Blueair 211+ Vs Levoit Core 600S – Trusted Comparison (2023)

Today’s article is about two giant air purifiers, Levoit Core 600S and Blueair 211+. These two huge air purifiers are entirely different; they look different, their design principles are different, and their filtration technology as well as their controls are different too. All stated makes this comparison even more challenging and exciting, and I am sure you will enjoy it.

Levoit Core 600S Vs Blueair 211+ - Hands-on comparison
Photo: / Milan Antonic

The Levoit Core 600S is suitable for rooms of up to 635 sq. ft., while the Blueair 211+ covers slightly smaller rooms of up to 540 sq. ft. These air purifiers will clean the air 4.8 times in one hour in mentioned room sizes.

I must say how astonished I am by the variety of features the Core 600S has built-in, such as an air quality sensor, air quality indicator, auto mode, smart app, and more. In opposition, the Blueair 211+ is a completely minimalistic device with no advanced features. It has only a filter reset indicator and the possibility to be connected with the smart plug, as it turns immediately ON when connected to the power source.

Regarding filtration technology, the Levoit uses a three-stage filtration system consisting of a pre-filter, a True HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. At the same time, the Blueair has a four-stage filtration system, consisting of a pre-filter, particle filter, charcoal filter, and HEPASilent technology. Levoit’s True HEPA and activated carbon filters are my all-time favorites, they are so much more effective than Blueair’s, but I also like the washable pre-filter on the Blueair.

In the continuation of the article, I will compare these two air purifiers along and across, in the end, I will declare a winner.

Specs: Blueair 211+ Vs Levoit Core 600S

Product ImageBlueair 211+Levoit Core 600S
Model211+Core 600S
Dimensions (inches / cm)20.5 x 13 x 13 inches (52.2 x 33 x 33 cm)12.3 x 12.3 x 23.6 inches (31.3 x 31.3 x 60 cm)
Weight (pounds / kg)15 lb (7 kg)13.7 lb (6.2 kg)
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)350 CFM410 CFM (697 m³/h)
Coverage (4.8 ACH) 540 sq. ft. (50 m²)635 sq. ft. (59 m²)
Performance Ratings
Filtration TechnologyWashable Pre-filter, Particle Filter, Carbon Filter, and HEPASilentPre-filter, True HEPA Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter
Filter Replacement IndicatorYesYes
Filter Life6 monthsup to 12 months
Power Consumption 61W49W
Operating Costs Ratings
Number of Fan Speeds3 – Speed 1 (Low), Speed 2 (Medium), and Speed 3 (High)5 – Sleep Mode, Low Mode, Medium Mode, High Mode, and Turbo Mode
Air Quality Sensor NoYes
Air Quality IndicatorNoYes
Auto Mode NoYes
Smart App NoYes
Voice Control NoYes
Other FeaturesSmart PlugLight SensorDisplay InfoDisplay LockTimer
Noise Level (low – high)43.9 – 59.7 dBA43.9 – 68.5 dBA
Noise Ratings
Best Suited For
Living Rooms
Large Spaces
Living Rooms
Large Spaces
Smart Home Integration
In-Depth ReviewBlueair 211+Levoit Core 600S
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Features Overview

Regarding features that each air purifier owns, the scale weighs in favor of the Levoit air purifier since Blueair doesn’t have as many advanced options as Levoit.

Blueair 211+ Vs Levoit Core 600S - Side-by-side
I placed these air purifiers side-by-side. Photo: / Milan Antonic

However, the available Blueair functions are good enough to keep this air purifier a justifiable opponent in this comparison.

Control Panel

As you can see, the Blueair 211+ enjoys a reputation as a pure minimalistic air purifier. You get an all-in-one button placed on the front side. With each button press the fan speed changes, and that is how you control the device. In addition, this button can also be used when you need to reset the filter indicator upon filter replacement.

Contrary to the Blueair air purifier, the Levoit Core 600S air purifier has a control panel on top with plenty of indicators and buttons as an indicator itself. Along, there is also a PM2.5/Timer display. However, this device is fully controllable through the Smart app, which means all these buttons have a correlating Smart app function.

