Levoit Core 300S Vs Xiaomi 4 Compact – Comparison (2023)

The air purifier market is overflowing with compact devices, many of which boast similar specifications, filtration technologies, and even prices, making it very challenging to choose the right one. In this article, I’m comparing the Levoit Core 300S and Xiaomi 4 Compact, hoping to help potential buyers decide between the two.

Xiaomi 4 Compact Vs Levoit Core 300S - Hands-on Comparison
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Both these models are known for their advanced features, including an air quality sensor, air quality indicator, auto mode, and a smart app. These smart air purifiers are among the most feature-packed in the price range.

The Levoit Core 300S covers rooms up to 219 sq. ft., while the Xiaomi 4 Compact covers rooms of nearly the same size, up to 206 sq. ft. This similarity in coverage made it easier for me to run performance tests, where I found the Core 300S to slightly outperform its competitor in terms of air purifying performance.

When it comes to filtration, the Levoit uses a standard 3-stage filtration technology seen in nearly all of Levoit’s air purifiers. I like that this air purifier features a True HEPA filter and a pellet-based activated carbon filter. The Xiaomi 4 Compact also uses a 3-stage filtration technology but lacks a True HEPA filter. Instead, it uses Xiaomi’s High-Efficiency Filter, which performs just as well as a True HEPA filter (according to the manufacturer).

Let’s look at the specification table to compare the differences between these two air purifiers.

Specs: Xiaomi 4 Compact Vs Levoit Core 300S

Product ImageXiaomi 4 CompactLevoit Core 300S
Model4 CompactCore 300S
Dimensions (inches / cm)Φ8.6 x 14 inches (Φ22.0 x 35.5 cm)8.7 x 8.7 x 14.2 inches (22 x 22 x 36 cm)
Weight (pounds / kg)-5.95 lb (2.7 kg)
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)-141 CFM / 240 m³/h
Coverage (4.8 ACH) 206 sq. ft. (19 m²)219 sq. ft. (20 m²)
Performance Ratings
Filtration TechnologyPrimary Filter, Xiaomi’s High Efficiency-Filter, and Activated Carbon FilterPre-filter, True HEPA Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter
Filter Replacement IndicatorYesYes
Filter Life6-12 months6-8 months
Power Consumption 27W26W
Operating Costs Ratings
Number of Fan Speeds3 – Automatic Mode, Sleep Mode, and Manual Mode5 – Sleep Mode, Speed 1, Speed 2, Speed 3, and Auto Mode
Air Quality Sensor YesYes
Air Quality IndicatorYesYes
Auto Mode YesYes
Smart App YesYes
Voice Control YesYes
Other FeaturesN/ADisplay OffDisplay LockTimer
Noise Level (low – high)41.3 – 60.4 dBA41.4 – 65.2 dBA
Noise Ratings
In-Depth ReviewXIaomi 4 CompactLevoit Core 300S
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
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Xiaomi 4 Compact Vs Core 300S – Video Comparison

Which One Does It Better?

In essence, both the Xiaomi 4 Compact and Levoit Core 300S are fantastic air purifiers, and I’m sure that you won’t go wrong with either choice.

These air purifiers are highly efficient, affordable, and have fantastic smart apps. However, the Levoit Core 300S offers a bit more. Not only did the Core 300S perform slightly better in performance tests, but it has several different types of replacement filters, its replacement filters are always in stock, and it’s overall more reliable.

If you have any unanswered questions about these two devices, leave a comment in the comment section below.

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