Alen Paralda Air Purifier for Allergies, Dust, Bacteria, and Mold Review

Alen Paralda is the best dust removing, mold removing appliance that you can buy. Alen Paralda air purifier has a rating of 4.6 stars out of five. It is affordable, easy to use and easy to install. It has a UVC light which is excellent in capturing and eliminating germs and other microorganisms. Working alongside UVC light is the HEPA silver filter which helps to reduce dust particles and micro-organisms in the air to help you breathe clean and clear air free of pollutants. The need to dust your home will be decreased by ten times if you have installed the Alen Paralda air purifier.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00AGGF828&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=apfpi 20&language=en USAlen Paralda HEPA Dual Airflow Tower Air Purifier

According to many users, Alen Paralda air purifier is the perfect choice for your bedrooms. It provides the best air cleaning experience and helps you breathe a much fresher and cleaner air than you have ever done before. Your sleeping experience will get a whole lot better just by installing the Alen Paralda air purifier. Reasons why you should purchase and install this appliance are:

Easy to use

Now you can remove mold and remove dust in a blink of an eye. All you have to do is turn on the appliance using a few touch sensitive buttons which are easy to understand even for digitally backward and technologically simple people. Just turn on the appliance and your room is cleaned before you even start to breathe. This appliance can clean rooms up to the size of 500 sq. feet. Alen Paralda is so efficient to remove molds and dust particles that it removes up to 99% dust particles and rids germs to 0.3 microns and more.

Dual vent system

Because it has a dual air venting system, it cleans the room much more efficiently and quickly than any other air purifier in the market due to its innovative design. You can get fresh air and prevention from diseases and allergies for really low price which is economical as compared to any other purifier of this high quality in the market.

The easy and sensitive touch systems make it very easy to operate. The senior citizens suffering from asthma or dust allergies can find the ideal solution in the form of Alen Paralda air purifier.

Replaceable HEPA-Silver Filter

This brand of air purifier provides the best air cleaning experience using it’s easy to replace HEPA-Silver Filter which has a filter that can catch dust particles of very small sizes and helps to remove dust and remove molds to a large extent. It is easy to understand how the filter technology works and needs to be replaced once after every 6 to 9 months which is a long time for any HEPA filter to work for continuously. This technology is extremely effective in achieving the tasks that it was manufactured for thus it deserves to be a part of every household at all times.

Silver Ion technology

The HEPA technology of Alen Paralda air purifier is embedded with the silver ions. This means that silver ion threads are woven around the HEPA technology which enhances its antibacterial properties making it even more efficient in capturing molds and increasing its ability to remove dust particles, and smoke smells, making life to become much more comfortable than it already had been.

Above mentioned are just a few of the benefits of the Alen Paralda air purifier. For the best breathing experience and a comfortable night’s sleep purchase this product as soon as possible. You will only know what you have been missing in life when you purchase this product because it’s worth it. Also, it is available at a very affordable price and is also purchasable at a sale price on Therefore, get your purifier now and know the value of clean, clear air and healthier lungs.

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