Air Quality Sensor and Air Quality Indicator

One of the first important features that Levoit has as opposed to Blueair is the air quality sensor and an air quality indicator. Coming in the form of an AirSight Plus laser particle sensor, located at the rear side of the unit, this sensor has the task of detecting real-time PM2.5 particles.

Once the real-time data is collected, it gets displayed on top of the device whereas the air quality indicator reacts by emitting a colored light depending on the collected data.

The colors of the indicator may vary from blue to green to orange to red, all based on the level of air pollution in the room.

Levoit Core 600S - AirSight Plus Air Quality Sensor
This image shows Levoit’s AirSight Plus air quality sensor. Photo: / Milan Antonic

This is the simplest way of receiving information on how polluted the air is in the room you are currently residing. Though it seems needless to say I must remind you that all of this you can find in a smart app, too.

Auto Mode 

Being available only within the Levoit air purifier, the Auto mode works correlating with the air quality sensor and indicator. If you turn it ON the air purifier will immediately adjust the fan speed according to the data given by the AirSight Plus sensor and keep it operating as long as it takes for the air to be safe again. Never expect the Auto mode to run at turbo speed. 

You can use this option through a Smart app, in the form of 3 extra modes: the Quiet, the Efficient, and the ECO Auto mode. I will not be explaining it thoroughly now, but if you wish to find out more, check the Levoit review on this link.

Filter Reset Indicator

With this feature installed, you will never have to worry if you would forget to replace the filter. This indicator will light up and notify you of soon filter replacement. The good thing is that both Blueair and Levoit air purifiers have this feature.

Sleep Mode

A sleep mode is another feature only available within the Levoit Core 600S. It is the kind of feature that makes the air purifier your true ally during the night.

By lowering the fan speed to a minimum and turning off all of the indicators within six seconds, you will hardly notice it is running in the background out there in your bedroom. 

Smart App

The Levoit Core 600S can be treated as an advanced air purifier in this comparison, thanks to the VeSync Smart app. VeSync is not just a remote control app; you can find many different information, notifications, and access to some options that are not available directly on the device.

Levoit Core 600S - PM2.5 Readings and Control Options
VeSync app – PM2.5 readings and control options. Photo: / Milan Antonic

The best thing is, it is available for iOS and Android users. 

Smart Plug Compatibility

I have mentioned priorly that the Blueair 211+ is smart plug compatible. Let us be clear, this air purifier doesn’t have some fancy and distinguishing advanced features, and being smart plug compatible cannot compensate for that.

However, this option enables the connection between the air purifier and the user through his cell phone. All that needs to be done is to connect the air purifier to a smart plug, and you will be able to use some basic controlling options. The interesting part is that thanks to this feature the air purifier remembers the last setting before it shut down, and it will continue operating at the same level once you turn it back on.

Screen Off and Lock Screen 

These are two very useful features installed only within Levoit Core 600S. You will find these features precious if you have pets or kids, or even both. The reason is simple: you want to prevent your child or restless pet from interfering with the purifying process of your new favorite home appliance. One simple button hold will keep the unit safe. 

Blueair 211+ Vs Levoit Core 600S - Hands-on comparison
These are very large air purifiers. Photo: / Milan Antonic

Switching the screen off will dim all the indicators on the air purifier and adjust it to, for instance, bedtime. It is pretty much like setting the Sleep mode ON.

Personalized pre-filters

One of the appealing differences that set the Blueair 211+ apart from the Levoit Core 600S is an adjustable design. This is present only within the Blue Pure series of air purifiers, and it seems as if the producer wanted to give its product some extra value or appearance that will make it distinguished among so many air purifiers on the market.

Blueair 211+ Air Purifier - Pre-filter
Blueair 211+ pre-filter samples. Photo: / Milan Antonic

I am talking about the replaceable pre-filter that comes in the form of fabric available in five different colors: Lunar Rock, Crystal Pink, Dark Shadow, Buff Yellow, and Diva Blue.

So, if you are bored or simply want to play with colors and your interior design, you can order different colored pre-filter and replace them very easily.

Light Sensor

Not many air purifiers I tested so far have a light sensor as a feature, but Levoit has it in a bit of an advanced version. If you want to use this sensor, you can do it only through the Smart app. Once you turn it ON, the sensor reacts to the amount of light in the room and, at the same time, adjusts various operating settings.

