Smartmi P1 Vs Airdog X3 – Which One Is Smarter? (2022)

In today’s article, I will compare two air purifiers from sister companies, the Smartmi P1 and Airdog X3.

These are two smart air purifiers equipped with many advanced options, of which I would single out the air quality sensor, air quality indicator, auto mode, and smart app. Both devices use the high-quality smart application, which is easy to set up and opens many additional options.

Smartmi P1 Vs Airdog X3 - Air Purifiers Comparison

Smartmi P1 air purifier covers rooms up to 320 sq. ft., while the Airdog X3 covers slightly smaller rooms, up to 215 sq. ft. The filtration technology is the most significant difference between these two air purifiers. Smartmi uses classic filtration technology, while Airdog uses innovative filtration technology containing washable filters.

I want to mention that the Airdgo X3 produces ozone, but in allowed amounts, which means it is safe to use. The Smartmi P1 does not produce ozone!

See the table below for a detailed comparison of the specifications of these two air purifiers.

Smartmi P1 Vs Airdog X3 Specifications

Smartmi P1 air Purifier Airdog X3 Air Purifier
Manufacturer Smartmi Airdog
Model P1 X3
Dimensions 8.6 x 14.2 inches 12 x 12 x 14.5 inches
Room Coverage (4.8 ACH) 320 sq. ft. 215 sq. ft.
Performance Ratings
Filtration Technology Pre-filter, True HEPA Filter, and Carbon-infused Filter Pre-filter, Electrode Generator, Collecting Plate and Carbon Filter
Filter Replacement Indicator Yes Yes
Filter Longevity 6-12 months Washable
Power 30W 27W
Operating Costs Ratings
Fan Speeds 3 – Sleep Mode, Normal Mode, and Max Speed 5 – Sleep Mode, Speed 1, Speed 2, Speed 3, and Speed 4
Air Quality Sensor Yes Yes
Air Quality Indicator Yes Yes
Auto Mode Yes Yes
Smart App Yes Yes
Display Lock Yes Yes
Display Off Yes No
Timer Yes Yes
Light Sensor Yes No
Noise Levels 40.9 – 62.3 dBA 40.8 – 56.1 dBA
Noise Ratings
Warranty 1-year 1-year
In-Depth Review Smartmi P1 Airdog X3
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon
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Which One Does It Better?

The Airdog X3 and Smartmi P1 are two smart air purifiers equipped with plenty of features, and there is essentially no difference between them. However, filtration technology is the most apparent difference between these air purifiers.

The first thing I want to say is that I prefer classic filtration, such as seen on the Smartmi P1, and that’s one of the reasons I chose the Smartmi P1 as a better buying option. Apart from filtration technology, many other characteristics make the Smartmi a better buying option than the Airdog X3.

If you have any questions about these two air purifiers, leave a comment in the comments box below.

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