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Austin Air B410B1 Pet Machine Air Purifier is made by Austin Air company. Austin Air is a well-known company in the USA. The company is an expert in the air purifier field.

The Austin Air has air purifiers for a bedroom, babies, and allergy patients. They love to make air purifiers for a specific group of people, and the Austin Air Pet Machine is created to be the ultimate air purifier that every pet owner needs to have.

Austin Air B410B1 Pet Machine Air Purifier

The Austin Air Pet Machine has a strong carbon filter and is very powerful power and capable of sucking all the pet dander and hair. A big carbon filter is needed to remove a stinky pet odor. Some regular air purifiers lack the ability to remove all the unwanted odors.

Austin Air Pet Machine Features

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Feature Info
People With Pets Designed specifically for people with pets looking to remove unwanted odors, pet dander and animal allergens from the home.
True Medical Grade HEPA Filter True medical grade HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns; proprietary blend of over 780 cubic inches of impregnated carbon and zeolite filtration removes chemicals, gases and odors like ammoniums.

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Ideal for Pet Owners

As the name suggests, the Austin Air air purifier is a perfect solution for pet owners.

People who keep pets in the house know how bad odor can spread through the home. The best solution to remove that lousy odor is to use an air purifier, and there is no better air purifier than Pet Machine to do the job.

Also, people who bread exotic birds or other exotic pets may benefit from this air purifier not only the bird’s smell will be removed, but also allergens and other airborne particles that may harm exotic animals will be eliminated.

True Medical Grade HEPA Filter

All the power of this air purifier comes from its filters. True Medical Grade HEPA Filter is a powerful filter that can remove 99,97% of airborne particles, and since it is a medical-grade filter, then no harmful bacteria will grow on the filters.

The HEPA filter is also coated with zeolite and carbon filter to provide even better odor removal. And not only odor is removed from the home, but also gases, chemicals, and other harmful chemicals that may fly through the air.

Allergy Destroyer

With such a powerful filtration system, it would be wrong not to say that this Pet Machine air purifier can also be used against allergies. With such power, allergies that trigger asthma attacks, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, runny nose, and dry mouth will be removed from the room. 

Ideal for Bedroom

Some allergy pathogens can make your sleep poorly. And today, you have many studies supporting the claim that sleep is essential. We should sleep long and deep. When allergies that cause sneezing, dry mouth, snoring are flying in the bedroom, you can’t get enough sleep. Because of that, Pet Machine is also a good addition if you want to get a good night’s sleep.


The big box on wheels is nothing special, and you won’t be breathless when you put your eyes for the first time on Austin Air Pet Machine. But don’t let the ordinary design leave a bad impression on you because all the goods and power are inside the air purifier.

Simple to Use

Austin Air’s primary purpose is to filter air, and because of that, Austin Air did not put much of an effort into providing lots of options. All the options are on the knob. By turning the knob, you can choose one of the three-speed settings.

The price you are paying for this air purifier, you would think there will be more options like WiFi connection, an app, or maybe some additional filtrations like UV light.

Strong Air Flow

I guess all the money went to fans and suction power. This air purifier is capable of sucking the air from 360°. You can place it in the middle of the room, and from all corners of the room, air will be quickly purified.

Powerful to Clean Large Room

Austin Air Pet is a large air purifier, 23 inches tall, and almost 15 inches wide makes this air purifier hard to put in a small room. It is recommended to use this air purifier in a room as large as 1500 square feet. If you have a small apartment with this unit, you will probably filter the air in a whole apartment. After all, that is the power of Austin Air Pet Machine, a powerful fan, and powerful suction.


  • Powerful Fan
  • Air Flow from 360°
  • Ideal for Large Room
  • Can be Used In Bedroom
  • Zeolite and Carbon Filter Eliminates All Odor
  • Remove Chemicals from Air
  • Removes Allergies
  • True Medical Grade HEPA Filter


  • Price


Austin Air Pet Machine is ideal for pet owners, but other people can use the benefits of this air purifier as well. With such great filters and powerful fans, this air purifier is ideal for small apartments. The only problem this air purifier has is the price. Design is irrelevant if the air purifier is bought for health reasons, but the price may be too high. Many people just can’t afford to pay the price this air purifier has. 

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