The light sensor will not interfere with the air purifier operating process when there is light in the room. The minute the light sensor stops detecting any light source in the room, categorizing it as dark, all of the indicators will be dimmed, and the unit will be adjusted to the nighttime conditions and operating mode.


Available only within Levoit Core 600S, you can set the operating time between 1 and 12 hours. However, there is also a solution for those of you who like to keep long-distance control. Using the timer option through the VeSync app you can set the time between 1 and 24 hours. 


Although these comparing devices are different in size, they come in rectangular shapes with rounded edges.

Blueair 211+ Vs Levoit Core 600S - Fan grilles on top
Fan grilles on top. Photo: / Milan Antonic

Both Blueair and Levoit have air inlets positioned all over the bottom part, allowing full air intake to go through the filtration system, eventually being released through the grills on top of each device. 


Blueair 211+ air purifier comes with an initial 1-year warranty which I find extremely low for any kind of device. However, the producer will provide an additional year of warranty if you register the purchased product on their website. Though I dislike being conditioned, in any kind of way, I find this an easy task to do with a lot to gain in return.

Contrary, the Levoit company provides a 2-year warranty which is okay at first since we are talking about a brand followed by a good reputation with reliable and durable products.

Levoit Core 600S Vs Winix 5500-2 Coway AP-1512HH Vs Levoit Core 600S Related comparisons

Filtration Technology 

Essentially, each air purifier has a 3-stage filtration process. As different as they are, both Blueair and Levoit are highly efficient.

Blueair 211+ Vs Levoit Core 600S - Filters compared
I pulled out filters to compare their sizes. Photo: / Milan Antonic

A pre-filter is there to collect all the large particles that can be trapped easily, like dust, hair, pet hair, like, etc. The main difference between the two comparing products is that the Blueair has a washable pre-filter, whereas Levoit Core 600S doesn’t. Nevertheless, you can keep Levoit’s pre-filter clean by doing a simple vacuum once a month, depending on how much dust it collects. 

As much as I prefer when an air purifier has a True HEPA filter like the Core 600S does, I can’t deny that a particle filter within the Blueair 211+ does a great job. By removing airborne particles such as pollen, dust, pet dander, and so on, it manages to deliver outstanding results. 

A third filtration stage belongs to a carbon filter, whereas Levoit has an activated carbon filter made of carbon pellets, and Blueair has a carbon-coated fiber filter. Blueair’s carbon filter does a pretty good job of neutralizing all the unpleasant odors that come from cooking, smoking, or pets. However, it simply can’t stand too much exposure to these odors. 

Contrary, Levoit uses an exclusive ARC formula, which has provenly shown effectiveness in neutralizing not only the odor that comes from cooking or smoking, but also the invisible ones such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In addition, the Blueair 211+ is equipped with HEPASilent technology, practically an ionizer that is integrated and cannot be switched off. But don’t worry. The air purifier owns a CARB certificate meaning that the Blueair 211+ is safe to use and does not produce illegal amounts of ozone.

How to replace filters on both of these devices?

Replacing filters on any of the two comparing air purifiers is not a difficult task to do. Actually, it is quite simple, but the main difference reflects in how to maintain the filters within each air purifier.

For example, Blueair has a washable pre-filter, meaning, there is no need to buy a new one once it gets dirty. All you need to do is wash the fabric.

On the other hand, the Levoit does not have a washable pre-filter, which means you’ll have to vacuum or clean it with a damp cloth every once in a while. All of the other filters are also not washable and will need a replacement in due time.

On average, filters within the Blueair 211+ air purifier last around six months, while Levoit filters can last up to 12 months before the replacement.

Anyway, since both devices come with a filter reset indicator, you will be notified at the proper time to do the replacement.  

How to replace Blueair 211+ filter? How to replace Levoit Core 600S filter? Filter replacement

Performance Tests 

It is interesting to mention how Blueair 211+ can cover up to 540 sq. ft. room size while having a 61W powerful motor, whereas Levoit Core 600S can cover larger rooms of up to 635 sq. ft. but with less power in a 49W motor. 

Blueair 211+ Vs Levoit Core 600S - Performance test
I used a Temtop laser particle meter to test these air purifiers’ performance. Photo: / Milan Antonic

Starting from this point of view, I have decided to conduct three separate tests, to have a real insight into each air purifier’s performance. Each test lasted around 60 minutes, leaving the air purifiers constantly operating at maximum speed level. 

