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Breathing Fresh Air

Breathable air, best in performance and HEPA pure filter all in one and only Alen Breathesmart, the best air purifier. It is perfect for large rooms, living rooms or even open halls. Within two hours it helps you get rid of all allergens and dust, leaving behind purified air for you.

Alen Breathe Smart - Review

Alen Breathe Smart

This air purifier is worth your money and time indeed the most promising one.

Smart Sensor

It contains a special smart sensor feature that automatically senses air quality and adjusts the airflow on its own. It detects dangerous air particles further making necessary changes but at the same time it conserves energy and extends filter life.

Whisper Max

Whisper Max technology benefits by eliminating annoying high-frequency sounds. It has special fans combined with air chamber that cleans the air maintaining a peaceful environment. Being the best air purifier it helps purify the air by offering four different filter types. It’s amazing that such a small device can provide incredible, immense facilities.

Ease and Portability

The Alen Breath Smart has the entire pleasing features that one looks into an air purifier including HEPA filters those clean 99.97 percent of dust and allergens. It includes an optional ionizer which charges oxygen particles further these charged particles can quickly capture larger particles in the air.

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Light Indicators

The sleek design of Alen Breathesmart makes it the best air purifier. The beautiful design is further accommodated by light indicators. They are very simple to use; there are touch buttons displayed that makes the work even easier. Apart from these, there are three different indicators that help detect harmful pollutants. There are three different colors for them; blue, orange and red. Blue indicates pure air, moderate orange pollutants whereas red indicates dangerous particles.

Pros and Cons

Alen Breathe Smart can be used for medium or large rooms. As compared to other air purifiers it contains a bit larger fan that makes it spin slightly slower but that do not harm its skill to cycle air properly. The noise level is quite high as Alen Breathesmart fan is designed for lower RPM’s and to eliminate higher frequencies. Especially when fan speed is being adjusted automatically, that’s the time when noise is obvious.

Another error in its design is automatic on lights; the blue light emission turns out to be very disturbing while sleeping. Although the air purifier can be used in larger rooms they are best suited for medium sized rooms as it takes a lot of time to clean air in larger rooms, but it will still clean the room despite the size.

Its unit has a CARD rating that is better than many other air purifiers and helps much better in removing smoke dust and pollen. The optional ionizer can be dangerous for lungs especially if you have breathing related issues. Even though the Alen Breathesmarts design is tremendous but it is not compact. Buyers should think and make a place for it before purchasing it.


The Alen Breathe Smart is an exceptional air purifier with some outstanding features and excellent performance. If you want to make your living room look good and classy, then this is the best option for you. The unit has slightly higher noise level, but it contains some modes those can help adjust the noise level. Your indoor pollutants are removed safely and with the help of monitor, the life of your filter is maximized. It has an exceptional warranty and excellent customer service history. This is one of the best air purifiers in the market.

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Other Alen Products

Alen Paralda

The distinct style of Alen Paralda’s distinct successfully combines performance and beauty.   It is one of the best room air purifiers which feature a unique airflow design which circulates the air and cleans it. Its performance is much better than so many other similar models currently in the market.   The Alen Paralda HEPA dual airflow tower comes with an upgraded germ and bacteria filter. Its innovative design allows easy change of filer without any tools or hassles.

The model is an Energy Star Certified specimen which means that it consumes less energy than an ordinary model.   The model can provide optimum performance in rooms or offices with a length up to 500 sq. feet.   It efficiently cleans the air of dust, pollen, bacteria and pet dander.

The tower model comes with a dual purified air venting system. The air enters the tower through its rear and is released after cleaning.   In short, the Alen Paralda HEPA dual airflow tower is one of the best models for purifying the air within your room or office.

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