Tips to choose an Air Purifier for Private Room

Private rooms are usually small, but some people have large private rooms that are actually not so private and are used by more than one individuals. That’s why it is important to know some facts before you decide to buy an air purifier. First, you should look at the room in which you are willing to place an air purifier. Is it small or large, does it have lots of space to put an air purifier or there is very little space for such device? By answering that questions, you eliminated many problems that may occur if you buy a wrong air purifier.

Tips To Choose An Air Purifier For Private Room

Choosing Air Purifier For Private Room

Size of the Private Room

If the private room is small then, by all means, you should buy an air purifier that is predicted for small rooms. Not only this air purifier will save energy, but it will also fit the room. By being an air purifier for small rooms the device is smaller, and you can place it in the corner, mount it on the wall or even place it on the desk. Air purifier can be so small that nobody will even notice it. But still, it will have the power to filter the air in the proper way.

For a large rooms you should go with a larger more powerful device. It will keep the air quality on the proper level and by being more powerful will actually save you money by replacing filters and consuming energy. So if you have a large room and there is a place for a larger more powerful air purifier, go for it.

Filtration System

Nevertheless, of the room size, the filtration system need to use modern technology that works. And nowadays the best air filtration system uses true HEPA filter with carbon filter for removing odors. There should also be pre filters that will catch larger particles, so that true HEPA filter can stay clean for as long as possible and provide a high-quality air.


If you are technology lover and you want lots of options to choose from then go with an air purifier with all that options. Many air purifiers have lots of options like selecting a fan speed, choosing a night’s sleep mode, silent mode, many of them have filter alarms. Filter alarms will go on when the filter gets dirty and requires replacement.  Many high tech air purifiers even have LED on which you can see air quality in real time.

And there are air purifiers whos the primary job is just to filter the air. These devices don’t have fancy options and no indicators. You just turn them on and eventually choose a speed, and the device will do the rest. These air purifiers are recommended for the people who don’t wish to bother with the air purifier and just wants to turn it on without needing to go through any kind of settings and options.


Budget is one of the most important factors when buying an air purifier. As in any technology, the higher the budget, the more quality you will get. But my advice is not to buy the most expensive air purifier, but at the same time don’t go with the cheapest one. Aim for the average price because those air purifiers are best to buy models and they will deliver the best performance according to the price.

Final Summary

If you know the answers to the questions stated above then you are a half trough to buy an ideal air purifier for your private room. If you are not clear yet on the answers, then take some time, think over and then decide. After all, when you are buying an air purifier you are probably buying it for several years. Some air purifiers even have a guarantee of over ten years.

You can buy an air purifier directly by visiting the store, but the offer in that store may be limited. that why I advise to order an air purifier over the internet because you have so many models to choose from and you will easier find the one that best fits your needs.

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