320 sq. ft. Room Test

A 320 sq. ft. room size would be too easy for Core 600S, which is why I only tested Blueair 211+, and it turned out amazing. Up to 96% of improved air quality is almost like a dream come true from an air purifier’s perspective if you know what I mean.  

560 sq. ft. Room Tests

Testing air purifiers in a 560 sq. ft. room was a true race. The results are impeccable with a slight advantage of Levoit Core 600S which scored up to 96% air improvement rate, as opposed to Blueair’s 92%.

Air Quality Improvement In 560 sq. ft. Room
Blueair 211+
Levoit Core 600S
0% 100%

560 sq. ft. Room

* Data measuring time is 60 minutes.

Either way, you probably couldn’t have felt this much cleaner air, but your lungs would appreciate it a lot.

730 sq. ft Room Test

With this test, I decided to push the Levoit Core 600S a bit over the edge to see how strong it can be. As it turned out, the air got cleaner by 93%, which is an outstanding result, in my not-so-modest opinion. 

Even though both air purifiers have shown supreme performance in each one’s ambient, I do have to rule in favor of Blueair, but just a little bit. After all, it has shown amazing results with such limited assets. 

Noise Test

As opposed to the three basic Low-Medium-High speed levels that Blueair has, Levoit comes with two additional ones, the Sleep, and the Turbo mode

Blueair 211+ Vs Levoit Core 600S - Noise test
Noise level testing using a special noise measurement tool. Photo: / Milan Antonic

With 43.9 dBA produced, Blueair’s lowest fan speed equals the amount of noise Levoit produces while in Sleep mode. As it turned out, having an advanced feature didn’t work out in favor of Levoit, right?

The highest Blueair fan speed emits about 59.7 dBA, which is significantly lower than Levoit’s Turbo mode with 68.5 dBA

Product Noise Range (dBA)
Blueair 211+ 43.9 – 59.7 dBA
Levoit Core 600S 43.9 – 68.5 dBA

With a powerful motor and as big as it is, Blueair seems to be doing an excellent job with a decent amount of noise produced. If Sleep mode could be added, the value of this product would significantly increase.

On the other hand, Levoit proclaims the nighttime usage of its air purifier but doesn’t seem to deliver. Personally, I would never use it during the night, because it makes way too much noise for a decent sleep. And yet, the maximum noise exceeds the limit of my tolerance. 

To sum it up, I think that Blueair 211+ is far more tolerable than Levoit, and therefore has my verdict in favor. 

Operating Costs

As easy as it may seem, I had a lot of thinking before deciding which air purifier deserves to be called a cheaper option, and here is why. Both Blueair and Levoit have approximately the same market price, with new filter prices just a few dollars apart.

Blueair 211+ Vs Levoit Core 600S - Motors compared
Motors compared. Photo: / Milan Antonic

At the same time, if you put each air purifier into 24/7 operating mode, throughout the whole month, it will deliver a $4.30 for the Blueair as opposed to a $4.20 electricity bill for the Levoit

Product Wattage Range (W)
Blueair 211+ 0.2 – 49W
Levoit Core 600S 1.2 – 48.2W

Where is the catch, you may wonder? Well, it all comes to one important matter. The filter replacement rate. With the Blueair 211+, you would have to change filters at least twice a year, while with the Levoit Core 600S the replacement will occur once in 12 months

Now you see why I never take things for granted and always search for a different perspective. And this is exactly the reason why I think Levoit would cost you less if a pay bill is the most important decision-making factor to you

Blueair 211+ Vs Levoit Core 600S Video Comparison

Which One Does It Better?

After analyzing these air purifiers’ characteristics, I must say that the situation is more or less clear. Although the Blueair 211+ is a brilliant air purifier that found its place in many recommendations I wrote here on Air Purifier First, I think the Levoit Core 600S offers much more

I chose the Levoit Core 600S as a better buying option and the winner in this comparison because it has astonishing performance, uses a True HEPA filter, has plenty of smart options, and is cheaper for maintenance than the Blueair. It also showed better performance in neutralizing odors.

If you have questions about these Blueair and Levoit air purifiers, feel free to use the comment box below the article.

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