Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier – Review

Blue Pure 121 is made by Blueair, which is a leader in air purifier production. They built many different air purifiers that cover many people’s needs.

Blueair 121 is a decent model with the ability to be used in a large room as 620 sq. ft. If for whatever reason, is used in a smaller room, then the performance will be higher, and if used in a larger room than 620 sq. ft., performance will drop.

Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier - Review

Blue Pure 121 air purifier is popular because it has the power to remove mold, smoke, dust, dander, and even bacteria. Thanks to the mighty filters, your home can finally serve fresh, clean air free from unwanted airborne particles.

Blueair 121 Specifications

Below is a complete list of important specifications and features included on the Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier:

Manufacturer Blueair
Model Blue Pure 121
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 28.2 inches
Filters Pre-filter, Particle Filter and Carbon Filter
Coverage 620 sq. ft.
Warranty 2-year
User manual PDF

Blue Pure 121 Features

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Feature Info
Quiet Whisper Quiet operation enabled by advanced filters that allow for a higher air flow at a lower noise level.
Energy Star Rated Energy star rated for best in class energy performance.
For Large Rooms Filters the air at a rate of approx. 5x an hour (or about every 12 minutes) in a 620 ft² room to effectively lower particle levels in open-concept floor plans, studios & basements​.

Blueair 121 comes with many features, but the most significant is the filtration system. The filtration system in Blue Pure 121 is very strong, and because of that, it is capable of removing all the previously mentioned particles.


The size of the Blueair 121 air purifier is not small. It looks like a recycle bin, but thanks to the fabric that covers the air purifier, you can customize it. You can use any color you like. With such a customization feature, you can easily blend it into the room. There is just one button that you use to turn it on and choose the desired speed.

3 Level Filtration

Pre-filter is the first stage of filtration, it is made from fabric and it will remove all big particles. You can wash this pre-filter in the wasching machine since it is made only from fabric.

The second stage of filtration is the particle filter. The particle filter is capable of removing 99% of airborne particles at the size of PM2.5. In other words, this air purifier does not have a True HEPA filter and in that way, is not effective as a true HEPA air purifier.

The last stage of filtration is the carbon filter. The carbon filter is large and will do an excellent job of removing bad odors. Smoke, VOCs, cooking smells you name it; all can be very efficiently removed with Blue Pure 121 and its powerful carbon filter.

Silent Work

Blueair 121 air purifier can be easily used in the bedroom. Thanks to the advanced filters that have high airflow, this air purifier can work at low speed. When on low-speed, the noise is drastically reduced.

Large Room Cover

As already mentioned, the Blueair 121 air purifier is very good in a large room. Thanks to its design, it can drag air from 360°. You should consider placing it in the middle of the room and in such a way, make sure all the corners of the room are filtered evenly.

With three fan speeds at its disposal, even large rooms can be filtered fast. Also, if you let it run at the highest speed for a longer time, it won’t make your energy bill go up. Blueair 121 is energy star certified, which means that it can operate 24/7 without the high cost.

CADR and AHAM Ratings

Blue Pure 121 is rated by AHAM and has a pretty high CADR of 400. This number is not small, and in such a large room, this air purifier is proven to clean the air at a really fast speed. 

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Replacement Filter

Unfortunately, filters need to be replaced every six months. At least that is what the manufacturer recommends. But we are recommending it too. Filters need to be functional to provide maximum performance. If the filter’s life is six months, then you need to replace them, or else the air in the room will not be as clean as you like. There are no filter replacement sensors, so you will need to count the days manually. 

Blueair recommends filter replacement every six months, but if you are a light user, maybe you can use them longer. Also, remember always to use genuine BlueAir filter replacements that fit your air purifier model.

Another bad news is that the filters are not cheap. But the filter price is no surprise since this air purifier is large and has large filters. The size of the carbon filter is enormous, and thanks to that, size odors are removed almost instantly. 

Filter replacement is quickly done. You don’t need any help. All you need is to get the old filter out and place the new filter in. Press the button, and new filters are ready to go.

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Feature Info
Original Filter Genuine Blueair Combination Particle + Extra Protection Carbon Replacement filter compatible with Blue Pure 121 air purifiers.
Recyclable This filter is 100% recyclable, so the only thing you’re adding back into the environment is clean air.

Blue Air 121 Price

I have an urge to try to explain this high price on an air purifier that is not having a true HEPA filter. The reason for such a high price is the size of this air purifier. In fact, the size of the filters which are all around the air purifier, making them even larger. Large-sized filters cost money, and because of that, you are paying the high initial price, but also filter replacement costs are a bit higher than in other models.

Pros and Cons

To revise, here are advantages and disadvantages of the Blueair 121 air purifier:


  • Powerful
  • Cool Customizable Design
  • High CADR
  • AHAM Approved
  • Silent
  • High-Quality Material


  • Price
  • No HEPA Filter
  • Filters Lifespan is Only Six Months


Final Thoughts

Blueair 121 air purifier is ideal for people who have large rooms but are not really suffering from allergies and other unwanted symptoms that some minuscule airborne particles cause.

Since there is no True HEPA filter, some unwanted airborne particles will go through. If you are having serious problems with allergies, then maybe you should look at other air purifiers with a true HEPA filter.

Blueair Classic series have True HEPA filters, and they may help you more than Blue Pure 121. Still, Blue Pure 121 is a decent air purifier and has its own customers. Customers that need clean air at a fast speed and above all customers that need to have air free from bad smells all the time.

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