Where to put your air purifier?

The question that many people suffering from allergies or other respiratory problems are asking. But there is no simple answer. In fact, the answer is simple. If you bought an air purifier, you already made a giant step toward a clean air in the room. But everyone wants to use air purifier at maximum efficiency. And to do that you need to place it in the proper position.

Rules that must not be broken

  • never place the air purifier in the position where it can’t have proper air flow
  • never put it in a place where people will trip over
  • never put it in a corner
  • never place it beside other electronic devices
  • place it near the air pollution source

If you follow this simple rules, you will already improve the efficiency of your air purifier. But there are other tips that you should follow. You should buy a proper air purifier for your room. You need to buy strong enough air purifier that will manage to filter all air in the room.

Where To Put Your Air Purifier

Bigger rooms will need larger and stronger air purifiers, and sometimes those big air purifiers are hard to put on perfect location because of they size.

If you don’t have an empty place for your air purifier then you should look for an air purifier that is mounted on your wall. Putting it on the wall may really increase the efficiency and decor of your room.

Other people go with a mobile air purifier. It is a good solution if you want to filter other rooms in the house. With mobile air purifier, you can filter the whole house.

You should avoid placing an air purifier near other electronic devices. Air purifiers have propellers and emit electronic waves which may interfere with other devices. Air purifier should never be placed near a television. Unless you have a high quality air purifier, your television will have signal interferences, and your picture will not be clear. You can place it near computers because computers are not so sensitive on signal interferences.

Different Type of Air Purifiers for Different Room

There are several types of air purifiers, and some of them have favorite placements. For the kitchen, you need to use a stronger air purifier because the kitchen is often polluted with smoke, gases and household dust. So you need an air purifier that has HEPA filter, active carbon flter and maybe even ionizer. For living room and bedroom, you can get away with HEPA filter air purifier . But if there is a smoker in the room you will need active carbon filter and probably ionizer. If you want more precisely guide for placing an air purifier, then I suggest you to read our best air purifier locations article.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Placement

You decided to buy an air purifier, and that is a huge step forward for a healthier life. Wherever you place it, it will clean the air, and your air will be better than before. Just try to set it in a position where air flow is not interrupted by other items in the room. Above I listed some tips and tricks how to bring your air purifier to maximum efficiency and if you just follow some of them you will improve your air drastically.

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