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Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier with Particle and Carbon Filter Review

Blue Pure 411 is an exciting air purifier. It looks like a tube with water. You can even buy it in the blue waterish color with a white top. This cleverly made design will fit any room because the device will not stand out because of poor simple design that looks like an ordinary home device.

This air purifier is also powerful; it can catch most of the airborne particles and is capable of delivering fresh air at a high rate. Because of that is one of the best choices considering the air purification.

Blue Pure 411 Features

Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier 3 Stage with Two Washable Pre-Filters

Feature Info
More clean air Drawing in air from each and every side of the Blue Pure 411; the enhanced filtration ensures no pollutant escapes the might of the 161 sq. ft. cleaning power and 120 cubic ft/min Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).
Less energy
No one said being friendly to the environment and saving money were mutually exclusive; using just 1.5 watts, the Blue Pure 411 uses less energy than an LED light bulb.

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No HEPA Filter But

Unfortunately, this device does not have HEPA filter which we all love because HEPA filters are the best filters on the market and are the only filters that are capable of removing almost 100% of airborne particles from the air. But still with the current filter and the purification system made by BlueAir this device is capable of removing 99% of particles from the air. It can remove dust, pet dander, pollen, smoke, mold and other known allergens.  Maybe some of them will get through but the majority will be caught. The good thing is also that this little device is powerful enough to filter the air five times in one hour and if some of the particles got away in the first cleaning very soon filter will try to catch them again. It is ideal for the rooms of the 161 square feet. If you place it in larger rooms, the performance may struggle, and same goes if you put it in a smaller room, then the air purifier will work even better and clean the air even faster.

Replacement Filters

The primary filter is contained of the particle filter and activated carbon filter. It is recommended to change this filter every six months for best performance. Since these two filters are very important in this air purifier, I suggest you do the six-month replacement. The activated carbon filter will have more power to remove bad odor from the air and particle filter will have more space to catch all that nasty tiny particles that want to harm your health.

Washable pre filter is also replaceable, but you don’t need to replace this filter if you really don’t need to or want to. A washable pre filter is in the device to catch all the big particles, and when this filter gets dirty you can simply throw it in the washing machine and after the cleaning is done, you can use it without any problems. Maybe is a good idea to have two of these washable pre filters so once one gets dirty you replace it with the clean one when the dirty one is in the washing machine. These washable pre filters come in many colors, Lunar Rock, Diva Blue, Crystal Pink, Budd Yellow and Dark Shadow. These colorful filters also have a cool name.

How Blue Pure 411 Works

Since it does not have a HEPA graded filter, then you are probably wondering how it works. And it is a very standard and straightforward air purifier just like the ones with the HEPA filter. It has three stages of filtration.

First Stage

Colorful, washable filter is the first line of filtration and will catch all the big particles. Its main job is to try to catch as much as possible particles from the air. When this filter gets dirty, you can quickly wash it and set it for more work.

Second Stage

In this second stage should be HEPA filter. But it is not, so it is a decent filter capable of grabbing 99% of airborne particles. This is not a bad number, but it is not good as HEPA filter. Still, it is good enough to consider this air purifier as a good choice for fresh air in the home.

Third Stage

As you probably know, something needs to remove the bad smell from the room. This action is done by the carbon filter. The activated carbon filter is large enough to keep the room clean from bad smells like smoke, pets, burnt food or whatever smell that makes you uncomfortable.

Less Energy Consumption Equals Less Noise

The statement above is not often true. We have read about air purifiers that are having energy star certificate, but they are still noisy. Blue Pure 411 is a low noise purifier which means that you can use it in the bedroom without any concerns about your good night sleep. Thanks to the three-speed setting you can select the low, and you will not even hear the air purifier working. And all that work is done with low energy consumption. Blue Pure 411 have an Energy Star certificate which means that with this device you are saving money on the energy.

Easy to Use

BlueAir has models with mobile applications where you can adjust many things and monitor the air quality in the real time, but not in this model. This model is easy to use air purifier which you simply turn on and set the speed of filtration. That is all you need to do to get fresh air in the room.


  • Affordable Price
  • Washable Pre Filter in Many Different Colors
  • Simple to Use with 3 Fan Speeds
  • Strong Air Purification Performance
  • Ideal for Living Room, Bedroom, and Even Office.
  • Quiet Enough For a Good Night Sleep
  • Interesting Design


  • Too bad it doesn’t have a True HEPA filter.


If you are having a 100 to 175 square feet room and you are looking for some device to filter the air, and you don’t want to pay a large amount of money then this air purifier is the best choice. In that room size, its performance is the best and is capable of 5 air filtrations in only one hour. The air in the room cannot get dirty that fast which means as long as this device is running you will have clean, fresh air. I know it doesn’t have HEPA filter, but the particle filter in this device is good enough to be a good choice for an affordable air purifier.

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