Five reasons you need to use air purifiers

The air you breathe should never be taken for granted as it has a significant impact on your health. You’ll not only encounter polluted air outside, but it will also be present indoor, but now the question is, are you ready to tolerate the dirty air around you? I am sure your answer is no. A lot of studies have shown that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor. Good quality of air is a necessity and purchasing an air purifier can full fill that need.

Five Reasons You Need To Use Air PurifiersNow few questions that will pop out in your mind will be, are air purifiers effective? Do they work? The good news is yes; they work, and their effectiveness is unquestionable. Air purifier is one of the best ways to clean air. Investing in your health should be the first and foremost thing everyone should be doing, and air purifier is the best of all investments. At home or work, there are some pollutants that can be found in abundance causing real health issues, rather than spending thousands of dollars on curing diseases you can stop the disease from getting near you.
Bellow are five reasons letting you know, why you need to use air purifiers.

Air purifier for allergies and asthma

There are a variety of air purifiers available in the marketplace. The type of air purifier you want to buy depends on your need. If you want asthma air purifier or allergies air purifier, then you need to look for those air purifiers that have the ability to remove a larger number of dangerous airborne particles. Your goal should be to buy an air purifier that is capable of killing smallest to largest allergens. For that, you need an air purifier that can eliminate air particulates ranging from .3 to 5 microns size. The smaller allergen includes viruses, dust and much more those can be easily trapped and killed by HEPA filter. HEPA filter eliminates 99.97 percent of such pollutants. If you are worried about your or your family’s asthma problem, then air purifier is the thing that you require.

Air Purifier if you have a newborn baby

According to a lot of studies, it has been found that if newborn babies are exposed to chemicals or toxins, then there are more chances of them getting dangerous diseases like cancer and diabetes. Newborn babies are easily affected by chemicals, and those pollutants can disturb their body programming. This can further result in the formation of abnormal genes that can cause serious problems in later life. These genes can be permanent and can be easily transmitted to generations. So if you don’t want your baby to be the victim of air pollutants then it’s better to have a clean and fresh air. And that is only possible through an appropriate air purifier. Recent studies have also shown that viruses and bacteria’s inhaled by pregnant women can be transferred quickly to the fetus causing damage to their DNA.

Air purifiers for cigarette smoke and tobacco

Cigarette and tobaccos smoke harms not only the smoker but also risks the lives of people breathing in that air. The smoke contains dangerous cancer containing compounds. Second-hand smoke contains nicotine and tar equal to the smoke actual smoker are inhaling. This is quite surprising that smoke in air produces five times more carbon monoxide. Filters in Air purifiers can help eliminate smoke from the air. People surrounded by smokers have 20 to 30 percent chance of getting lung cancer or heart disease. The question is why one should suffer for someone else’s bad habits? In that case, you can ensure the air you breathe is pure and clean by having an ideal smoke air purifier.

You have pets

A lot of studies have shown that household pets for example cats, dogs; birds, etc. can be the main cause of air pollution at your home. Their hair, saliva, waste product and sweat can cause allergies, but that does not mean you should kick your favorite buddies out. The air pollution caused by your pets can be controlled by pets’ air purifier. Some people will tell you to get rid of your pets permanently, but that’s not the solution we have the better option why not buy and air purifier.

You bought a new house

If you have just shifted to a new house, then there are a lot of chances that you are going to be exposed to some dangerous chemicals emerging from new paint, floors, carpeting and more. Even the smell of the new house can be very irritating for many and many studies prove that those chemicals are toxic and can cause cancer. But if you have an ideal air purifier then you can happily live in your new house with our any worries.

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