Air Purifier Buying Guide

A good air purifier can solve a lot of problems with your home’s air; you just have to buy wisely. This buying guide will help you in selecting the best air purifier for your home or office. One of the facts you might be unaware of is that your indoor air is often more contaminated than the air outside.

According to a study conducted by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency air quality indoors can be two to five time more polluted than air quality outside. Since our most of the time is spent indoors, so it’s of immense importance to make sure it’s clean, otherwise allergies and asthma will target you.

Many air purifiers are claiming to ease your asthma and allergies but despite the product claim they fail to do so. This air purifier guide will give you only those options those claim and work are both authentic and up to mark. This buying guide contains unbiased customers reviews that will help you buy the ideal air purifier. Before making the list, we have tested all of these air purifiers to confirm how well they clean air by removing dust particles, how it performs at various speeds and what is its actual noise level.

Here are some of the buying tips for you

Size of Air Purifier

To buy the perfect size of air purifier for your room, you should measure the square footage of the room before hand. If the primary reason for buying an air purifier is to manage your asthma and allergies, then the first thing you should consider in an air purifier is the air change rate per hour. Air changing rate is how many times the air purifier can filter the air per hour. The more times it filters the air in an hour the cleaner and filtered your surrounding air will be.

Filter Type

HEPA Filter

Structure of HEPA Filter

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are the most effective of all. They are designed to remove 99.97% of the allergens and dust particles. They are capable of capturing airborne particles as small as .3 microns size. Also, they are portable, and room-sized filters. If you are continuously using your air purifier, then HEPA filter needs to be changed every year.

Carbon Filters

The carbon filters help remove odor from the air ensuring efficient air circulation. Carbon is activated by pre-filters that help in trapping larger particles found. Charcoals have an uneven surface and a permeable membrane that facilitates in grabbing larger pollutants.

Electrostatic air filters

They produce static charges to attract air particles. Electrostatic air filters block maximum amount of microscopic particles.

Operating Cost

Filter replacement and electricity can cost an annual operation cost ranging from $150 to $200. Filter prices mostly range from $10 to $100. You can even extend the life of your filter by purchasing a pre-filter that can cost you ranging around $10 to $35. Pre-filters capture large airborne particles before they can reach HEPA filter. If you want to spend less on the operating cost, then look for air purifiers that are Energy Star qualified. Those air purifiers are more efficient. Some of the air purifiers listed have washable filters those can be used over and over again.

Sensor Technology and Design

Quietness matters

It is important to choose an air purifier that is not noisy, so you are not disturbed at work or during sleep. If you want greater efficiency, then go for a large sized air purifier but don’t forget to put it on slow speed.

Sensors and Indicators

There are sensors located in the air purifiers that let you know about the speed, air circulation and about the time to change the filters. They even let you know when filter requires cleaning.

Portability and design

This buying guide let you know about all the best looking and compact air purifiers. Before buying make sure the air purifier fits in the space you have left for it. It is usually recommended to buy a lightweight air purifier, so it’s easy to carry from one room to anothe, but if you want air purifier for the large room than you can buy one medium weight purifier. Our buying guide has all the names of the air purifiers those will add beauty to your home or office because of their classy design.

Some other features to look for


Noise can be disturbing when you are working or sleeping, so ensure that the fans are not noisy. Those without fan run more quietly, but their work is not as efficient as the ones with fans.


Most of the air purifiers listed on the website do not have the facility of the remote control, but few of them do have a remote with them. It makes the function much easier for the user. You don’t have to get up every time to set the buttons.


These programmable timers allow you to set you air purifier at any time, they turn on or off automatically.

Carrying handle

It makes it easy to carry air purifier between two spaces.

We hope our buying guide helps you in making a wise choice. Keep in mind your families and your health is vital. A right air purifier will make your life pleasant. Our guidelines will help you choose a quality product.

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