEPA filter and remove 99,97% of airborne particles from the air.


  • Cool Design
  • Advanced Technology
  • High-Quality Material
  • Cool Air
  • Ideal For Bedroom
  • Certified and Awarded Air Purifier
  • Powerful True HEPA Filter
  • Good for Asthma Patients
  • Allergy-Friendly
  • Remote Control


  • Price is the only factor that may be a problem for some people


Dyson Pure Cool Me is one hell of an air purifier. Certified and awarded is one of the air purifiers that everyone wants. As an ideal bedroom air purifier, many people buy this product for better night sleep. We know-how is essential to be fresh in the morning and not drowsy, not able to work. In the office, this air purifier can also boost your performance because when breathing clean, cool air, your brain is working at a higher capacity. We know that stale, polluted air makes us sleepy. How can you work when you are tired?

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