Blueair 503 Review – Low Noise and Ideal for Large Rooms

Blueair is an established name in the air purifier arena. It has a very deep market penetration owing to its premium products and after sales support and service. Blueair offers modern, stylish yet conservative designs.

The products are constructed with solid stainless steel with extra emphasis on engineering. Another aspect of Blueair products is the high sound-to-cleaning ratio. All these factors have contributed to the great reputation that the company presently enjoys. Designing an air cleaner is a daunting task An efficient HEPA system is supposed to limit the flow of air and seal the filters in a tight manner to make sure that the particles are captured.

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But this poses another problem: high internal pressure could be created due to tight design and strong fans raising the costs of the product and creating more noise. Cheap or low priced air purifiers would usually allow a modicum of bypassing – the air that manages to leak through the filters. This is because bypassing allows for airflow that cools the motors because they are vulnerable. Blueair 503 has not completely solved the bypassing issue, but it has managed to produced a ‘freely flowing air cleaner’ which is efficient, quiet, and powerful.


1. The best thing about Blueair 503 air purifier is that it features ‘hybrid polypropylene electrostatic filters.’ These serve to reduce the resistance when they are producing particle capturing efficiency.

2. Another advantage of the Blueair 503 HEPA air purifier is that it consumes minimal energy. Moreover, it produces very little noise. The Blueair air purifier has shown very high scores on the CADR test which is usually used for measuring air cleaner efficiency.

3. The Blueair 503 does not feature electronic sensors or automatic settings. It has four-speed control option.

4. The fan inside the Blueair 503 is located right at the bottom of the specimen which blows through three exhaust ports one of which is located at the top while the other two are present on the sides. All the ports have their filters.

5. The Blueair 530 comes with separate prefilters which are easily washable. These filters will collect the big dust particles, and help extend the life of the main filters.

6. The Blueair 503 requires the user to replace the filters frequently. There is also a risk of dust gathering inside the model. If the fan is coated with dust, it becomes tough to clean the dust off it.

7. Like its predecessor, the Blueair 501, the Blueair 503 is also one of the best air purifiers available. It can give five complete air changes within an hour inside a large room.

8. Users are required to vacuum the entire model from the inside and the outside after every change of filters.

9. The Blueair 503 does not come with prefilters installed. The prefilter is very useful when it comes to handling large particles of dust. This may affect the CADR rating, but it also allows the finer particles of dust to get inside the air cleaner. This means that the main filters will be required to collect all the dust particles.

10. The Blueair 503 removes particles which are its primary focus. The specimen may not be suitable for situations where chemical or any other kind of odor is involved.


The Blueair 503 is one of the best air purifiers. It offers solid performance and can clean the air within reasonably large rooms. Of course, the price of the model is a little bit on the higher side; it is still comparable to some of the other brands currently available in the market. Tests have revealed that the Blueair 503 is fast as well as effective. It comes with a 5-year warranty. The only thing that the user must remember at all times is to change the filters.

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