Air Pollution Causes and Effects on Human Health

Air pollution is getting more dangerous every day. There are so many causes for bad air that every one of us breathes. Some studies are showing that air pollution is having serious effects on human health.

Air Pollution Causes And Effects On Human HealthBad air is making people sick, it harms their respiratory system, but also some studies indicate that air pollution may be linked to other symptoms, like insomnia.

What Causes Air Pollution

Air Pollution is a term that we use for bad air. Air that is polluted by one of the media that is harmful to the environment or human health. But before we can list the major causes of air pollution we need to know the difference between indoor and outdoor air pollution. Outdoor air pollution is more important than indoor because if the air outdoors is bad, then it is really hard to have clean air indoors. But make no mistake thinking that your indoor air is clean if outdoor is not. No, there is a high chance your indoor air is dangerously polluted by various particles which we will list below. But first, let talk about outdoor air pollution.

Outdoor Air Pollution

Pollution from Agriculture

Number one problem in the world. Agriculture is getting out of control. People all over the world are starving, some areas simply don’t have enough food and to fight this problem we are using more pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers than ever before. We just need to produce that food as fast as possible and if possible in massive amounts.

Agriculture is all but green. Ammonia used in chemicals that are mixed to fight weed or insects is polluting not only the air but the water as well. The European Union try to fight against the usage of pesticides that may harm humans or other species on the planet, but the agriculture lobby is just too strong. In the United States situation is even worse.

Gases from Fossil Fuels

You can add this pollution to the agriculture as well. If you live in the country, you know that tractors used today are three times larger than the ones our ancestor used. Those big machines are eating the fuel and releasing CO, and God knows what kind of other chemicals in the air.

The industry is the largest pollutant. Industry release massive amounts of carbon monoxide and people who live near industry zones are feeling the effects of huge amounts of carbon monoxide in the air. Knowing that current president of the united states (Donald Trump) is ignorant to this problem we may see the air pollution at the highest levels in following years.

Earth Exploitation

Mining is still a significant cause of air pollution. Today many mines are closed, but those that still work are polluting the air. Modern mining is heavily polluting the air because it uses large machines that consume massive amounts of fossil fuel. The petroleum industry is the biggest earth exploration problem. It burns huge amounts of oil and releases massive amounts of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. And if accidents happen then all hell gets loose.


Number one problem for humans health is however traffic. Traffic is going on in cities and usually near humans and because of that is the number one problem for human health. Every vehicle on the road release gases that go into the atmosphere and may stay there for a long time. That makes people sick.

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air may get polluted by bad air coming from outside. If you live in big city with lots of traffic, you know what I am talking about. Best thing to do is to close your windows. But indoor air may get polluted by other stuff, particles, smoke or microorganisms.

List of Indoor Air Pollutant’s

  • Pollen
  • Ozone
  • Fungi
  • Mold
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Various Smoke (Tobacco or Cooking)
  • Household Dust
  • Dust Mites
  • Pet Dander


Future for air looks scary. You are probably thinking now if something can be done to filter the air. But as technology goes on we today have extremely successful air purifiers that can filter most of the air pollution from the air. On the market, you can find various air purifiers, and some of them are extremely affordable as well as successful at cleaning the air. But if we want to keep clean air for everyone we need to work on eliminating major outdoor air pollutants.

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